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Cringingly, creepily, disturbingly good, no show has ever been so artfully horrifying as American Horror Story. The show's anthological format lends itself well to the genre, as each season takes on a plot of its own, isolated and yet, somehow, familiar to those that preceded it. Creator Ryan Murphy made clear from the show's conception that its goal is, by nature, to unnerve. American Horror Story is redefining scary for an entire generation of viewers.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on FX
6 Seasons, 73 Episodes
October 5, 2011
Drama, Horror & Suspense
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American Horror Story Full Episode Guide

Season 6: Roanoke 10 full episodes, 8 clips available
  • Episode 10 - Chapter 10

    Chapter 10 of American Horror Story: Roanoke. Season Finale.

  • Episode 9 - Chapter 9

    Chapter 9 of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

  • Episode 8 - Chapter 8

    The FX limited series, American Horror Story, returns for a sixth installment. An FX Original Series Wednesdays 10PM ET/PT on FX. HD Version.

  • Episode 7 - Chapter 7

    Agnes makes a last ditch effort to be a part of the show. Shelby discovers the dark motives behind Matts return to the house. The women's search for help leads them deep into the woods.

  • Episode 6 - Chapter 6

    Chapter 6 of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

  • Episode 5 - Chapter 5

    Chapter 5 of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

  • Episode 4 - Chapter 4

    Chapter 4 of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

  • Episode 3 - Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

  • Episode 2 - Chapter 2

    What did Shelby see in the woods?

  • Episode 1 - Chapter 1

    The sixth installment of the hit series begins.

Season 5: Hotel 12 full episodes, 14 clips available
  • Episode 12 - Be Our Guest

    Iris and Liz oversee a new era at the Cortez. John and Alex struggle to adjust to their new living situation.

  • Episode 11 - Battle Royale

    Ramona sucks life from an unlikely source. Sally uses her past to negotiate her future. Scarlett learns the truth of her family's suffering.

  • Episode 10 - She Gets Revenge

    Alex seeks John's help to contain an outbreak, Donovan discovers The Countess's purpose and Liz and Iris plan to leave the hotel permanently.

  • Episode 9 - She Wants Revenge

    The Countess rejoins her one true love. Donovan and Ramona try, again, to seek revenge. Alex makes a careless decision.

  • Episode 8 - The Ten Commandments Killer

    John comes closer to finding The Ten Commandments Killer. Sally's arrangement with March is laid out.

  • Episode 7 - Flicker

    During one of Drake's renovations, one of the Hotel's greatest secrets may be unearthed. John undergoes psychiatric evaluation. The Countess learns the fate of her first love.

  • Episode 6 - Room 33

    Ramona and Donovan put their plan for revenge into motion. Liz Taylor finds true love. The identity of the resident of Room 33 is revealed.

  • Episode 5 - Room Service

    Alex resorts to an unconventional treatment to save a dying patient. An anti-Halloween couple test Iris's patience.

  • Episode 4 - Devil's Night

    John is extended an invitation to attend an exclusive Devil's Night Soiree. Alex attempts to diagnose Holden's unusual condition.

  • Episode 3 - Mommy

    Alex reaches her boiling point after Scarlett stirs up memories of Holden. Donovan is targeted by a dangerous rival of The Countess.

  • Episode 2 - Chutes and Ladders

    Fashion mogul Will Drake brings couture to the Hotel Cortez. The countess is intrigued by a model. John learns information about the hotel's sadistic first owner.

  • Episode 1 - Checking In

    In the fifth season premiere, detective John Lowe investigates a series of gruesome murders in Los Angeles and follows a mysterious tip to the enigmatic Hotel Cortez.

Season 4: Freak Show 13 full episodes
Season 3: Coven 13 full episodes
Season 2: Asylum 13 full episodes
Season 1: Murder House 12 full episodes

American Horror Story News

'American Horror Story' to Address Horror of 2016 Election

Is it too soon? Ryan Murphy says that the storyline of the series' next season will be inspired by the turmoil generated by the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Is 'American Horror Story' in Trouble?

The horror series got off to a very strong start this season, but it's showing signs of fading as it moves into the home stretch.

'American Horror Story' Bounces Back

After a hot start, season six of American Horror Story has seen a significant ratings decline. It looks, however, like fans might not be jumping ship after all.

'American Horror Story' Already Renewed for Season Seven

Many of this fall's new series don't know yet if they'll be around for all of this season, but AHS is now assured of its fate through next season.

'American Horror Story' Finally Reveals Season 6 Theme

The creators of the horror series managed to keep fans guessing all summer, and this week's season premiere came as a delightful surprise to most.

'American Horror Story' Teases a New Season

No one at FX is saying what the upcoming season of the series is going to be about, and these clips don't reveal much. But they are extremely creepy.

Bradley Cooper on 'American Horror Story'? Don't Count On It.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper went to dinner together last Friday, and since then, everyone's been trying to figure out why. The reason probably doesn't have to do with season 6 of American Horror Story.

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