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  • TV-MA
  • 2022
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.1  (60,723)

Slow Horses is an eccentric, gripping, and often complex espionage drama series from Apple TV+. Premiering in 2022, the show offers a plunge into the world of spycraft, specifically British spycraft, weaving an intricate web of deception, betrayal, and unexpected humor but in a less-traditional manner. The series showcases a star-studded cast, with Gary Oldman, Jack Lowden, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Saskia Reeves leading a diverse ensemble that includes Olivia Cooke, Dustin Demri-Burns, Rosalind Eleazar, Paul Higgins, and Christopher Chung.

Based on the bestselling novels by Mick Herron, Slow Horses offers a unique twist on the standard spy drama. Instead of featuring the cream of the crop, jet-setting agents, in this series, viewers are introduced to a group of disgraced spies who have been demoted to the backwaters of the Secret Intelligence Service, or MI5. These agents, referred to as 'Slow Horses' in the spy jargon, combat threats to national security from their dingy office known as 'Slough House', a far cry from the glamour and intrigue often associated with intelligence agencies.

Gary Oldman, an Academy Award-winning actor, delivers a captivating performance as Jackson Lamb, the caustic and uncouth leader of these rejects. Despite his unrefined exterior, Lamb is a cunning ex-field agent and a master of manipulation. On the surface, it may seem like the members of Slough House are left to push papers and endure Lamb's spiky leadership because of their previous failures. However, as the series unfolds, viewers will discover that even the Slow Horses can find themselves in the heat of dangerous operations.

The show's plot threads are as diverse and compelling as its characters. Without giving away spoilers, it's safe to say the audience is in for complex operations, political intrigue, international threats, and surprisingly, a fair share of office drudgery. Injected with dry British humor, the series does not shy away from exploring the less glamorous aspects of the spy world, presenting a stark contrast to the glossy, high-tech portrayals of espionage in pop culture.

Jack Lowden presents a standout performance as River Cartwright. After a high-profile mistake banishes him to Slough House, the ambitious young agent struggles to make the most of his second-rate status. Other members of the Slough House team are portrayed brilliantly by Saskia Reeves, Olivia Cooke, and Rosalind Eleazar, each bringing depth to their flawed and often complex characters.

Slow Horses is also noteworthy for its focus on current events and contemporary issues, adding layers of realism and grit to its storytelling. This focus on the near-present provides ample material for episodes with topical storylines, ensuring that the series remains relevant and engaging. From national security threats to political machinations within MI5 itself, Slow Horses analyzes the ethical repercussions of intelligence work in a modern context.

Throughout its run, Slow Horses offers a mix of slow-burning suspense, sudden bursts of action, a healthy dose of cynicism, and unexpected humor. Complemented by glossy cinematography and top-tier performances, the series keeps its viewers hooked with its unique blend of dark humor and high-stakes spycraft. Meanwhile, the soundtrack adds to the atmosphere of the series, with brooding melodies accentuating the mounting tension in some scenes and playful tracks underscoring the office banter in others.

Furthermore, the chemistry within the ensemble cast is evident, with the actors playing off each other wonderfully. Whether it's in the tense standoffs with dangerous enemies or the snappy retort-filled exchanges at Slough House, each actor contributes significantly to the charm and appeal of the series.

Slow Horses, thus, stands as a distinct entry in the pantheon of contemporary spy shows on television today. It offers a gritty, realistic, and at times humorously mundane picture of British espionage, featuring an unforgettable cast of characters and a narrative engaging from start to finish. With magnificent performances, especially from Gary Oldman and Jack Lowden, Slow Horses is a treat for fans of spy dramas and quality television series alike. Beyond its surface appeal, the series also offers commentary on contemporary issues, making it a relevant watch in our present times.
In summary, Slow Horses is an engaging ride that upends the usual tropes of spy dramas and provides viewers with a fresh perspective on the genre. It is indeed a gem of a show amidst Apple TV+'s impressive roster of original content.

Slow Horses is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2022.

Slow Horses
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6. Footprints
December 27, 2023
Season finale. The Slow Horses fight for their lives. Lamb shares some devastating truths with Catherine.
Cleaning Up
5. Cleaning Up
December 20, 2023
Taverner and Tearney face off for control of MI5. River and Louisa find themselves caught in the crossfire.
Uninvited Guests
4. Uninvited Guests
December 13, 2023
Tearney makes a bold move. The Slow Horses assist the Tiger Team, unaware of their hidden agenda. Lamb and Ho take a road trip.
Negotiating With Tigers
3. Negotiating With Tigers
December 6, 2023
Marcus and Shirley face Lamb's wrath. River discovers revenge is a dish best served cold.
Hard Lessons
2. Hard Lessons
November 29, 2023
River has to steal something out of the Park to save a life. Lamb realizes a stranger game is afoot.
Strange Games
1. Strange Games
November 29, 2023
A romantic relationship in Istanbul ends badly. Lamb hits the panic button when one of his Slow Horses fails to show up for work.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 1, 2022
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (60,723)