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"The Strain" is a vampire horror drama television show based on a novel trilogy. The show premiered in 2014 and is about a viral outbreak that draws comparisons to vampirism. A team of doctors is trying to prevent the outbreak from spreading all over New York. The show stars Corey Stoll (Dr. Ephraim Goodweather), David Bradley (Professor Abraham Setrakian), Kevin Durand (Vasiliy Fet), M

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on FX
4 Seasons, 38 Episodes
July 13, 2014
Drama, Supernatural, Vampire
Cast: Corey Stoll
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  • Imprisoned as a subject in a strigoi breeding program, Dutch is desperate to escape and find Setrakian. Gus recruits his cousin for the inside job that will put his gang at the top of the new world's underground economy, but Creem is suspicious of his business partner's ambitions.

  • Nine months after the warhead detonated in New York, the strigoi have formed a "partnership" with the humans, offering free medical care in return for blood donations. Eph is in Philadelphia trying to make a life for himself on the fringes, while Vasily and Quinlan try to acquire a nuclear warhead. Meanwhile, the Master plans to raise Zack as his next host body.

  • Humanity waits on the tip of destruction. The Master finally presents himself, beginning the last game of a fight in which there can be only one winner. Eph, Fet, Setrakian, and Dutch must overcome their personal differences in a last-ditch attempt to vanquish the strain.

  • NYC is falling. Eph and Dutch quickly race to finish their new device to halt the Master before the city is overtaken. Justine, Gus, and Angel battle in one last stand to stop the spreading virus. Palmer seeks vengeance for former wrongs but may have crossed the line.

  • The Master's voice tuns out to be more powerful and potentially deadly than Eph or Dutch predicted. Fet and Setrakian trace the cargo from the Egyptian vessel and discover they may be in over their heads. Quinlan makes a deal with the Ancients, but a last minute betrayal turns deadly.

  • Setrakian offers hope in a new plan to trap the Master while Eph and Dutch seek out the Master's "voice." Palmer, frail and close to death, needs Setrakian’s access to the white to hold up his end of their bargain. Fet suffers a devastating personal loss revealing a long-hidden family secret.

  • Fet strikes hard at the heart of the strigoi army while Justine embarks upon a risky mission to drive the strigoi out of Manhattan once and for all. Gus and Angel fight for their lives and their freedom but are faced with a moral dilemma.

  • New information from the Lumen forces Setrakian to seek help from his lifelong nemesis, Eldritch Palmer. Eph’s new experiments to understand strigoi communication seemingly take him to the brink of madness while Fet is on a mission to discover strigoi movements across New York City.

  • As things evolve, the infection enters a new phase.

  • The Occido Lumen is missing. Stolen. Setrakian and Fet hurry to recover it. Gus and Angel attempt to conceal a secret house guest while avoiding a police sweep, and Quinlan's desire for vengeance is revealed.

  • The Master's offer to return Zack weighs on Eph as he considers taking it. Dutch reunites with an old group of pals but begins to wonder if her safety is better with them or with Fet, Eph and Setrakian. Palmer works for answers to Setrakian's secret strigoi blood treatments and learns he might have a way to get it.

  • As season three starts, New York City is a battlefield. Written off by the federal government, the people of New York City must fight for survival on their own.

The Strain News

'The Strain' Ordered for a Second Season

As FX's number one series premiere of all time, it's no shock that "The Strain" has already been picked up for a second season.

Horrifying Billboards for FX's 'The Strain' Being Pulled from L.A. Streets

In advertising, they say that sex sells. You know what doesn't sell? Worms crawling out of eyeballs. The new FX show "The Strain" learned this the hard way after billboards advertising the show caused a stir among some Los Angeles residents. The billboards feature a close-up of a human eye being held open by a hand in a blue surgical glove. That would be startling enough to see on a huge billboard, but the real kicker here is that the eyeball has a worm crawling out of a bloodshot hole in it.

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