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The drama series Tyrant follows the exploits of an American immigrant who returns to his childhood home in a fictional Middle-Eastern country finds himself embroiled in political intrigue thanks to his father's reign as the country's tyrannical dictator. Adam Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan, and Ashraf Barhom star.

Tyrant is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on June 24, 2014.

Where do I stream Tyrant online? Tyrant is available for streaming on FX, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tyrant on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Wednesday at 10:00 pm et/pt on FX
3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
June 24, 2014
Cast: Adam Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan, Ashraf Barhom, Moran Atias
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Tyrant Full Episode Guide

  • Barry and Molly are ready to wage war on the Caliphate. Leila makes a bold political move, and braces herself for a betrayal. Barry and Daliyah face a final reckoning in their relationship.

  • Abuddin plummets into chaos. Daliyah convinces Fauzi to leave so he can be a voice of dissent, and she takes a public stand opposing Barry. In an attempt to regain control, Barry gives Maloof authority to deny Leila's opposition.

  • Molly returns to Abuddin determined more than ever to find her daughter's killer. Mahdiya is entrusted with a critical job. Leila and Cogswell enjoy a brief escape from the world - only to find that escape is impossible.

  • Haunted by Emma's death and his failure to kill Ihab, Barry isolates himself from his closest allies. Leila leaves the government in protest and forms an unlikely partnership.

  • Barry's demanding policies threaten Daliyah. Al-Qadi sets into motion a risky plan to broach peace. Fauzi puts his feelings on the line, leaving Daliyah conflicted. As the elections reel out of control, Barry cracks down on the political process.

  • Following thwarted terrorist attacks, Barry bans open prayer at the University - which has major repercussions. Al-Qadi speaks out against violence and restriction of religious freedom.

  • Barry and Molly have vastly different reactions to the catastrophe that threatens to throw the country off course. Violent protests break out in Abuddin.

  • Barry and Molly take all precautions to prevent a personal tragedy. Fauzi and Daliyah make a connection, emboldening Fauzi to hope for a romantic future.

  • Barry discovers that his hold over Abuddin is weak. Sammy engages in a risky relationship. Ihab's desire for revenge is alleviated. Fauzi returns to Abuddin and is thrown into a political role.

  • In the third season premiere, Barry becomes interim president, Jamal is on the brink of death and Abuddin is on the verge of disaster.

  • It's a new day in Abuddin, and Jamal's destiny, as well of the Al-Fayeed family, is undetermined.

  • The elements assist Barry in his effort to overrun the Caliphate's military base. Leila makes a move inside the palace after she recognizes the political tides are shifting.

  • Barry executes a mission despite his depleted forces. Leila doubts Jamal's ability to keep the family safe as hostilities reach the palace doors.

  • Barry reveals to Molly that he's still alive. Jamal thinks Khalil is the only person he can trust.

  • Jamal becomes increasingly paranoid as he becomes suspicious of Rami's loyalty. Barry thinks about how much the palace's support means for his survival.

  • Jamal is afraid the country is spiraling out of control and hopes for a military victory.

  • Jamal hopes the Chinese will give him military support. Barry stays in Abuddin.

  • Barry is concerned that his identity will be uncovered after the Army of the Caliphate arrives.

  • Barry tries to accept his new identity. Meanwhile, Jamal encounters a highly decorated war hero.

  • Barry is taken in by a Bedouin family, who are bound by hospitality and custom. Jamal is distraught over Tariq's drastic military action.

  • Barry searches for salvation in the desert. Jamal struggles with the loss of his brother.