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The Ultimate Fighter has run for several seasons now, helping to fuel the rise in popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA). The first season of The Ultimate Fighter premiered back on January 17, 2005. At the time MMA was a fringe sport that most people knew nothing about. The creation of The Ultimate Fighter was a desperation effort by the owners of the UFC to try and get some notice among the general public.

The show's format was simple. Two teams of fighters would compete against each other to try and win a six-figure, three-year contract with the UFC. The two teams would be coached by two of the most popular fighters in the UFC, and the show would serve to promote the fight between the two coaches in the next UFC pay-per -view event.

Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture served as the coaches of the two teams in the first season. The show steadily increased in ratings over the first season, and the season finale aired live. The finale featured live fights between the competitors to try and win an UFC contract.

The most famous of these bouts was the legendary battle between light heavyweights Stephen Bonnar and Forrest Griffin. This three-round battle between the fighters is today considered one of the most important fights in UFC history. The fight's incredible intensity showed MMA at its best, and many consider this the fight that launched the UFC into the mainstream consciousness of the sporting world.

The show kept growing in popularity from that point on. Every season the ratings continued to grow, and many of the UFC's most popular stars have gotten their starts on The Ultimate Fighter. The show's producers have constantly changed things up to keep the show fresh. The ninth season had a format in which the two teams were United States fighters versus fighters from the United Kingdom. Kimbo Slice, one of the most popular and polarizing fighters in MMA history, was brought in to spice up the tenth season, which was the first to have only heavyweight fighters on the show.

The most recent season is the first international season in the history of The Ultimate Fighter. It is being filmed in Brazil and is only the first of many international seasons. As the popularity of MMA and the UFC continues to grow, The Ultimate Fighter will continue to expand its reach around the world.

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January 17, 2005
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The Ultimate Fighter Full Episode Guide

  • In a special 25th season, 14 welterweights from past seasons of The Ultimate Fighter return to Las Vegas for a second chance in the competition. At stake is the biggest prize in the show's history...$250,000.

  • Middleweight Elvis Mutapcic vs. Anthony Smith Light Heavyweight Josh Stansbury vs. Devin Clark

  • The two remaining flyweight champions enter the Octagon for the six-figure contract and a title shot at Demetrious Johnson. The Ultimate Fighter trophy is awarded.

  • Four flyweights take to the Octagon for the third round of the tournament in a special two-fight episode.

  • In a special two-fight episode, T.J. Dillashaw joins Team Benavidez as a guest coach to help prepare the fighters. Then, the four remaining flyweights enter the octagon for the third and fourth fights of Round 2 to determine who advances to Round 3.

  • During a night of drinking, Eric Shelton and Tim Elliott argue about their different approaches to the fight game. Hiromasa Ogikubo struggles with a language barrier at the house. Then, two more flyweights square off in the second fight of Round 2.

  • The fighters enjoy a surprise party at the house. Controversy arises after Benavidez invites both teams to train with his head coach, Duane Ludwig. Then, in the first fight of Round 2, two skilled warriors go to battle in the octagon.

  • Benavidez and Cejudo head to Top Golf for the coaches challenge. Then in the final fight of Round 1 two more flyweights face off, with a spot in Round 2 on the line.

  • Team Benavidez takes a break from training to go paddle boarding. The seventh fight of round 1 takes place between two experienced fighters known for ending fights in the first round.

  • A fighter discusses his past and how it continues to bring motivation, the fighters get a brief rest to watch UFC 200 at the house, and the No. 7 and No. 10 seeds compete as a ground specialist goes up against an all-around fighter.

  • At the house, Eric Shelton and Matt Schnell discuss fatherhood at an early age. The coaches review their past fights against Demetrious Johnson, offering advice to the fighters. Then, in the fifth fight, two flyweights face off with a spot in the second round on the line.

  • A member of Team Benavidez expresses hostility towards Coach Cejudo. The coaches continue to challenge each otherâ€ôs patience. The most feared fighter in the house goes up against a seasoned veteran in the tournamentâ€ôs fourth fight of round one.

  • The international fighters attempt to make friends with house with mixed results. The coaches annoy each other. Then, in the third fight of the competition, the #5 and the #12 seeds battle it out in a classic striker vs grappler matchup.

  • In the season premiere, sixteen flyweight champions from around the globe congregate in Las Vegas to compete in a tournament. The winner will earn a UFC contract, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and an immediate title shot against current UFC champion Demetrious Johnson.

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