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This is a television show that runs on the Velocity channel. Bitchin Rides follows the exploits of Dave Kindig as the owner and operator of Kindig Solutions in Salt Lake City. Dave and his staff will transform and customize cars for individuals. Kindig offers innovative ways to transform vehicles on his show. He shows the process of how the vehicles are renovated and customized in a step by step process.

There are a variety of episodes individuals can choose from located on the Velocity channel. One of the recent episodes featured the description of how to convert an Audi vehicle into a unique hot rod for a difficult and sometimes demanding client. These are some of the type of customizations that Bitchin Rides focuses on.

Bitchin' Rides is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (89 episodes). The series first aired on September 2, 2014.

Where do I stream Bitchin' Rides online? Bitchin' Rides is available for streaming on VELOCITY, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bitchin' Rides on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Velocity, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, iTunes online.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on VELOCITY
7 Seasons, 89 Episodes
September 2, 2014
Automotive, Reality
Cast: Dave Kindig
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Bitchin' Rides Full Episode Guide

  • The 1965 Mustang makes its way thru the metal shop and is now ready for paint and final assembly. However, this is one of the more intricate cars the shop has ever built, and making it function will test even the Kindig crew.

  • Dave designs a Mustang for the ages to compete in the Optima Challenge, which involves running the car on track as well as in a traditional car show. The build includes a new front facia and hood, tucking in the bumpers and redesigning the rear end.

  • All the Concept Corvette's elements are built and assembled, but to call the experiment a success, Dave needs to find a buyer. Also, a rock 'n' roll icon brings his 1934 Ford coupe to the shop to complete a project 25 years in the making.

  • From an early age, Dave Kindig would cut up hot wheels, mixing and matching parts to create his own cars. 20-plus years later, he has decided that the time is right to design his own concept car from scratch.

  • The 1951 Ford pickup is painted and ready for final assembly. The team encounters problem after problem trying to get it ready for a serviceman who is returning from a year away in a war zone.

  • An active-duty serviceman has spent years working with his father to get their 1951 Ford pickup built. They are ready to get it finished once and for all, and the crew will stretch the cab, redesign the front end and add Kindig's patented hourglass bed.

  • A simple repaint of a 1964 Corvette careens into much more when Dave upsells the client on a couple of design features, and the crew finds some damage underneath the original paint. Also, the owner of an iconic Ford GTX1 tasks Dave with solving a dilemma.

  • After recovering from a terrible accident where his '32 Ford caught fire, a local business owner wants to see the car fixed as well. Diagnosing the fire damage and what caused it is job #1. Plus, a 1967 Mustang arrives with a nasty engine vibration.

  • After some intense color development, the client is on board with the shade of green Dave has come up with, and the car moves into the paint booth. The client has only seen the color on a swatch, but will he fall for it when he sees it in person?

  • Dave and the crew start on a 1966 Corvette, but one major challenge lies ahead for Dave the designer -- he is up against a client who is adamant that he doesn't want the color of the car to be anywhere close to the original green that it came in.

  • Dave has finally secured a buyer for the '48 GMC truck. He's a truck nut who wants to finish the build properly, with a color change, custom trim and new interior design. Hopefully, the guys can pick up right where they left off.

  • A client wants his '48 GMC to be Dave's baddest build ever, but when he throws Dave a curveball, it threatens the entire project. Celebrating 20 years in business, Kindig-lt hosts a custom car show featuring a slew of past builds.

  • A beauty of a car from Kindig's past arrives back in the shop for an engine upgrade. Dave and Kevin make a trip to Detroit to see the latest technology at Lingenfelter engine builders and check out the Woodward Dream Cruise.

  • A Karmann Ghia aficionado wants some very specific upgrades for his new purchase. Custom trim, wheels, lowered stance, new paint and new upholstery are some of the items that will give this car a new lease on life.

  • Dave has a challenge on his hands restoring a 1964 Cadillac to its original condition while adding modern updates. Parts are scarce and the car's current state leaves a lot to restore.

  • Dave loves anything VW, and he finds a deal for a rare Transporter pickup that is too good to pass up. With a few modifications, he will finish the build, but then his real dilemma begins - whether to keep it or auction it.

  • Dave and Kevin take the '67 Coronet, '55 Gullwing and '63 Corvette to a car show in Chicago, where they'll compete for street rod of the year. The cars need to complete a road course and be judged on the appointments of the build.

  • The pieces that have arrived at the shop are allegedly for a Nova, but the only thing recognizable is the body. The challenge will be to piece car back together and get the body ready so the client can paint it himself.

  • The Pontiac Tempest build continues as bodywork wraps up and Dave has designed a killer new color. Kevin shows off his powder-coating skills, and the client has a tough decision to make on the color combo for the interior.

  • A simple yet classy Pontiac Tempest arrives for a ground-up build. From the outside, it looks like the team can get right to the customizing, but after the car is completely stripped, things are more complicated.

  • Prior to the annual classic car show in Los Angeles, the guys need to shake down a 1962 Corvette and make some design adjustments to a '55 Mercedes Gullwing. Kevin hunts for new ideas, rare finds and maybe some Hollywood stars.

  • A road warrior from Alaska arrives at the shop to add some improvements to an already solid build. To enhance performance, a new exhaust and tips are custom fabricated as well as a new set of wheels, tires and a custom interior.

  • C-10s are all the rage these days, and the team Kindig is adding their own touches to finish this truck off properly. From a tubbed bed to slivered Camaro bumpers, Dave makes subtle but groundbreaking changes to a classic.

  • Delayed by numerous issues and setbacks, the 1941 Chevy is finished in the metal shop and ready for paint. Fresh paint, new wiring and custom interior take this problem build to the next level.