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Fraggle Rock is a television show created by Jim Henson. He is the same man who created the muppets, and has brought his truly original imagination into the world of Fraggle Rock. This show teaches, in simple terms, about different social issues such as prejudice, personal identity, spirituality and social conflict.

Fraggle Rock features several different "races" that live in a symbiotic relationship in a cave system called, ironically enough, Fraggle Rock. Fraggles spend most of their time living a carefree life that consists mostly of singing, playing and eating. They eat radishes and "doozer sticks" which are made of mostly radishes.

Each episode centers around a group of fraggle friends named Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red. This is a very tightly knit group of friends, and each character has his or her own personality. Each episode is started with a song, and features two or three original songs written specifically for the show.

Every episode centers around a different social theme, with the overall theme of the show being that humans are all interconnected, and they all need each other. The Fraggles live in symbiosis with other races in their world, and even connect with the human world in small ways. The Doozers, who use "doozer sticks" made of radishes to build their homes, help the Fraggles because they eat the doozer sticks. This in turn allows the Doozers to create more sticks, which they enjoy because they love creating and building things.

Fraggles spend much of their time exploring and playing, but when they need help, they visit Marjorie the trash heap for advice. She offers them help, and encourages their symbiotic relationship with their world. Marjorie lives by the race called Gorgs, and her advice is revered, but not necessarily worshipped. She is watched over by Gunge and Philo, who can be heard telling bad jokes and puns.

Fraggle Rock was created to be a children's show, much in the tradition of Seseme Street, but quickly became a favorite with adults as well. Many adults watch the show for its whimsical humor and musical ability.

Fraggle Rock is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (96 episodes). The series first aired on January 10, 1983.

Where do I stream Fraggle Rock online? Fraggle Rock is available for streaming on HBO, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Fraggle Rock on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

Mondays at 7:30 pm on HBO
4 Seasons, 96 Episodes
January 10, 1983
Kids & Family
Cast: Dave Goelz, Bob Stutt, Fulton Mackay, Simon O'Brien, Jerry Nelson
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Fraggle Rock Full Episode Guide

  • Cantus and the Minstrels are back and ready to perform the Song of Songs, but first Gobo must find the Honk of Honks. Along the way, he meets Doc face to face for the first time.

  • The Fraggle Horn is missing, and Red tries to find it, accusing many along the way.

  • It's Ma and Pa Gorg's 513th anniversary, and they must get married again. But where's the ring?

  • Mokey, Wembley and Boober get transported back in time, to an era when Fraggles are bald, have leaders, and never laugh.

  • On his first solo overnight hike, Wembley meets Mudwell the Mudbunny, whose behavior first entertains, and then confuses him.

  • Red and Gobo's swimming competition is interrupted by the annual arrival of the Knobblies, pink vine-like plants which are particularly thick this year, and which turn out to lead to something quite unexpected.

  • When Fraggle Rock's water supply is contaminated by the Silly Creatures, only Boober can save the day.

  • Cotterpin Doozer is accused of consorting with Fraggles, and she must prove that Fraggles are noble and intelligent and worthy of the respect of the Doozers.

  • Sprocket visits Fraggle Rock and goes on a trip with Gobo and Wrench Doozer.

  • Gobo tries to solve the riddle of Rhyming Rock.

  • It's Red's 28th birthday in a row since the Festival of the Bells when she finds a magic mirror (named Mavis) that leads her to a very special birthday party.

  • After being hit on the head by an exploding radish, Boober gets amnesia and thinks he's a Gorg. When he tells Ma and Pa Gorg, they believe him, because they think a sorceror has changed Junior, who is missing, into a Fraggle.

  • Uncle Matt has gotten Gobo a frog from Outer Space for his birthday, but when it gets loose while Wembley is supposed to be hiding it, things get really crazy!

  • Red follows Mokey on her solo trip to Wonder Mountain to make sure she's ok, but of course it's Red who falls victim to almost every pitfall on the Wonder Trail.

  • Red goes through a tunnel in the T. Matthew Fraggle Room and finds a blue dragon.

  • Wembley rescues a spiderfly which turns out to be magic. It grants him a wish, so Wembley decides to be able to fly.

  • Mokey gets a magic paintbrush from the Trash Heap, but uses it for the wrong reasons.

  • Wembley and Boober find a legendary Perfect Blue Rollie, which Boober doesn't want to share.

  • Wembley causes a stir when he pairs with Cotterpin Doozer in the Duet-a-thon.

  • Cantus the Minstrel arrives to help Junior Gorg with the ritual of the Royal Kazoo.

  • While Uncle Matt is back for a visit, he discovers a cavern with magical transporting archways.

  • Boober lets Sidebottom turn him into Dr. Fun when he thinks his friends don't like him because he's no fun.

  • Wembley uses his acute hearing to detect delicious whoopee water. But using the water endangers the Rock.

  • After Doc pulls up the floorboards in the workshop, Sprocket enters Fraggle Rock.

  • It's time for the Festival of the Bells, but the holiday has lost its meaning for Gobo. Doc and Sprocket celebrate a traditional Christmas and add a pinata to the mix.

  • When the Doozers think Gunge is their long lost king, his relationship with Philo is in jeopardy.

  • Ma and Pa Gorg go on an overnight trip, leaving Junior alone in the castle for the first time. Meanwhile, Gobo thinks that all the Gorgs have gone on vacation, so he decides to explore their castle.

  • When Mokey befriends a magical creature named Begoony, she finds his demands on her to be too great.

  • Cotterpin Doozer gets Gobo to help her find the Cavern of Lost Dreams, the original Doozer cave.

  • Pa Gorg decides to rid his and Ma's "Kissing Rock" of Fraggles once and for all with the Boredom Juice that Junior found, but things go horribly wrong.

  • Red escapes from her sickbed to play hockey before her visiting sports idol, Rock Hockey Hannah.

  • Ma wants Pa Gorg to fix the hole in the roof before the storm comes, but Pa is afraid of heights (though he won't admit it).

  • The Storyteller tells the story of how Traveling Matt became an explorer.

  • Junior Gorg's only friend is a huge radish named Geraldine, a fact which he discovers thanks to Mokey.

  • Boober is testing beluviouses (Fraggle tails, which flair out when a Fraggle is scared). Wembley wants to get even and scare Boober back, but things go too far... or do they?

  • Gobo decides to start a school for explorers. On their first journey, Gobo blindly follows Matt's instructions and ignores his own instincts, to the detriment of all.

  • Red and Mokey are a team in the All-Day, Cross-Cave Beanbarrow Finals, until an emergency causes a change of plans.

  • Mokey is thrilled and over-anxious when asked to join the Secret Society of Poohbahs, but Red thinks she's taking it too seriously.

  • Wembley finds a bottle with a very mean genie in it.

  • Red and Wembley find a creature who can be whatever anyone believes he is, but when the Gorgs think there's a monster in the basement, things get ugly.

  • Philo and Gunge decide to go home. If only they knew where it was!

  • Gobo has the Pebble Pox, and Boober and Wembley must go to the Cave of Shadows to get the cure.

  • Mokey's made too many promises, and forgotten most of them; the most serious of which was to knit a new tarpaulin for the Trash Heap before the first big snow.

  • It's Joke Day, and Boober's escape from it is interrupted when a large, pink Glob arrives in the Great Hall.

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