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The Flintstones are your traditional American family that happens to live in the Stone Age. The Flintstones live in the town of Bedrock on Cobblestone Way next to their best friends the Rubbles. The head of the Flintstone household is Fred Flintstone. Fred Flintstone generally wears an orange leopard shirt with a black tie and can be bit of a hothead. Fred works at the Slate construction site as a dinosaur operator, what we now call a crane operator.

Fred is married to Wilma Slaghopple, which he met one summer while working at the Honeyrock Hotel as a bellhop. Wilma is a calm headed redhead that is a stay at home mom, taking care of the Flintstone one-story cave house and their infant daughter, Pebbles. The Flintstones have a pet dinosaur called Dino that is very smart, loyal and is very protective of Pebbles. The Flintstones lives next door to their best friends the Rubbles. Barney Rubble has been best friends with Fred they were infants. Barney works hard but unlike Fred is not steadily employed, working at various jobs including repossession.

Barney is also an inventor, inventing a super fuel for cars and a helicopter that looks like a flying eggbeater. Barney is devoted husband and father who is madly in love with his wife Betty that he also met at the Honeyrock Hotel working as a bellhop, the same summer that Fred met Wilma. Betty and Barney adopted a son called Bam-Bam, which is the strongest baby in the world. The Rubbles have a pet named Hoppy, which is a hopperue from Down Under. Like Dino, Hoppy is the perfect pet for the Rubbles and is referred to by Wilma as a built in babysitter for Bam-Bam that can come, pick him up, and place him in her pouch to go home after a nice visit with Pebbles.

The Flintstones and the Rubbles, being best friends, have had several adventures together. Like the time Fred and Barney helped Fred's rich Uncle Tex catch cattle rustlers on is ranch in Texasrock or the time they went hunting a Snorkasaurus, not to mention the time Fred bought a circus. With adventures like those who wouldn't want to meet the Flintstones and the Rubbles and join in on the fun.

6 Seasons, 168 Episodes
September 30, 1960
Animation & Cartoons, Children, Family
Cast: Jean Vander Pyl, Alan Reed, Mel Blanc, Bea Benaderet
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The Flintstones Full Episode Guide

  • Fred learns about his Grandfather's World War I adventures, through his grandfather's diary.

  • The Flintstones get accepted to the Stonyside Country Club.

  • A performing sealosaurus follows Barney home from the Oceanrock Aquarium.

  • Wilma goes on a date with her old boy friend, so Fred plays sick to go bowling, but he can't focus on his game.

  • While painting Mr. Slate's yacht, Fred and Barney end up drifting to an uncharted island.

  • Thanks to Gazoo, Fred learns what it is like to run the quarry.

  • Barney takes Fred's place as the male lead in the Romeorock and Julietstone play, but he seems hopeless with the part.

  • Fred and Barney are conned into buying useless land, but end up finding gold on it. Then, when people who sold them the land find out about this... they decide to get the land back.

  • Fred and Barney have been getting accurate betting tips from Gazoo and the two end up getting targeted by Big Ed.

  • Fred has doubts about what the future will really be like after seeing Barney's magazine. So, to prove that Fred is wrong, Gazoo sends the families to the future.

  • After taking the wrong bottle of pills, Fred turns into an ape.

  • Fred moves in with Barney and Betty moves in with Wilma after a fight is sparked about which gender is better.

  • Gazoo takes the wives to dinner while Fred and Barney decide to go bowling.

  • Barney is mistaken for being an Arabian prince, and Fred is jealous.

  • After injuring his foot, Fred ends up creating a new dance called "The Frantic."

  • Bedrock fears that there will be an alien invasion... problem is that Fred is wearing a space suit for the lodge's costume party.

  • Fred and Barney get kidnapped by Stonefinger, getting themselves into trouble once more.

  • After being fired by Mr. Slate, Fred decides to try and find a job, and ends up getting one where he isn't making money... he is loosing it.

  • Fred dreams about what could happen 20 years from now.

  • Fred and Barney meet "The Great Gazoo" who becomes their servant, but he ends up becoming a pain in the neck.

  • In this crossover with Bewitched, it's the men v. s the women and the women have a magical advantage...

  • Fred buys a circus, with hope of getting it to strike rich again.

  • Fred puts the criminal known as the Mangler in prison when Fred is foreman of the jury. Later, the Flintstones and the Rubbles go into hiding when the Mangler escapes from prison.

  • After winning a publicity contest, Wilma and Betty win Stony Curtis as a "slave boy" for one day.

  • Mrs. Slaghoople is on her way, to move in with her favorite son-in-law and Fred thinks that is him. So, Fred decides to refurbish a dilapidated shack.

  • Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm gain a musical talent which Eppy Brainstone exploits.

  • The 2 families go on vacation to the seaside, and it gets destroyed when Fred gets caught up in a surf contest.

  • Fred's physical strength impresses a movie producer and Fred is cast to play Hercurock.

  • Fred is hired to take the place of a TV superhero, Superstone, when he cancels out on an appearance he promised.

  • Fred and Barney become Aaron Boulder's assistants.

  • Fred and Barney dress up as a cowasurus to help Uncle Tex catch some rustlers.

  • Fred and Barney become sheriff and deputy in a town that is plagued by outlaws while they are looking for uranium.

  • Fred moves his family to the fully automated Bedrock Towers when he is sick of household chores.

  • Even the Gruesomes can't scare away Fred's visiting hillbilly relatives.

  • The Flintstones go to ancient Rome at the World's Fair when they step into a time machine.

  • Fred has dreams of becoming an airplane pilot when he wins free flying lessons from the Lodge raffle.

  • Fred gets a job as a mall Santa to get extra money for Christmas, and his job is so good that he is called on by the real Santa to deliver the gifts to the children around the world while Santa is in bed with a cold.

  • While on a fishing trip with their lodge brothers, Fred and Barney are eaten by the Whalesaurus Adobe Dick.

  • Fred and Barney build a car to enter into the Indianrockolis 500, with Fred driving.

  • Fred Flintstone look-alike King of Stonesylvania comes to Bedrock to get a 10 million dollar loan for his country.

  • Fred gets into a feud with their new neighbors, and the situation gets worse when Dino falls in love with their dog.

  • A fight breaks out between the Flintstones and the Rubbles when the Water Buffalo Lodge holds a baby contest, seeing who has the cutest baby and each family thinks theirs is most beautiful.

  • The Gruesome are the Flintstones's new neighbors when they move into Tombstone Manor next door.

  • Fred and Barney become involved in a spy plot involving a mysterious stranger who hands them an envelope, the beautiful Madame Yes, Dr. Sinister, and a man who seeks to rule the world.

  • To inherit a house from his uncle, Fred must spend the night at his haunted house.

  • Wilma's old boyfriend appears to be in the Bedrock Rodeo and Pebbles calls him Dada so Fred decides to join the rodeo and impress his wife and daughter.

  • While planning both a birthday party for Pebbles and a lodge party, Fred mixes everything up. Instead of clowns going to Pebbles' party, they arrive at the lodge party and dancing girls show up at Pebbles' party.

  • Fred invents a weight loss potion that doesn't just eat away your pounds, but will take away your size!

  • After being hit on the head by a bowling ball, Fred wakes up thinking he is a baby.

  • Bamm-Bamm receives a Hopparoo from Fred and Barney as a pet.

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New 'Flintstones' Movie in the Works with Will Ferrell Attached

Will Ferrell has put his name on a lot of projects in the past, like "Anchorman," "Talladega Nights" and even "Funny or Die." But he's about to add another big one: "The Flintstones." The classic cartoon will be rebooted as a new movie under Warner Bros., and Ferrell is attached to the project. If you're wondering, the answer is no, he won't be playing Fred.

'Family Guy' in Bedrock? Seth MacFarlane Developing Updated 'The Flintstones' for Fox

Everyone once in a while, you read one of those news stories that makes you go "Wha? Huh?" This is one of those stories. Seth MacFarlane, creator of the hit Fox cartoons "Family Guy," "American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show," is reportedly developing an updated version of "The Flintstones" for Fox. That's right, the animated sitcom that started it all back in the 1960's is going to return to TV.