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In the distant future, because of the inter planet war that has continued for centuries, the civilization has ruined. Human being has lost every thing, and the population decreased to 1/5. Pseudo-human, The Third, is said to have appeared just after the war. They have red pupils called Space Eyes. Using them, they can control computer systems and so on, and rule the world by their superior power.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
April 13, 2006
Anime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Yasuo Yamada, Goro Naya, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Eiko Masuyama, Makio Inoue
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The Third Full Episode Guide

  • Honoka meets up with Iks on her way to the Steel Gorge!

  • After saying goodbye to Iks, Honoka visits Joey and discovers he's been barred from working!

  • Deep inside the facility, Honoka finally confronts Rona Fauna!

  • Having narrowly managed to win against Rona Fauna's combat model, a severely injured Paife returns to the tank and leaves the rest to Iks!

  • The Tank Killer, a specialized anti-tank chopper, appears before Iks, Paife, and Bogie!!

  • Honoka and Blue Breaker split from the group!

  • As Honoka's group prepares to depart, Fila reveals that she has one more companion for them: Zankan's killer!

  • The Wormhole Driver has been hijacked! Unresponsive to The Third's attempts to regain control, it fires at and eradicates a huge portion of a nearby mountain range!

  • Millie and the others look on as a seriously injured Honoka hangs on the brink of death!

  • After three days of pursuing the fairy and the wolf through the desert, Honoka and Millie are still unable to bridge the emotional gap between them!

  • Honoka and Millie continue their travels, but Iks can sense there is still a rift between the two girls!

  • Honoka decides to take Millie on a short vacation in the desert after Paife tells her Millie was found asleep at school. At the same time, a hunter named Leon seeks out Honoka!

  • While Honoka and Paife are engaged in their respective battles, Iks attempts to talk with Gravestone!

  • Honoka and the others come face to face with the expanding dome of light!

  • When Honoka's group catches up with Iks, he takes her aside and suggests they turn back!

  • The Third continues to monitor the rapidly expanding white light. It's a spatial distortion created by Gravestone, a weapon left over from the Great War. Meanwhile, Honoka does a job for Emporium's chief administrator!

  • Honoka and Bogie cross paths with a herd of stampeding sand dragons. Meanwhile, The Third rush to counter a growing danger to the planet!

  • The unmistakable heat signature of Blue Breaker closes in on Honoka and her friends!

  • Somehow, Honoka manages to drive Blue Breaker away but when she loses her bandanna her secret is revealed!

  • Honoka and Bogie pick up the long-awaited PSP from Zankan!

  • Honoka parts ways with Iks and returns to Emporium!

  • Honoka isn't ready to go home, so she and her new traveling companion arrange to meet up with the mechanic Zankan and his young daughter, Millie!

  • In a world overrun by monstrous bugs and ravaged by outlaws, there's only one person to call when you need a job done right: Honoka!

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