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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is an anime television series chronicling the adventures of Jonathan Joestar and the Joestar family as they contend with vampires and other creatures of mythological legend. Specifically, the anime is centered around a mysterious stone mask of Aztec origin that has the supernatural ability to turn its wearer into a vampire. When Jonathan’s nefarious, adoptive brother dons the mask, a series of events unfold that send the Joestar family on an epic, generation-spanning adventure for the ages. This tale of justice and familial obligation begins in 19th century England before shifting to 1938 New York City and finally moves to 1987 Japan.

Based on the long running manga Weekly Sh?nen Jump that began in Japan back in 1986, the anime series is known for its stylish fights, colorful composition and ultra-cool protagonists. The show is patterned after traditional shonen anime, where muscle-bound heroes display the results of extensive training to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

3 Seasons, 113 Episodes
September 30, 2002
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JoJos Bizarre Adventure Full Episode Guide

  • Josuke and his friends have finally cornered Yoshikage Kira. Refusing to give up, Kira tries to activate Bites the Dust one more time to escape his desperate situation. Can Josuke and the others stop Kira in time to save the future of Morioh?

  • Josuke and Hayato hide inside a nearby residence to escape from Deadly Queen and Stray Cat€™s attack. But to their horror, Kira is somehow able to close in on them from outside the house.

  • Hayato€™s attempt to kill Kira using Stray Cat€™s air bullet ends in failure. Kira realizes that letting Hayato repeat the same morning is becoming a risk, so he decides to undo Bites the Dust after he sees through Rohan€™s death.

  • Yoshikage Kira gains a new ability called Bites the Dust, a bomb that automatically kills anyone who tries to discover Kira€™s identity through Hayato.

  • Kosaku is forced to kill Hayato after the boy threatens to expose him. To make matters worse, Kosaku learns that Rohan and the others are coming to investigate his family. Realizing his cover will be blown, Kosaku tries to find a way to escape.

  • Rohan calls over Koichi to help him fight off Cheap Trap, which has attached itself onto Rohan€™s back. Unfortunately, Koichi thinks Rohan is pulling a prank on him and leaves. Feeling humiliated, a furious Rohan decides to leave the house to seek help.

  • Yoshihiro Kira spots Kosaku Kawajiri and instantly recognizes that it€™s actually his son, Yoshikage. Meanwhile, Josuke, Okuyasu, and Mikitaka finds a strange man living in an abandoned electrical tower.

  • Shinobu tells her husband, Kosaku, that she saw a stray cat in their basement with a hole in its throat. When Kosaku goes down to take a look, he finds the cat already dead, The next morning, a strange plant sprouts from the spot where the cat was buried.

  • Rohan sacrifices himself to save Josuke from a remote-controlled Stand that sucks nutrients out of its victims. Moved by Rohan€™s act of bravery, Josuke races through town to find and defeat the Stand€™s user before it can kill Rohan.

  • Rohan is convinced that Josuke is cheating in their game of Cee-lo when all the dice rolls in his opponent€™s favor. Feeling insulted, Rohan stabs his own finger and swear he€™ll find out how Josuke is cheating in their next round.

  • While on their way to school, Josuke and Okuyasu find a young man lying unconscious in the middle of what appears to be a crop circle. When they try to take a closer look, the man suddenly wakes up and starts claiming he€™s an alien from outer space.

  • Kira€™s father, Yoshihiro, begins searching for Stand users who would help protect his son from his pursuers. While Rohan is taking photos at the train station when he is suddenly challenged to a game of rock-paper-scissors by a boy claiming to be his fan.

  • Josuke and his friends are at Yoshikage Kira€™s home trying to find any clues that may lead them to the serial killer, who has gone into hiding under a new face and identity.

  • Kira is forced to appear before Koichi after his remote Heart Attack bomb is made useless by the boy€™s new Stand, Reverb Act 3. Finally coming face-to-face with the serial killer, Koichi attacks him with Act 3, but is quickly overpowered by Kira€™s Stand.

  • Jotaro and Koichi come under the attack of Yoshikage Kira€™s Stand bomb, called Heart Attack. Narrowly escaping the blast, Koichi tries to go after the serial killer but is stopped by Jotaro, who tells him to focus on dealing with the Stand bomb first.

  • Yoshikage Kira is revealed to be the serial killer who€™s been lurking in Morioh, and a Stand user as well. Having discovered his secret, Shigechi tries to fight off Kira with his Harvest, only to suffer fatal wounds from the killer€™s Stand, Deadly Queen

  • A man named Yoshikage Kira is enjoying his lunch break at the park with a sandwich in hand. But his peaceful afternoon is cut short when Shigechi accidentally takes Kira's sandwich bag, believing it to be his own.

  • Yukako, depressed because she can't get Koichi to return her feelings, comes across a beauty salon where the owner claims a special beauty treatment will help customers find love and happiness...

  • Josuke and Okuyasu become friends with a Stand user named Shigekiyo Yangu, a.k.a. Shigechi, who can use his Stand to find and collect the money that is scattered across town. Impressed by the boy' abilities.

  • Jotaro and Josuke must hunt down a rat that is believed to have become a Stand user after being shot by the bow and arrow. When the two arrive at the site, they find dozens of dead rats killed in the most bizarre fashion.

  • Koichi is drawn back to Rohan' house, where he sees the manga artist finishing up his next manga at an incredible speed. Rohan uses his stand Heaven' Door on Koichi again to gain further creative inspiration from the young boy' life experience.

  • With Akira Otoishi arrested and the bow and arrow safely recovered, peace seemingly returns to Morioh. But Josuke' life is far from peaceful as he struggles to deal with his father, whose old age is making things difficult for them to bond

  • Josuke and his friends gather at the Port to try and reach Joseph Joestar before Chili Pepper. Speculating the enemy is hiding nearby, Jotaro orders Josuke and Koichi to stay behind and find Chili Pepper' user while he and Okuyasu go protect Joseph.

  • Chili Pepper suddenly appears before Josuke to test his Stand powers. Josuke puts up a fight but is overwhelmed by Chili Pepper' power. The next day, Josuke and friends learn from Jotaro that a man who can locate Chili Pepper is heading to Morioh

  • Josuke and Okuyasu come across an Italian restaurant owned by an Italian chef named Tonio. When Okuyasu asks for the menu, Tonio explains that he decides the menu on the spot based on the customer he sees.

  • Yukako' dangerous obsession with reshaping Koichi into a man fit for her gets worse, prompting Koichi to hatch an escape plan. He tries to call Josuke for help using a nearby pay phone, but is stopped by Yukako, who anticipated his move.

  • Koichi is both surprised and excited when a girl named Yukako Yamagishi says she likes him. But Koichi' joy quickly turns into fear after Yukako begins to express her love for him in very erratic and dangerous ways.

  • Josuke and Koichi get info that a student at their school, Toshikazu Hazamada may be a Stand user and decide to look into the case. Their suspicions are quickly confirmed after Hazamada' wooden doll morphs into an exact copy of Josuke, and attacks them.

  • On his way to school, Koichi finds himself blackmailed by a man named Tamami Kobayashi, who frames him for running over a cat. A panicked Koichi starts to feel guilt for his actions, when suddenly a giant lock appears on his chest!

  • After defeating Keicho, Koichi insists they find the bow and arrow and destroy it. Josuke agrees, but when the two enter the attic where the bow and arrow are being kept, they hear an inhuman noise inside.

  • Josuke enters the Nijimura Brothers' house to rescue Koichi, who is in critical condition after getting shot by Keicho Nijimura' bow and arrow. But when Josuke steps into the house, he is attacked by Keicho' Stand.

  • Josuke and Jotaro learn that a man with a bow and arrow was responsible for awakening Angelo' Stand ability. Realizing the town is still in danger, they decide to find the bow and arrow before it can create any more victims.

  • Josuke informs Jotaro about his encounter with Angelo' Stand. Deducing that the serial killer' Stand is capable of entering people' bodies, Jotaro tells Josuke over the phone to stay on high alert until he arrives at his home.

  • In April 1999, Jotaro Kujo travels to a town in Japan called Morioh to find a young man named Josuke Higashikata, the secret love child of his grandfather, Joseph Joestar. Upon finding him, Jotaro is surprised to learn that Josuke also possesses a Stand.

  • With help from Polnareff as well as putting his own life on the line, Jotaro is finally able to land a blow on DIO. Finding the shriveled body of Joseph Joestar, Jotaro becomes enraged and wages his final, desperate battle with DIO.

  • Thanks to Kakyoin, Joseph is able to figure out that DIO's Stand, "The World," has the power to stop time, but is quickly defeated by DIO. Jotaro then attacks The World with Star Platinum, but is no match for DIO's power.

  • As night falls, the battle expands to encompass the whole city of Cairo. Amidst the melee, Kakyoin says he has a way to figure out DIO's Stand ability.

  • Polnareff is pushed to his limits by Cool Ice's merciless attacks. As he awaits death, the dying Iggy manages to save him at the last minute. Polnareff then stabs Cool Ice in the head.

  • After a long, hard journey, the group is suddenly faced with saying goodbye to a friend. Polnareff can't control his emotions and starts brandishing his sword toward an unseen enemy with very little success.

  • The baseball game with D'Arby continues within DIO's mansion. For some reason, Jotaro starts telling D'Arby what pitches he'll be throwing. D'Arby finds Jotaro's actions strange, but still believes he has the upper hand because of his Stand's abilities.

  • The battle for souls with D'Arby continues. Kakyoin challenges D'Arby to a racing game but ends up losing both the race and his soul. Before Joseph really has time to react, Jotaro picks the next game.

  • Though purchased dearly with Iggy's injury, Jotaro and his group finally have the location of DIO's palace. Waiting for them there they find the butler, Darby Younger, brother of the gambler they previously defeated.

  • Iggy ends up in a battle to the death in the sewers against Pet Shop, the falcon that guards DIO's mansion. Despite being injured, Iggy runs to the river in an attempt to escape, but he may have underestimated Pet Shop's abilities.

  • Jotaro and his friends continue to search for DIO's mansion in Cairo. Following Avdol's advice, they have a beggar look for the mansion and wait. Meanwhile, Iggy, wandering the city alone, is confronted by two large dogs.

  • Following Mondatta's prediction, Hol Horse sticks his fingers into Polnareff's nose, but he doesn't know what to do from there. Making matters worse, Jotaro and the others show up in search of Polnareff, forcing Hol Horse into a tough spot.

  • After losing to D'Arby, Joseph and Polnareff have their souls taken. In order to have their souls returned, Jotaro shows off Star Platinum's powers before beginning a match with D'Arby, warning him that cheating won't work.

  • After a long journey, Jotaro and his friends finally reach Cairo. They begin asking about the location of DIO's palace and find one man who says he has information, but will only answer if the group can beat him in a game.

  • The power of Alessi's Stand "Set" has turned Polnareff back into a child, leaving him confused and alone. A passerby named Marena takes the boy into her home to help him, but they are followed by Alessi and his terrible powers.

  • With Joseph and Avdol busy fighting Mariah, Jotaro and Polnareff get concerned about why they haven't shown up yet. As the two search Luxor, Polnareff senses someone following them and confronts the man.

  • Due to the powers of an enemy Stand, Joseph's body becomes magnetized. While chasing after the woman he suspects is the Stand user, Joseph learns that Avdol has also become magnetized from touching a different electrical outlet.

  • Having defeated the "Anubis" Stand user Chaka, Polnareff pays a visit to a barber. But when the barber starts attacking him with Chaka's sword, the Frenchman realizes the sword itself is the Stand user.

  • A young man named Chaka finds a mysterious sword on the beach. Though other men try, Chaka is the only one who can draw it. The sword claims Chaka as its master and sends the youth in pursuit of Jotaro and his friends with deadly intent.

  • After the battle with N'doul, Kakyoin and Avdol are badly hurt, so the group heads for a hospital in Aswan. Unfortunately, dangerous enemies could be all around them even there.

  • Jotaro and crew acquire the help of Iggy, but are ambushed by a water Stand. With Kakyoin injured, Avdol tries out a strategem which the unseen enemy quickly sees through. Meanwhile, Iggy is napping.

  • Jotaro and his friends finally land in Egypt, where DIO awaits, and are cutting through the desert when a helicopter approaches. The helicopter belongs to the Speedwagon Foundation and is there to make a special delivery requested by Joseph.

  • Jotaro and his fellows are trying to escape from sinking submarine which got attacked by enemy's Stand High Priestess. Enemy's stand attacks them again who are trying to wear scuba diving equipment to swim. Being played by transforming Stand, they finally get out from submarine. They swim toward land keeping guard on further attacks, then they find two under sea tunnels and get relieved to know that they are approaching to coast but...?

  • Jotaro and his fellows acquired submarine as new transportation. Leaving Red Sea, they head for the continent of Africa to land in Egypt where DIO is. They calmly travel below sea looking around with submarine's sonar. Jotaro points out that it will be extremely dangerous if they get attacked below sea because there's no way to run away so they keep guard on their surroundings. When they are about to land in the continent of Africa, a coffee cup transform itself and cut off Joseph's artificial arm!

  • Polnareff gets injured by his sister Shelly who comes to life again as Polnareff said his wish. Cameo who is the Stand user of Judgement tells Polnareff that he will make his third wish come true and let the dead Avdol come to life again. Shelly and Avdol attack him to bite off Polnareff's body. He tries to fight back using his Stand but Cameo won't let him forcing him into dangerous situation. He is about to lose consciousness and determines his death...!

  • Jotaro and his fellows leave for a desert island in Red Sea to see somebody. Arrived at the island, they meet with a man who totally looks like Avdol except his gray hair-- it turns out he is Avdol's father! The man refuses to talk with Jotaro and others then he shuts himself in his house. Polnareff is sitting in the beach in deep sorrow thinking about Avdol who was died to protect him. Then, he finds strange lamp which barnacles attaching on. He scrapes the barnacles off then the lamp suddenly emit light and ...!?

  • Kakyoin is suspicious about the baby but nobody believes his opinion and others begin to think that Kakyoin gets crazy. Trying to clear the misunderstanding, Kakyoin shows his scar which he cuts as "BABY STAND" in dream but others don't believe him. Irritated Kakyoin tries to use his Stand but Polnareff let him faint by hitting his body to him. Jotaro and others who fell asleep wake up in their dream with shudder to see what the truth is.

  • Noriaki Kakyoin was dreaming. He found a tarot card of Death in strange amusement park where he heard cry of baby. Kakyoin dodged a sickle which suddenly came out from tarot card and the sickle cut a dog's body which was around him. He wakes up with screaming but he can't remember what the dream is. Soon after that, Jotaro and his fellows are heading for next town by plane and they let a baby get on the plane with them as a condition to buy small plane. Kakyoin and Polnareff are napping on the plane and they have dream of that amusement park...

  • Dan of Steel's Stand Lovers invaded into Joseph's brain. Dan who controls Joseph's life gets overwhelmingly strong position and he repeats base action to Jotaro. Jotaro can't go against Dan and he obeys Dan's order. On the other hand, Kakyoin succeeds to let his Stand invade into Joseph's brain and they find enemy's Stand which is eating brain cell! But the enemy is very quick and he has hard time to beat it. Furthermore, additional trap is set for them.

  • Jotaro and his fellows catch Enyaba in alive and they arrive at Karachi, a capital city in Pakistan. A new assassin sent from DIO is called Dan of Steel and waiting for them there. To obey DIO's order, Dan kills his fellow, Enyaba without hesitating. Jotaro and his fellows get angry at its heartless action and they start fighting with Dan of Steel in advantaged situation, 4 VS 1. But Dan of Steel has been already started his dreadful attack using Stand...!

  • Jotaro and his fellows finally arrive at Pakistan after they avoided Stand user's disturb. They try to find hotel for a dense fog begin to wrap them. The town they arrived is weirdly calm and people there are brusque to them. Then, they find an unusual dead body who made grimace of fear. They are suspicious that the man must be killed by Stand for it seems that the body was died for unknown cause. They become cautious of their surroundings and then an old woman who says she owns a hotel talk to them but ...?

  • Jotaro's group is on their way to Pakistan from India on 4WD car. Polnareff is driving the car and passes old car by force on rough mountain path. They enjoy their drive for a while but the old car starts tailgating from behind them so they let the car go ahead. Soon, the old car slows down again and the car keeps annoying drive. Just as Polnareff passes the old car again, a large truck is coming in front of them!!

  • Jotaro's group leaves for holy ground Benares near the Ganges River. On their way, Joseph finds a strange swelling on his arm. He doesn't take it seriously at first but he decides to go to the doctor as the swelling gets bigger and bigger. At the moment the doctor tries to cut off it, it turns into human's face and starts talking saying that it is Empress's stand. Joseph tries to cut it with various way but he can't make it as it is also his body. How can he beat the rapidly growing Stand?

  • Avdol falls down by enemy's Stand to protect Polnareff. As Polnareff sees it, he loses his mind with shock. Centerfold starts fierce attack with his Stand "Hanged man" as he takes advantage of Polnareff's weakness. Kakyoin tries to run away with Polnareff as he thinks they will lose at this situation. Suffering from Hol Horse and Centerfold's attack beyond their expectation, Polnareff tries to fight back with finding the main body but ...!?

  • Jotaro's group left Singapore and arrived at India. Surprising at the difference of culture, they take break at restaurant. Then, Polnareff gets attacked by wired Stand which only appears in mirror. Jotaro who had information from enemy thinks that the mirror user Stand may be "man who has two right hands" who is a revenge on Polnareff's sister's death. Polnareff who is eager to revenge starts acting individually ignoring Avdol's advice that the enemy is trying to separate them.

  • Arrived at Singapore, Jotaro's group stay at hotel individualy. A new Stand owner who is afraid as "Devo the Cursed" is awaited Polnareff in his room. Devo's Stand increases its power as its user's hatred toward opponent increases. Polnareff gets into desperate situation as he starts fighting front. Does Polnareff have a chance to win the battle from Devo who keeps attacking him with cruel and brutal way?

  • Jotaro's group escaped from ship exploded by false captain and they are floating in sea on lifeboat. Then they find a big cargo ship. While being suspicious, they ask for help and get on the cargo ship. Although the ship keeps moving normally, there's nobody but an orangutan there. Jotaro's group keep exploring inside the ship feeling anxiety, then suddenly crane start moving by itself and attacking them!

  • Jotaro welcomed new fellow to his group and they leave for Singapore with Speedwagon foundation help. On their way to Singapore, while stowaway is found in ship, Jotaro gets attacked by Stand from sea. All people in ship besides his fellows are identified 10 crews and 1 mysterious stowaway...Who is attacking him? Jotaro uses clever tactics to unmask the assassin !

  • Jotaro and his fellows are getting attacked by Polnareff, a new assassin sent from DIO. Though Avdol is overwhelmed by swordplay of Polnareff's Stand "Silver Chariot", he gets affected its provocation and he tries to fight back with Magician's Red. Changed venue to Tiger Balm Garden, they start fighting and Polnareff collapsed by Crossfire Hurricane, the Magician's Red's special attack. Avdol is confident that he had beaten Polnareff completely but...?

  • Jotaro defeats DIO's assassin Kakyoin with his awoke Stand power. As he secures injured Kayokin trying to extract information about DIO, he finds an unresectable cell " bud of flesh" of DIO in Kakyoin's brain. Joseph says Kakyoin will die but Jotaro tries to get rid of " bud of flesh" by his own Stand and...!

  • Jotaro comes back to his life hiding his power "Stand", the true shape of evil spirit Joseph had told him. On his way to school, he meets a transfer student called himself Noriaki Kakyoin, because of him being slightly injured from unnatural phenomenon. When he tries to treat his injury in medical office, Jotaro finds a message from Kakyoin. The message is killing threat by Kakyoin's Stand. Furthermore, he gets attacked by school nurse who suddenly starts acting violently and...!

  • In 1987, Japan. Jotaro Kujo from the Joestars has been captured in prison. As Jotaro's mother Holly worries about his son for he refuses to be free claiming he is obsessed by evil spirit, she asks Jotaro's grandfather Joseph in USA for help. Soon Joseph comes to Japan, he and his friend Avdol visit Jotaro and tell him that they know what the evil spirit is. They start talking about its true shape and the fate of his family...!

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