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  • TV-14
  • 2011
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.6  (2,161)

Infinite Stratos is a Japanese anime series produced by TBS that aired from January 2011 to March 2016. The show takes place in a world where a revolutionary, ancient-powered suit known as the Infinite Stratos (IS) has been developed and is exclusive to women, who are now the dominant gender in society. Until one day, a young boy named Ichika Orimura is discovered to be the first male who can control an IS, throwing the world into a frenzy of political and social change.

The show's protagonist, Ichika, is a second-year high school student who is also the younger brother of the famous IS pilot, Chifuyu Orimura. Ichika's discovery of his ability to pilot an IS leads him to attend the prestigious Infinite Stratos Academy, widely known as the IS Academy. In this institution, students are trained to pilot the machine and become IS pilots as part of their education. The show follows Ichika and his fellow female classmates as they navigate both the political turmoil and personal relationships that arise from his presence at the school.

The main storyline of the show revolves around Ichika's journey to master the art of IS piloting. He faces many challenges and obstacles throughout his training, which include his lack of experience, his gender, and his personal relationships with the other female students. Despite these challenges, he remains determined to succeed and become a skilled pilot. In addition to his own training, Ichika is often involved in battles and conflicts that revolve around other IS pilots. These battles often test his skills and teach him new techniques to improve his abilities.

As Ichika adapts to life at the IS Academy, he forms close friendships and romantic relationships with several of his female classmates. These relationships complicate his life and often cause problems both within and outside of the school. The show explores the complex emotions and issues that arise from Ichika's relationships with the other students, including jealousy and competition. The relationships between the characters are a key aspect of the show and are integral to its plot.

Infinite Stratos also features a cast of unique and diverse characters, each with their own personality, backstory, and motivations. The cast includes the other female students at the IS Academy, as well as other influential figures in the world of IS politics and warfare. The show delves into the backstories and motivations of these characters, which often play a significant role in the main storyline.

Throughout the series, Infinite Stratos features stunning animation, intense action scenes, and compelling character development. The battles between the IS pilots are particularly well-done, with each pilot showcasing their unique abilities and techniques. The show also features a range of stunning locales and settings, including the IS Academy itself and the various locations where battles take place.

Overall, Infinite Stratos is an engaging and entertaining anime series that blends complex emotional relationships with intense action and political intrigue. Its richly developed characters, compelling storylines, and lush animation make it a standout in the genre. Fans of mecha anime, action series, and romance will all find something to enjoy in Infinite Stratos.

Infinite Stratos is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on January 6, 2011.

Infinite Stratos
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Girls Over
12. Girls Over
January 20, 2014
While Ichika battles Madoka's Black Knight IS, Tatenashi engages Squall atop a skyscraper. Meanwghile, Chifuyu and her students become trapped in a monorail containing a time bomb.
Looking for Memories
11. Looking for Memories
January 13, 2014
The IS class goes on a leisurely field trip with the girls vying for Ichika's attention. While leaving, the class is attacked at their various locations by Phantom Task.
Cooking My Way
10. Cooking My Way
January 6, 2014
Amid speculation about how to improve their IS, Cecilia goes to each of her friends in search of the perfect bento lunch for Ichika.
The Requirements for a Hero
9. The Requirements for a Hero
December 30, 2013
A sudden raid by 5 anti IS units sends Ichika and the girls into a tailspin. During the fight, Tatenashi falls unconscious.
Open Your Heart
8. Open Your Heart
December 23, 2013
The girls find out who Ichika has picked for the tag tournament, and are not too happy, leaving them to train like they've never trained before.
7. Sisters
December 16, 2013
Ichika has to choose a partner for the next tournament. Naturally, all the girls think she'll be the one to get picked.
The Secret Base
6. The Secret Base
December 8, 2013
Ichika's IS is malfunctioning, so while it's away for repairs Charlotte has agreed to protect him.
Lovely Style
5. Lovely Style
December 1, 2013
Ichika is forced to be the sole judge of a Maiden Battle, where the girls take turns trying to give him the best "service" possible.
The Mysterious Lady
4. The Mysterious Lady
November 25, 2013
The mysterious woman is revealed to be Arachne, and she's after Ichika's IS. A new enemy divulges itself. Will it be too powerful for the girls to handle?
Translucent Chord of Cinderella's Heel
3. Translucent Chord of Cinderella's Heel
November 17, 2013
When a twisted game of Cinderella gets deadly serious Ichika finds himself once again at the whim of 5 beautiful women.
Heart Pain Killer
2. Heart Pain Killer
February 2, 2013
Even though Ichika may be a good fighter the new student council president sees a flaw in him, and she intends to fix it.
The Memory of a Summer
1. The Memory of a Summer
November 3, 2013
Ichika had a prophetic dream involving all of the girls once again fighting an unstoppable foe. Later, Laura and Charlotte go clothes shopping in preparation for their date with which everyone is invited!
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Infinite Stratos is available for streaming on the TBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Infinite Stratos on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 6, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (2,161)