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Infinite Stratos, properly written as IS is an anime inspired by a light novel of the same name. Not far from the present day, a Japanese scientist creates an exoskeletal suit of armor and labels it "Infinite Stratos" or IS. With technological and combative measures well beyond any existing weapon system, IS units look to ruin the world rather than head off into outer space as originally designed. This worry leads to the world's nations establishing a "Alaska Treaty," banning the use of IS for military operations and that all existing IS units be equally distributed among all nations. One odd quirk of the IS, is due to only being piloted by women, the world becomes a matriarchal one with women dominating society.

The series proper begins a decade after the IS weapons system is introduced. A global peace is shattered with Japanese protagonist Ichika Orimura discovering he possesses the capacity to pilot an IS unit. Realizing the favorable situation this puts them in, the Japanese government sends Ichika to attend the international Infinite Stratos Academy. It is here that Ichika begins his high school years surrounded by beautiful girls.

The series is loaded with lots of interesting terminology. The "uchigane" is an IS unit that is strictly for use in training exercises and whose capabilities are the same regardless of the operator. Every IS pilot eventually gains use of a Personal IS whose capabilities and features are as unique as the pilot herself. An IS Core is the personal black box of an IS unit. Mondo Grosso is an IS fighting tournament held every three years, the goal being to break each opponent's Absolute Defense. Absolute Defense is the technical name for a defensive barrier on each IS unit. Its main purpose is to prevent pilot injury. The Impact Cannon, also known as Ryuho, compresses space and fires it as a bullet. Both its barrel and projectile are invisible. An Ignition Boost is a speed burst feature found on most IS units, allowing a temporary surge in speed to catch up with an opponent. Some units can even perform a "Double Ignition Boost." Lastly, the illegal VT System is a piece of technology that allows the pilot to mimic a Mondo Grosso champion's maneuvers.

Infinite Stratos is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on January 6, 2011.

Where do I stream Infinite Stratos online? Infinite Stratos is available for streaming on TBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Infinite Stratos on demand at Hulu, Apple TV online.

Thursday 1:25 PM et/pt on TBS
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
January 6, 2011
Anime, Action & Adventure, Romance
Cast: Josh Grelle, Monica Rial, Brittney Karbowski, Hilary Haag
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Infinite Stratos Full Episode Guide

  • While Ichika battles Madoka's Black Knight IS, Tatenashi engages Squall atop a skyscraper. Meanwghile, Chifuyu and her students become trapped in a monorail containing a time bomb.

  • The IS class goes on a leisurely field trip with the girls vying for Ichika's attention. While leaving, the class is attacked at their various locations by Phantom Task.

  • Amid speculation about how to improve their IS, Cecilia goes to each of her friends in search of the perfect bento lunch for Ichika.

  • A sudden raid by 5 anti IS units sends Ichika and the girls into a tailspin. During the fight, Tatenashi falls unconscious.

  • Ichika has to choose a partner for the next tournament. Naturally, all the girls think she'll be the one to get picked.

  • Ichika's IS is malfunctioning, so while it's away for repairs Charlotte has agreed to protect him.

  • Ichika is forced to be the sole judge of a Maiden Battle, where the girls take turns trying to give him the best "service" possible.

  • The mysterious woman is revealed to be Arachne, and she's after Ichika's IS. A new enemy divulges itself. Will it be too powerful for the girls to handle?

  • When a twisted game of Cinderella gets deadly serious Ichika finds himself once again at the whim of 5 beautiful women.

  • Even though Ichika may be a good fighter the new student council president sees a flaw in him, and she intends to fix it.

  • Ichika had a prophetic dream involving all of the girls once again fighting an unstoppable foe. Later, Laura and Charlotte go clothes shopping in preparation for their date with which everyone is invited!

  • The final battle is at hand! The Gospel IS seems like an unstoppable force, and it will take all the teamwork, trust, and power that the girls can muster to take it down.

  • After the last battle with the Gospel, Houki becomes disillusioned with IS. Ichika remains in critical condition, so it is up to Cecilia, Charlotta, Laura, Rin and Houki to stop the Gospel on their own.

  • Houki's eccentric older sister, and the creater of the Infinite Stratos battle suit, finally makes an appearance, and brings with her a new toy for little sis to play with...her own personal IS!

  • After the events that unfolded in the tag team match, Ichika and Co. deserve a much needed beach trip. Schemes, traps, and frilly swimsuits abound as each of the girls try to find a way to get some one on one time with Ichika.

  • The tournament has begun, and a battle royale between team Ichika/Dunoa and Team Houki/Laura is the main event!

  • The third Generation IS makes it's debut as Laura gets set to battle both Lin and Cecilia at once! With a new IS on the field, anything can happen. The new girl may have some tricks up here sleeve...

  • A new contender enters the ring, as the representative from Germany, Laura Bodewig, makes waves as the new transfer student, immediately calling out Ichika and giving him good smack to the face.

  • Ichika vs. Rin! Right when the match starts to heat up, a mysterious IS decides to crash the party.

  • Ichika vs. Rin! Right when the match starts to heat up, a mysterious IS decides to crash the party.

  • A one on one battle with Cecilia Alcott looms over Ichika, and he doesn't even know anything about the IS! Houki will have to get him into fighting shape.

  • Ichika has a group of admirers on his first day of school. But his big sister's his teacher, and a rival is now gunning for him...could day two be any worse?