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Haganai, also known as Boku Wa Tomodachi Ha Sukunai and I Have No Friends, is a Japanese anime television series. This television show is based upon the novel, which has the same name, and written by the well known novelist Yomi Hirasaka. Haganai falls into the genre(s) of both romantic comedy, as well as harem. This Japanese series was produced by Keisuke Futami, Kentaro Iwasa, Satoshi Tanaka, Takeshi Tanaka, Takeya Kinbara, and Tatsuhiro Nitta, and it was directed by Hisahi Saito.

This anime television series is mainly focused around a young boy by the name of Hasegawa Kodaka. Hasegawa Morals has just started attending a new Catholic highschool called Chronica's Academy. Sadly, Hasegawa Kodaka has always struggled when it came to school.

Even though he has attended several different school's, Hasegawa has never been able to make any true friends. This is because he has very vibrant, natural blonde hair, and extremely fierce eyes. These two traits make the other students at school see him as a Yankee. At Chronica's Academy, the scenario is exactly the same as any other school.

Luckily, all of that changes when Hasegawa Kodaka accidentally runs into a young girl, who's name is Yozora Mikazuki. Yozora Mikazuki also happens to be a tad bit on the socially awkward side just like Hasegawa, and she has an imaginary friend by the name of Tomo.

When Hasegawa runs into Yozora, she is talking to her imaginary friend, and the two of them end up working together. They end up starting a club called the neighbors club. The neighbors club is to help them make new friends and help them all to learn social skills, that make them more acceptable at school. Not long after creating this club, various other students, who are equally considered socially awkward, begin to join.

Haganai is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on October 7, 2011.

Where do I stream Haganai online? Haganai is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Haganai on demand at Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV, Crunchyroll online.

2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
October 7, 2011
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Ryohei Kimura, Marina Inoue, Kanae Itô, Jerry Jewell
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Haganai Full Episode Guide

  • Kodaka's cowardly flight from the club room has left the Neighbors on the brink of collapse. Will he be lured away by the world of normal kids with real lives, or can Rika save the club with the help of her deadly new weapon?! Hold onto your yaoi holes...

  • This week is full of lessons for the Neighbors: There's no such thing as a yaoi hole; little girls can't really be nuns; Kodaka really is that much of a putz.

  • Sena refuses to be seen in Yozora's plagiarized movie, so the Neighbors have to do it over again. High drama! Steamy boy-on-boy action! Meat! A samurai! No, for real this time!

  • Kodaka meets Yusa Aoi, Sena's classmate and perpetual runner-up. Someone has tricked this girl into thinking that Kodaka and Sena are happy and well-balanced individuals -- in a committed relationship! Who is responsible?

  • The Neighbors Club will be presenting a movie for the school festival, and Yozora's writing the script! What can we expect? High drama! Steamy boy-on-boy action! Meat! A samurai? Probably a lot of repressed feelings of isolation and self doubt, too!

  • Kobato's birthday is coming up, and the Neighbors need to get her some presents. Kodaka and Sena find themselves shopping together! Will Sena be able to break down the wall of Kodaka's obliviousness? Do you really have to ask?!

  • The school festival is approaching, and the Neighbors will be taking part! Can our intrepid band of oddballs find a way to attract normal people to their booth? Can they stop Rika from scaring away customers?!

  • Yozora tries her hand at one of Rika's dating sims, and quickly learns that she doesn't like virtual people any better than real people. Then, Kodaka tests out Rika's new time machine!

  • Yozora and Sena face off in a race to conquer the Black Dragon at Yokoshima Wonderland. Who will prevail?! Later, Yukimura's shocking secret is revealed!

  • Maria runs away from home (with her big sister's help) and winds up at Kodaka's place. Later, the Neighbors celebrate the end of finals the only way they know how: awkwardly, with lots of public humiliation!

  • Rika draws from her extensive knowledge of gay erotica to give the Neighbors a crash course on male friendship. Later, Kodaka runs into an oddly familiar-looking lavender-haired nun...

  • As we rejoin the Neighbors, we find that, no, they still don't have any friends. Sena decides to follow Yozora's lead with a stylish new haircut! Kodaka doesn't get much studying done during his visit to the Kashiwazaki manor...

  • On one of those lovely, lazy days, Kodoka suggests the novel idea of a Novel Relay! The plan? Everyone takes turns writing a novel, and Kodoka is the main character! The concept seems cool - but the novel just gets stranger and stranger!

  • At long last, Kodaka realizes that Yozora is really his childhood friend, Sora. Why did she start the Neighbors Club... and where do they go from here?

  • Summer break is coming to an end, and the Neighbors want to ring in the school year with fireworks and yukata at the summer festival! They soon learn a valuable lesson about long hair and open flames.

  • The Neighbors go to Sena's beach house for summer training! The club learns that acting out anime tropes in real life is awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Yozora tells a ghost story that scares everyone away from the bathroom.

  • The pool trip was a bust, but Yozora uses the next club meeting as an opportunity to show off her unique taste in swimwear. Later, Kodaka and Kobato visit Sena's house to pay their respects to her father, the president of the academy. Wackiness ensues.

  • The Neighbors take a break from gaming, moping, and tormenting each other for a group outing to the local pool - but it's half price all month, and the place is packed! How will our merry band of misanthropes, shut-ins, and oddballs deal with the crowd?

  • If Yozora wants to keep the club meetings going through the summer break, she and Kodaka will have to learn how to use their phones for things other than calling home and scoping out karaoke bars...

  • Rika's revolutionary experimental video game console really pulls players into the game! Experience absurd female armor models, copy-paste monster designs, AFK party members, and crippling balance issues like never before!

  • The Neighbors Club gains a few fresh faces: Maria, the 10-year-old faculty advisor; Yukimura, who strives to become a great son of Japan; and Rika, reclusive genius and mecha aficionado.

  • Sena decides that in order to impress Natsumi, she needs to learn how to swim - and Kodaka is the one to teach her. Do you think love can bloom even at the public pool? And, wait - who is Natsumi?!

  • The members of the newly formed Neighbors Club decide to improve their social skills through video games! It works about as well as you would expect.

  • Awkward transfer student Kodaka, hard-bitten loner Yozora, and beautiful, popular ace student Sena share one thing in common: they can't make any friends. Their solution? The Neighbors Club!