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Sebastian Michaelis is a demon of the highest order with almost unlimited power and style. Ciel is the remaining heir to the Phantomhive manor, determined to uncover the truth behind the death of his parents. Drawn to Ciel's side by his cries for vengeance, Sebastian forges a contract with the young Phantomhive heir: obedience and servitude to discover the faces of the murderers in exchange for Ciel's soul. Now bound as Master and Butler, Ciel and Sebastian return Phantomhive manor to it's glory in service to the Crown, drawn to investigate strange happenings, murders, and intrigues at the behest of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria.

Handling the manor are Ciel's ever-faithful employees: Finnian, the youthful gardener with incredible hidden strength; Mey-Rin, the near-sighted maid who keeps a handy arsenal hidden away; Bardroy, the incompetent American cook who can find more than one chemical use for flour; and Tanaka, the steward. It is unclear if anyone in the manor is aware of Sebastian's demonic powers/persona besides Ciel, but that hardly seems to matter. Also stopping by is Ciel's blonde, bouncy, somewhat oblivious cousin by marriage, Elizabeth. Fond of any and all things pink and cute and engaged to Ciel, Lady Elizabeth wants nothing more than to bring a smile to her dearest cousin's face again.

In the city of London, while investigating a string of suspicious deaths, Ciel calls upon Undertaker, an enigmatic figure fond of sleeping in coffins and requesting jokes in exchange for information. Along the way, they also meet the Death Gods in charge of harvesting souls, in particular William, the tedious manager of the Grim Reaper Dispatch, and Grell Sutcliff, the sharp-toothed effeminate Grim Reaper as fond of Sebastian as he is of himself.

Through twists and turns and horror an fantasy, the Phantomhive household fight the good fight for Queen and country, all to re-establish the good name of the Phantomhive household. And in the meanwhile, Sebastian will attend to Ciel's every beck and call with poise and flash and style.

Because, after all, he is one Hell of a Butler.

Black Butler is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 2008.

Where do I stream Black Butler online? Black Butler is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Black Butler on demand at Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Crunchyroll online.

2 Seasons, 43 Episodes
October 3, 2008
Cast: Michael C. Pizzuto, J. Michael Tatum, Brina Palencia, Daisuke Ono
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Black Butler Full Episode Guide

  • As he leads Reaper Association recruits through the process, Will reflects on the past, when he and Grell first teamed up to take the Reaper exam.

  • After freeing a butterfly from a spider's web, Alois Trancy faces difficult questions about himself and his relationship with Claude.

  • As the young master tracks his rabbit-eared butler through Wonderland, he meets an enigmatic caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat.

  • Go behind the scenes and watch the cast of Black Butler discuss the ins and outs of making the show's second season via outtakes and candid footage.

  • As Sebastian leads you on a tour of the Phantomhive estate, you'll witness mysteries unfold and murderous intentions revealed.

  • Strange things are afoot when Sebastian sprouts rabbit ears and vanishes into a hole in the ground, and Ciel decides to follow the butler.

  • Hannah's devious game of deception forces Sebastian and Claude to agree to the unthinkable: a demon vs. demon duel where only one butler can win.

  • While a struggle rages deep within the mortal form of Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian and Claude compete for the affections of their masters.

  • Sebastian must devise a way to reclaim Ciel without violating his Young Master's orders on a perilous mission requiring every ounce of his strength.

  • The appearance of a new grim reaper leads to various mix-ups, and a string of mysterious eye-gougings plagues the streets of London.

  • A series of flashbacks revisits the tragic events of the night Claude and Alois first met. As their story unfolds, a devilish partnership is forged.

  • The "dance of death" is the scheduled entertainment when Sebastian and Ciel attend a private affair at the Trancy estate.

  • When a demonic instrument wreaks havoc at the ball, Sebastian uses his unusual musical talent to set the mood for a party.

  • When Sebastian and Ciel attend a masquerade ball at the Trancy estate, it becomes clear that young master Phantomhive has lost his memory.

  • When a nobleman's son is kidnapped, the Queen orders Sebastian and Ciel to deliver the ransom aboard a train. But it's a very complicated mission.

  • Women all over London are being burned alive, and it's up to Sebastian and Ciel to find the criminal before the town goes up in smoke.

  • Our heroes accompany Lady Elizabeth on a desperate quest to find the legendary white stag, a mysterious creature believed to grant eternal happiness.

  • Devilish butler Claude and his young master Alois must outwit a priest, a viscount and a conniving uncle with an eye on the family fortune.

  • Hoping for some favorable publicity, Ciel arranges a staged production of "Hamlet" for some orphaned children. What he finds instead is a valuable lesson about the futility of revenge.

  • Having regained the services of his Butler, the Young Master issues a chilling order to kill. Sebastian is eager to please, but this task will require a revelation of his true nature.

  • The Young Master arrives in London only to find the city engulfed by flames. After an ominous warning from the undertaker, Ciel attempts to visit the queen, but he's shocked by his treatment at the hands of the palace guards.

  • A series of flashback reveals the secret pasts - and hidden talents - of the Phantomhive staff. While the servants go about their daily duties, the Young Master gives a chess lesson to pretty lady.

  • the Young Master continues his investigation ...

  • An angel abducts Ciel and attempts to rewrite his unhappy memories of the past. The Butler is powerless to assist, but fortunately, the Young Master has an unhealthy attachment to his hatred.

  • The Queen orders young Master Phantomhive to investigate reports of a cult that promises to "purify" its unclean members. The mission is complicated by the appearance of a familiar reaper.

  • When the Young Master is defeated in a supernatural chess match, he must surrender his most prized possession to a ghostly prince. Locating a very old and very specific skull is the key to bringing Sebastian back.

  • The Queen is on hand as the Butler wages culinary warfare against Prince Soma's royal servant. The competition reaches an unprecedented level of ferocity when someone's secret ingredient unleashes the demon god of curry.

  • Prince Soma has been betrayed by his manservant, and the Butler must put his hellish talents to the test in a curry-cooking competition against the blessed right hand of an Indian deity.

  • A postcolonial conflict boils over when an Indian prince visits the Phantomhive estate. Later, the Butler's prowess with a blade is unexpectedly matched by his foreign counterpart.

  • The Master's birthday approaches, but rescuing Elizabeth is of far greater importance than celebrating. A vile puppeteer is terrorizing London, and only the Butler can cut down his army of marionettes.

  • When his betrothed is abducted by a deranged doll maker, the Young Master travels to London to investigate. Little does he know, the search will be complicated by a lovesick reaper who's lost his scythe.

  • Already a man of many talents, the Butler adds ice sculpting to his repertoire in an attempt to acquire a priceless-but-cursed gem for his Young Master.

  • The Butler puts on an exhibition in the art of training demonic canines to shake, roll over, and refrain from terrorizing gloomy villages. Meanwhile, the Gardner gets his first, painful taste of love.

  • At the behest of the Queen, the Young Master and his underlings travel to a dreary land supposedly haunted by a demon dog. This new mission makes the Butler uneasy, but he's always been more of a cat person.

  • Sebastian continues his gruesome battle with the rogue reaper, and the Young Master takes special care to ensure that his beloved aunt is buried in the proper colors.

  • The Butler and his Young Master scour the seedy back alleys of London in search of an infamous butcher. Imagine their surprise upon discovering that the ripper may actually a reaper!

  • The Young Master dons an evening gown to apprehend a monster who's been butchering women of the night, but if his talent for cross-dressing is discovered, the Phantomhive name will be irreversibly sullied.

  • When the Young Master's fiancee drops by for an unannounced visit, the Phantomhive Estate experiences a sickening outbreak of "cuteness." Meanwhile, the Butler has his hands full with a suicidal apprentice.

  • Plans to suppress an uprising of the vermin variety are put on hold when the Young Master is abducted. The Butler is obligated to act decisively in such matters, and no one sets the table better than Sebastian.

  • The Phantomhive estate bustles with preparations for an important meeting between the Young Master and a slithering captain of industry. The maid, the gardener, and the cook are fools, but the Butler is a man of hidden talents.