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The television series entitled Attack on Titan is a series which takes place in an imaginary world that comprises of creatures who are remains of the human population. They live in towns and cities which are bordered by huge walls that help to protect them from all monstrous creatures. These walls are of three types and they include Wall Maria which serves as the outermost wall, Wall Ros

3 Seasons, 41 Episodes
April 7, 2013
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Drama, Fantasy, Japanese Drama
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  • A memory of Eren testing out his Titan powers sheds new light on how his abilities work. As the Female Titan continues to slaughter members of the Scout Regiment, Eren is faced with a difficult decisions: does he trust his teammates or act out on his own?

  • Eren goes head-to-head with the Female Titan in a fight that demolishes the Stohess District inside Wall Sina. As the number of casualties skyrockets and Annie tries to escape over the wall, Erwin must deal with the consequences of his plan.

  • When the identity of the Female Titan is finally revealed, she goes on a rampage within Wall Sina. Eren is hesitant to fight her, but Armin and Mikasa throw themselves into of the battle in a desperate attempt to stop the towering monster.

  • After watching Eren get swallowed by the Female Titan, Mikasa and Levi follow the brutal monster in the hopes that he€™s still alive inside her. As the Scout Regiment tries to recover from the devastating losses of the operation, emotions run high.

  • The Female Titan has been captured, and it€™s Erwin€™s goal to find out who the human is lurking inside it. Meanwhile, the Scouts realize that the reason Levi told no one about their true mission outside the wall is because there is a spy among their ranks.

  • As the Female Titan continues to tear its way through the Scout Regiment, Levi makes a bold decision to split the ranks and send Eren and the supply wagons through a huge forest. Is his strategy genius, or does it spell certain death for the scouts?

  • As the Scout Regiment begins its push toward Shiganshina, they encounter an intelligent Female Titan unlike any they€™ve seen before. When Armin hypothesizes that it€™s really a human that€™s been turned into a Titan, he, Jean, and Reiner attempt to stop it.

  • Everyone is a suspect in the investigation to find out who killed the two test-subject Titans. Meanwhile, the Cadets pick which corps they€™ll be joining, but after the harrowing events in the Trost attack, many are uncertain which branch to choose.

  • The Scout Regiment moves Eren to an old abandoned castle where he will continue his training. Hanzi visits and reveals that she€™s been putting two captured Titans through a series of tests and trials-experiments that she wants Eren€™s help with.

  • A special military tribunal will decide Eren€™s fate. The Military Police calls for his execution while the Scout Regiment argues that he is a powerful resource for humankind, and Mikasa is put on the spot when asked about the events of the Trost mission.

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