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Running from April sixth to June twenty-second, Date A Live is an anime adaption of the manga with the same name and the second season has been announced. It is a sci-fi romance that takes place thirty years in the future, taking place after an event called a "spacequake," which destroyed part of Eurasia and such quakes continue to hit the world on an infrequent basis.

A girl who seems to be an average high school student appears and begins attending school; though she is not what she seems to be. She is a spirit who is responsible for the spacequakes and must be stopped in order to prevent further destruction. The protagonist of the series does have the ability to stop the spacequakes from happening, but this power is rather unconventional and does come at a price.

Date A Live is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (35 episodes). The series first aired on April 6, 2013.

Where do I stream Date A Live online? Date A Live is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Date A Live on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, Tubi TV online.

3 Seasons, 35 Episodes
April 6, 2013
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Josh Grelle, Bryn Apprill, Michelle Rojas, Michelle Lee
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Date A Live Full Episode Guide

  • All the sealed Spirit power is making Shido go wild, but the only cure is to kiss him again. Can all the girls entice Shido to fall for them before it's too late?

  • Shido wakes up and finds that the world around him is different. His attempt to thwart disaster may have succeeded, but for how long will it last?

  • On a mission to avert disaster, Shido attempts to rewrite history. Can he stop Origami's crazed rampage or are her parents doomed to die?

  • Origami is on a mission to avenge her parents, but when she finally discovers the truth, it turns out to be much harsher than she bargained for.

  • Origami makes an unexpected decision that shakes things up. While Shido runs off to investigate, a spatial quake alarm lands the others in a special kind of trouble.

  • The Humpty Dumpty satellite has a great fall towards Tengu City. Will Natsumi realize her own self-worth before the city is reduced to rubble?

  • Natsumi uses her powers to turn the girls into children. But their plan to convince Natsumi that her true form is cute turns out to be no child's play at all.

  • Shido is losing his head and losing friends faster with each passing day of Natsumi's game. But when it's all over, he may have a little problem on his hands.

  • While the witch impersonates one of his friends, Shido is forced into a game where he must identify Natsumi before it's too late and they all disappear.

  • Shido has to find a way to deal Tohka's inverted form as the battle outside continues. Will he be able to restore order to the city?

  • Shido learns more about Miku's past, and they go to rescue Tohka together as Mana, Origami, and the others fight the Wizards.

  • With Kurumi's help, Shido tries to convince Miku to join him in rescuing Tohka, and Miku has second thoughts about her stance on Shido.

  • When the results of the first day of the Tenou Festival are announced, Miku decides she doesn't want to play by the rules anymore.

  • The Tenou Festival begins, and Shido has to cross-dress to participate in the activities as Shiori to satisfy Miku.

  • Shido meets Miku Izayoi, an idol also known as the Spirit, Diva, while getting ready for the joint cultural festival with other schools in Tengu City.

  • In the air, the Fraxinus is under attack while Kotori is away, and Shido and Tohka are being attacked on the ground while Kaguya and Yuzuru fight their last duel.

  • The tables are turned as Kaguya and Yuzuru try to make Shido fall in love with them.

  • Shido's class goes on a trip to DEM-affiliated Arubi Island, where he and Tohka get separated from the class and encounter twin Spirts.

  • Shido and the Spirits are back, but Tohka's powers are unstable as she and Origami continue to compete for Shido's attention.