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  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 7.0  (607)

Kamigami no Asobi is a fantasy romance anime series that revolves around Yui Kusanagi, a high school girl with a special gift of seeing spirits. One day, she is taken to a mysterious academy called the Garden of the Gods, where she is recruited to teach the gods about love and human emotions.

The academy was created by the god Zeus as a means to strengthen the bonds between the gods and humans. Yui, along with eight male gods, is tasked with completing assignments that involve interaction with humans to gain a better understanding of love.

Each god represents a different mythology, such as the Greek god Apollo, the Japanese god of Thunder Thor, and the Egyptian god Anubis. As they go through their assignments, Yui and the gods learn important life lessons and develop their relationships with one another.

The main character, Yui Kusanagi, is a kind-hearted and caring young girl who is dedicated to helping the gods learn about love. She also has a strong sense of justice, and always tries to help those in need. Despite being a mortal, Yui quickly becomes an important figure in the academy, and is even able to change the hearts of some of the more stubborn gods.

The male gods are all unique and distinct from one another, with their own personalities and quirks. Some of them are more serious, while others are laid-back and carefree. However, all of them are initially resistant to the idea of learning about human emotions, as they believe themselves to be superior to mortals.

As the series progresses and Yui helps them with their assignments, the gods begin to open up and develop new perspectives. They also start to develop romantic feelings for Yui, which leads to some dramatic and emotional moments.

The animation in Kamigami no Asobi is stunning and visually appealing, with vibrant colors and detailed character designs. The soundtrack is also fantastic, with a mix of upbeat and emotional tracks that perfectly capture the mood of each scene.

Overall, Kamigami no Asobi is a heartwarming and entertaining anime that combines elements of fantasy, romance, and mythology into an engaging story. With lovable characters, beautiful animation, and a compelling plot, it is sure to captivate audiences of all ages.

Kamigami no Asobi is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on May 6, 2014.

Kamigami no Asobi
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E 12
12. E 12
June 21, 2014
Balder throws himself into the sea to save the world. Loki pursues the sinking Balder when a blindingly bright column of light appears. The surroudning area is covered in a strange darkness.
E 11
11. E 11
June 14, 2014
Balder suddenly collapses after the play ends. A concerned Apollon and Yui go to check on him and overhear a conversation between Norse gods Loki and Thor. "I will kill Balder."
E 10
10. E 10
June 7, 2014
Yui and her friends put on a version of Cinderella, which turns out nothing like the original thanks to two mischievous gods.
E 9
9. E 9
May 31, 2014
Six months have passed since the academy opened. Yui is shocked when Thoth announces midterm exams will be held. However, the gods who have deepened their friendships over six months are optimistic and decide to study together.
The Solitude of Light
8. The Solitude of Light
May 24, 2014
During the Christmas market, Balder and Loki face off before Yui. Loki tells a bewildered and concerned Yui to stay away from Balder, and at this rate, they'll both get hurt. Surprised, Yui tries to question Loki, but Balder resents Loki for his interference and uses his divine powers--?!
Promise of the Frozen Wastes
7. Promise of the Frozen Wastes
May 17, 2014
The season suddenly changes from autumn to winter. The students decide to hold a Christmas market with booths presented by the countries of the gods' mythologies. While the other gods are excited for the event, Norse god of light Balder is disappointed to work on a separate booth from Yui.
The Moonlight's Feelings
6. The Moonlight's Feelings
May 10, 2014
One autumn day, Yui and the gods plan a moon viewing. Japanese god of the moon Tsukito agrees to prepare for the event, but collapses from overwork on the day of the event. As Tsukito ignores the words of his concerned brother, Thoth tells him he cannot graduate like this.
The Unforgivable Heart
5. The Unforgivable Heart
May 3, 2014
While the other gods begin participating in clubs, only Takeru, god of the sea, stubbornly refuses to join one. A concerned Yui unsuccessfully attempts to persuade him to join a club. One day, Yui comes across Takeru practicing with swords. When Takeru learns Yui has been practicing swordplay for years, he agrees to join a club if she beats him in a sword fight--?!
The Curse of Hades
4. The Curse of Hades
April 26, 2014
The gods begin club activities to learn more about the human heart. While the other gods choose various clubs, god of the underworld Hades does not participate. Yui grow worried over Hades' refusal to associate with others. One night Yui goes stargazing with Hades, but it suddenly begins raining.
Sea Breeze Conflict
3. Sea Breeze Conflict
April 19, 2014
The gods begin their school life at Zeus' orders. Yui suggests holding a seaside school to encourage the gods ignoring Zeus' orders and skipping class to begin attending classes. The day of the seaside school, with the help of Apollon, Tsukito, and Baldr, Hades, Takeru and even Loki show up. Everyone is excited when they arrive at the beach. Just when the gods change into their swim trunks to go swimming--?!
Beautiful Shackles
2. Beautiful Shackles
April 12, 2014
Summoned to the garden, through the guidance of a young man named Apollon Yui discovers she is trapped inside the academy. Yui is surprised and stunned when the garden's creator Zeus appears.
The Forbidden Academy
1. The Forbidden Academy
May 6, 2014
Yui is swept away by a magic sword to an unknown yet beautiful world she finds herself in the company of gods with a sacred order bestowed upon her from Zeus himself: strengthen the bonds between man and their deities.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 6, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (607)