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This anime series concerns the strange connection between two high school students, one of them the new boy in school, the other a mysterious girl who wields a pair of scissors with remarkable agility. The bond between the pair is inexplicable and supernatural, and it leads to all kinds of strange situations. The series aired in 2012.

Mysterious Girlfriend X is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on May 11, 2012.

Where do I stream Mysterious Girlfriend X online? Mysterious Girlfriend X is available for streaming on Anime Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mysterious Girlfriend X on demand at Apple TV online.

Anime Network
1 Season, 15 Episodes
May 11, 2012
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Miyu Irino
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Mysterious Girlfriend X Full Episode Guide

  • After enjoying a nice chat with Tsubaki's sister, Yoko, Urabe learns more about her mysterious boyfriend family.

  • Tsubaki can't forget seeing Ueno naked; every time he sees her he wants to hug her. A hug without permission causes Ueno to unleash her panty scissors, but this time she made a mistake.

  • Tsubaki is pretending to be Hayakawa's boyfriend at her school, also at the festival is Ueno and Oka.

  • While buying a new Imai Momka special, Tsubaki runs into his old flame again. After some small talk, she asks him if he has a girlfriend and the answer isn't immediate...

  • After Oka changes Urabe hairstyle, Urabe's popularity skyrockets. The girls call her cute and the boys take hidden pictures of her. This infuriates Tsubaki, will his new possessive nature drive Urabe away or will she surprise him.

  • Tsubaki is haunted by a vivid dream while awake. When he finally gets a chance to act out the dream, he takes it too far. Has he permanently damaged his relationship with Urabe?

  • The school sports meet is coming up and Tsubaki is ill and he won't be able to cheer on Urabe. With a risqu idea from Oka, Urabe visits Tsubaki's house to help him feel better.

  • After having a conversation with Oka about first names, Tsubaki wants to call Urabe by hers. While waiting for Urabe, the girl from the picture he once carried in his wallet stops him to talk, and surprises him with a question.

  • Tsuabki has finally worked up the courage to ask Urabe out on a date. But when he tries to bring it up, she speeds off. Will his dream of seeing her in a bikini come true or will it just stay a dream.

  • Out of the blue, Oka has taken an interest in Urabe. When she asks Urabe to be her friend, Urabe tells her she doesn't need friends. But that feeling might change once the two girls share a drink.

  • Akira and Mikoto find themselves tested by Ogata, who asks Mikoto to be his girlfriend.

  • Ueno and Oka were caught kissing by Tsubaki, Ueno begs to him to keep quiet. Now all of Tsubaki's thoughts are about kissing Urabe. Can he get that out his system, before he loses her to Ogata, who just asked her out?!

  • Tsubaki is going through a struggle. His friend Ueno lets him know what boyfriend and girlfriend do.

  • Tsubaki and Mikoto have been going out for a month. Tsubaki is confused about his role of boyfriend and looks to his friends for help. Can their relationship continue beyond drool?

  • The new transfer student, Urabe Mikoto, is a complete mystery. Tsubaki Akira doesn't know what to make of her, until he gets a taste of the REAL Urabe, and suddenly cant stop thinking of her.