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  • TV-MA
  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 6.6  (706)

Dragonar Academy is an action-packed, fantasy anime series that follows the story of Ash Blake, a first-year student at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy, where young dragon riders are trained to become powerful warriors. Ash has a secret that he keeps hidden from everyone, including his friends - he is the only person in the world who can ride and control the legendary dragon, the Holy Dragon, which has been seen as a symbol of hope and peace for centuries. However, the Holy Dragon is also known for its destructive power and has caused fear and chaos throughout history.

As Ash begins his training at the academy, he encounters different challenges and obstacles, including the other dragon riders who envy his unique ability and the mysterious girl who seems to have a connection to the Holy Dragon. Along with his dragon, Eco, who has an unusual form for a dragon, Ash must battle various enemies and protect his friends and loved ones from harm.

The show is filled with exciting action sequences, as well as comedic moments between the characters. The animation is well-done, with beautifully designed dragons and landscapes. There is also a hint of romance as Ash develops feelings for one of his classmates, Silvia Lautreamont, who is also a dragon rider and the heir to the Lautreamont family, one of the most powerful families in the kingdom.

The voice acting is top-notch, with Kouji Takahashi doing an excellent job as Ash, bringing out the character's determination and bravery. Ayane Sakura plays Eco, Ash's dragon, and adds a touch of cuteness and humor to the series. Aaron Dismuke plays Raymond, one of Ash's close friends, and his performance is equally impressive.

Aside from the main plot, Dragonar Academy also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and prejudice. Ash and his friends must learn to work together and trust each other, despite their differences and backgrounds. The show also touches on the discrimination that exists between dragon riders and non-riders, which mirrors real-life societal issues.

In conclusion, Dragonar Academy is a must-watch for fans of action, fantasy, and romance. The characters are likable and well-developed, and the story keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. The show manages to balance humor and drama in a way that never feels forced or contrived. Overall, it is a fun and entertaining series that is worth checking out.

Dragonar Academy is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on April 5, 2014.

Dragonar Academy
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The Star-Branded Dragonar
12. The Star-Branded Dragonar
June 21, 2014
The ball is interrupted when Eco adopts her dragon form. Mordred reveals himself, and tries to possess Eco's dragon body. Can the others stop him?
Yggdrasil Rising
11. Yggdrasil Rising
June 14, 2014
At the masquerade ball, Silvia pursues her hunch about Milgauss's true identity. Eco faces a hard truth that inadvertently gets her into hot water.
Assembly in Fontaine
10. Assembly in Fontaine
June 7, 2014
Silvia, Ash, and Eco arrive in Fontaine for the Continental Congress and meet the Paladin. Meanwhile, Milgauss begins putting his plans into action.
Dragon Dance
9. Dragon Dance
May 31, 2014
The end of training camp coincides with a devastating attack that puts the Dragonars on their toes. There may be more to Milgauss than meets the eye.
Moonlit Roar
8. Moonlit Roar
May 24, 2014
A group of promising Dragonars attends training camp, where, despite the danger, Ash persists in trying to get answers from Lucca's reticent parr.
Lucca Saarinen
7. Lucca Saarinen
May 17, 2014
As training camp nears, eccentric Dragonar prodigy Lucca Saarinen is having parr trouble. Can they figure out what's wrong before it turns deadly?
Blue Brionac
6. Blue Brionac
May 10, 2014
A tense hostage situation at St. Valeria Church puts Ash and friends to the test. It all comes down to the Silver Knight and the Ice Blue Princess!
Ice Blue Princess
5. Ice Blue Princess
May 3, 2014
Princess Veronica's visit has Silvia trying to prove her Dragonar mettle, but it may also have drawn unwanted attention from an undercover assassin.
Iron Blood Valkyrie
4. Iron Blood Valkyrie
April 26, 2014
The infamous Iron Blood Valkyrie pays a visit in the wake of the Necromancia attack, striking fear into the heart of... Princess Silvia?
Riot in the Streets
3. Riot in the Streets
April 19, 2014
A dangerous rogue dragon runs amok in the town of Ansullivan. Which young dragonar will step up to face it, and can the mighty creature be defeated?
Ties That Bind: the Astral Flow
2. Ties That Bind: the Astral Flow
April 12, 2014
As Ash and his parr get to know each other better, he discovers he's not the only one with a keen interest in learning what makes her tick.
A Boy and His Dragon
1. A Boy and His Dragon
April 5, 2014
Ash Blake, "number-one problem child" at Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, is worried that he's still without his very own partner dragon, or "parr". When the time comes, will his parr be everything he expected--or nothing like he'd ever imagined?
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Dragonar Academy is available for streaming on the FUNimation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dragonar Academy on demand at Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    April 5, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (706)