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This story of No-Rin is about a famous popstar named Yuka Kusakabe, who has just announced that she is planning to retire from the entertainment industry. This news sends a huge shock to the entire world as well as all of her fans, but noone is as devastated as Yuka's longtime teenager fan and admirer, Kosaku Hata.

Ever since Yuka announced her retirement to the public, Kosaku's friends at Tamo High School attempt to get him out of his depression by forcing him to attend his classes. One day, a transfer student by the name of Ringo Kinoshita arrives in Kosaku's class. Ringo has a surprising secret. Her real name is Yuka Kusakabe.

As soon as Kosaku finds out about this, he realizes that this is his only chance to get to know his idol's personality with the help of his friends. Did Yuka come to this school to escape the limelight of fame, or is she looking for something more than a friend?

Saturdays at 01:00 am on FUNimation
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 10, 2014
Cast: Ben Ambroso, Tia Lynn Ballard, Clifford Chapin, Eric Cherry
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No-Rin Full Episode Guide

  • The Aioi Village Mixer starts off on the right foot, but when the event's grand finale rolls around, will Kousaku and Minori hold up their end of the bargain?

  • Minori brings Kousaku and Ringo back to the countryside where she and Kousaku grew up, but she has more than a simple visit on her mind.

  • Rei stakes his agricultural future on his organic, pesticide free veggies in a showdown against a farming megacorporation.

  • Kousaku's class experiences what he claims is a typical school day, despite Ms. Becky's best efforts to make her teaching style anything but normal.

  • The students cope (twice) with too much of a good thing, and a secret is revealed that could have dire consequences for Kousaku and Ringo.

  • An unexpected shortage of miso results in a series of bizarre encounters with some of the more unusual members of the school's student body.

  • When one of the school's fields is trashed by a wild monkey, the students have to agree on the best counterattack--but some of their ideas seem a little questionable.

  • Minori tries to embarrass Ringo in a series of farming challenges in order to send her packing back to Tokyo.

  • Kousaku tries to introduce Ringo (former popstar Yukatan) to his school and to farming. However, everything comes to a standstill when a debate starts about the value of panties...

  • Kousaku dreams of being with the pop star Yukatan. His friends don't comprehend his obsession. Kousaku is sad when he learns that Yukatan is retiring from singing. However things turn around when a new girl who looks like Yukatan has enrolled at his school.

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