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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! is a story about a mysterious creature who appears out of nowhere in En and Atsushi's bathtub. This animal asks both Atsushi and En to protect the planet from evil. As soon as this animal makes his plead, a young man named Yumoto notices this anime and calls him a wombat.

Both Atsushi and En refuses this animal's wish, until this wombat pursues them by chasing them around their school.

However, En, Atsusho and Yumoto find themselves in the Earth Defense Club room where they meet two classmates named Io and Ryu.

The wombat arranged the five of them to meet and gives them a "Lovracelet" which allows them to transform into Battle Lovers.

Tuesday 10:40 AM et/pt on FUNimation
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 6, 2015
Cast: Toshiki Masuda, Mugihito, Koutarou Nishiyama, Yûsuke Shirai
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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Full Episode Guide

  • It's the final battle, and the boys finally find out the truth about their abilities. What new heights will they achieve as they fight the last boss?!

  • It's time for the Binan High School Festival, and the boys are making curry. But will a showdown with the conquest club expose their secret?!

  • The normally cheerful Yumoto is acting strangely. His classmate, the manager of the baseball club, takes his temperature and reveals that he has a slight fever. The members of the Defense Club take him home to the Kurotama Bath, getting an eyeful of extreme brotherly love as Gora devotedly looks after his sick brother.

  • Our Total Conquest of Earth's Lifeforms Project has reached a serious problem.

  • As usual, Kinugawa and Yufuin are walking to Binan High School together as friends. But after a stop at the convenience store, Yufuin suddenly gets angry at Kinugawa and yells at him. A rift forms between the two, and soon a panic develops over them potentially leaving the Defense Club. Yumoto works blindly to try to get the two to make up, but Naruko and Zaou rebuke him for it. Will Yufuin and Kinugawa ever make up?!

  • The boys are at the beach, but where are all the girls? And who used Naruko's toothbrush? Can they solve the mysteries of the training camp?!

  • The Defense Club must get above average on all their finals, or else they will be disbanded. And the student council wants Naruko to be their treasurer?!

  • The boys are hounded by a pesky reporter from the journalism club who is after their secret. Can they shake him off their trail and save the school?!

  • Elegant music plays in the background as the Binan High student council convenes. The council members: president Kusatsu Kinshiro, Arima Ibushi, and Gero Akoya wish to purge the world of fools by way of the Total Conquest of Earth's Lifeforms Project.

  • A pink wombat comes and turns the boys of the Earth Defense Club at Binan High into Battle Lovers! Their first fight is against a chikuwabu?!

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