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  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 7.5  (398)

SKET Dance is a beloved anime series that aired on TV Tokyo between the years 2011-2013. The show has an engaging plot, beautifully crafted animation, and a fantastic cast of voice actors such as Hiroyuki Yoshino, Tomokazu Sugita, Manami Numakura, Rie Kugimiya, and Ryoko Shiraishi.

The show follows the exploits of the titular club, the SKET Dan, a group of high school students who specialize in solving various problems around their school. The members of the club include, Bossun (Hiroyuki Yoshino), who is the leader of the club, Himeko (Ryoko Shiraishi), the brawn of the group, and Switch (Tomokazu Sugita), the brains behind their many cases.

The trio is joined by other characters like Saaya (Manami Numakura), a popular girl, and Kikuno (Rie Kugimiya), a member of the school's disciplinary committee. Together, the group forms a close-knit team that takes on the responsibilities of helping others in their school community.

The show is full of humor, action, and heartwarming moments that make it a standout in the world of anime. The show cleverly combines different genres, including comedy, mystery, and drama, to create a well-rounded and engaging show.

One of the most significant aspects of SKET Dance is the compelling character development that takes place over the course of the series. Each character has their backstory, and the show does an excellent job of exploring their motivations and personalities. As the group takes on more challenging cases, they also grow and mature as individuals.

Another highlight of the show is the animation, which is consistently fantastic throughout the series. From the characters' designs to the richly detailed backgrounds, every aspect of the animation is beautifully crafted. The show's artists pay close attention to detail, which creates a fully realized world and brings the characters to life.

SKET Dance is also known for its excellent soundtrack, which features a mix of upbeat and emotive songs that perfectly capture the mood of each scene. The opening and ending themes are also catchy and memorable, helping to set the tone for each episode.

In terms of the overall plot of the show, SKET Dance is the perfect blend of episodic stories and long-form arcs. While each episode follows a self-contained story, there are also underlying plotlines that run through the series. These subplots add depth to the overall story and keep the audience invested in the characters' journeys.

In conclusion, SKET Dance is a must-watch for any anime fan. The show has everything you could want from an anime - well-developed characters, stunning animation, a fantastic soundtrack, and engaging plotlines. The series' blend of different genres and ability to balance humor with heart makes it stand out from other shows. With its great cast of characters, SKET Dance will have you laughing, crying, and rooting for the SKET Dan until the very end.

SKET Dance is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (77 episodes). The series first aired on April 7, 2011.

SKET Dance
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E 77
77. E 77
September 27, 2012
In this final episode, the Sket-dan does what it does best... help the students of Kaimei Academy! But there's also time for potential romance, as Saaya sets her mind on declaring her true feelings...
E 76
76. E 76
September 20, 2012
Katou Kiri has become Tsubaki's loyal retainer, but will the young ninja learn to work together with his other Student Council colleagues in order to build a better academy? Then, the Sket-dan teams up with the Student Council to cure Usami of her hatred for all men... and it involves more than one kind of cross-dressing...
E 75
75. E 75
September 13, 2012
When a bullying teacher from Katou Kiri's past comes to Kaimei Academy, he harasses the Sket-dan. But will the bully's actions push Student Council member/trained ninja Katou over the edge?
E 74
74. E 74
September 6, 2012
Bossun, Himeko, and Tsubaki get a huge surprise when they visit Mimorin's house. Then, the old ramen guy from episode 29 is back for revenge! This time, his Food Fight uses Western-style food and Bossun feels obliged to participate!
E 73
73. E 73
August 30, 2012
A Peeping Tom is the latest miscreant to plague the students of Kaimei Academy. After that business is resolved, it's Roman and Bossun versus the president and vice president of the Boys' Manga Club in a manga artist free-for-all!
E 72
72. E 72
August 23, 2012
Kagerou, a ninja-like purse and wallet-snatching thief, plagues the students of Kaimei Academy. Can the Sket-dan stop him or will it take a ninja to catch a ninja? Over at the Student Council, President Tsubaki is trying to get used to his position, a task made harder when it appears the new treasurer is off her rocker.
E 71
71. E 71
August 16, 2012
First, a Sket fractured fairy tail pits crab (Himeko) versus devious monkey (Switch), with Bossun thrown in as a piece of crap. Meanwhile, in continuity, when Date becomes an enka singer overnight, can the Sket-dan bring him back to his normal visual-kei self?!
E 70
70. E 70
August 9, 2012
Tsubaki is going to be the new Student Council president, but will his campus crackdown lead to rebellion before he even takes up the post? Then, Agata is made to jump through hoops in order to get his kidnapped sister back on his last day as Student Council president!
E 69
69. E 69
August 2, 2012
Bossun tries to answer when nature calls, but it seems the world is bent on keeping him away from a toilet. Then, Tsubaki comes to the Sket-dan for help on yet another art project, this time a Student Council recruitment manga!
E 68
68. E 68
July 26, 2012
When Suzu notices how Onee-san and her father are very close, she asks the Sket Dan to help her and Onee-san use the love potion on her father. However the drug has very specific instructions to work. With Bossun's plan of how to administer the drug, can Suzu and Onee-san pull it off?!
E 67
67. E 67
July 19, 2012
Tsubaki's hobby is making original T-shirt designs, but when his fellow Student Council members proclaim them "lame", he goes to his twin brother Bossun for a shot of creative advice. Then, Bossun's love for a robot anime leads him to an otaku meet-up. Will he be able to fit in?
E 66
66. E 66
July 12, 2012
When Switch brings out an invention that can read the minds of animals, he and the other members quickly find out that it can also read human minds! Then, Himeko has been recruited by Momoka to go on a TV show, where she has to battle a professional comedian in a war of zingers!
E 65
65. E 65
July 5, 2012
Agata is normally protective of his younger sister, but his genius IQ goes out the window when he becomes convinced that Saaya and Tsubaki are in love with each other!
E 64
64. E 64
June 28, 2012
In the conclusion of the mind-switching school trip arc, will Saaya get answers at last about Bossun and Himeko? Will Bossun and Himeko get their own minds back? And in a bonus story, Bossun and company are recast as loser adventurers in the fantasy game world of... Quest Dance!
E 63
63. E 63
June 21, 2012
Bossun and Himeko's personalities are still switched on the school ski trip, so imagine the complications when it's time to change clothes or take a bath! And complicating matters is Saaya, who has a crush on Bossun but doesn't know that he's effectively Himeko right now!
E 62
62. E 62
June 14, 2012
The students of Kaimei High are going on a class trip, but first, they have to participate in a rope skipping competition to see which class gets the best rooms. Saaya doesn't have an athletic bone in her body, so is worried she's going to doom her class to the worst rooms of all, until the Sket-dan tries teaching her how to skip! Then, the students are on their way, but in the back of one bus, Chuu-sensei is playing mad scientist again, and this time his victims are Bossun, Himeko, and Tsubaki!
E 61
61. E 61
June 7, 2012
Fumi-chan is a great artist, but what will happen when she tries to emulate Roman's style of manga?! And speaking of emulate, when Tsubaki temporarily loses his vision, the Sket-dan plays a prank on him by pretending to be the other members of Student Council... but then they're stuck in the situation!
E 60
60. E 60
May 31, 2012
Himeko becomes the new Pelocan campaign girl for a TV commercial, but her sudden stage fright threatens to derail the whole thing! Then, when the Sket-dan is unprepared for the following day's practice exams, they go to Himeko's house to study. Featuring Himeko's mom, the Legendary Oniyome!
E 59
59. E 59
May 24, 2012
When Daisey runs afoul of the leader of a group of delinquents who threatens to trash Kaimei High unless she becomes his woman, Tsubaki takes it upon himself to avenge her honor and set things to rights!
E 58
58. E 58
May 17, 2012
It's Mad Scientist Week as another faux-cola potion turns Bossun invisible and then later, Bossun puts on an artificially intelligent "power suit" created by Switch... But the suit soon develops a will of its own!
E 57
57. E 57
May 10, 2012
Bossun has a new e-mail friend, as does Himeko... In fact, they both start to fall for their respective pseudonymous pal, unaware of the person's true identity!
E 56
56. E 56
May 3, 2012
When Switch's laptop is on the fritz, he's left speechless. Can Switch finagle a backstage pass to Momoka's concert and be his usually suave self when he's only got a sketchbook to work with?
E 55
55. E 55
April 26, 2012
After Bossun drinks another one of Chuu-sensei's concoctions, his feelings and expressions become mismatched! And then, Bossun becomes an origami master, but can he overcome nervous jitters to win a major contest?
E 54
54. E 54
April 19, 2012
When Yuuki falls under the influence of a seemingly scamming celebrity psychic, it's the Sket-dan to the rescue! But to take down the fraudulent fortune teller, they'll have to head to her home turf, at a seminar in front of hundreds of true believers!
E 53
53. E 53
April 12, 2012
The Sket-dan try to help Koma-chan, a huge girl with a tiny voice. Koma-chan wants to find love, but every time she gets nervous, her near-superhuman strength is unleashed, as Bossun learns firsthand!
E 52
52. E 52
April 5, 2012
The Sket-dan meets Saaya, a first-year student who's got tsundere troubles. She wants the Sket-dan to help her stop being so snotty around boys and Bossun becomes the test subject! Then, it's a real hoot as the Sket-dan and Saaya try raising an owl in the clubroom!
E 51
51. E 51
March 29, 2012
First, Bossun and Tsubaki partner up for the first time to work on a project, but together, this brother duo is highly combustible! Later on, Tsubaki meets Bossun's family and has the chance to see his real parents for the first time... but does he want to?
E 50
50. E 50
March 22, 2012
After a bit of horsing around, Himeko accidentally breaks Bossun's fingers and wrist. To pay him back Bossun makes Himeko sign a contract making her his servant! But having Himeko as a maid isn't all it's cracked up to be. Meanwhile, Jin is back trying to woo Himeko, but when he comes to observe the Sket-dan's activities, all he can see is a loving, bickering couple!
E 49
49. E 49
March 15, 2012
Countries from around the world gather together once every four years to celebrate the most ancient of traditions, the pinnacle of sports! Testing their own passion and training against the best the world has to offer, the Sket-dan goes forth, with the pride of their country on the line! Will the goddess of victory shine down on our heroes? Will they be able to claim that yes, they are the winners of the Genesis World Grand Prix?!
E 48
48. E 48
March 8, 2012
It's the Kaimei School Festival, and Bossun's class is doing a maid cafe. Everybody's parents show up, and Bossun is approached by a man who claims to be the doctor who delivered him. He has finally decided to tell Bossun the truth of what happened that day, which he has kept secret for 17 years...
E 47
47. E 47
March 1, 2012
On Bossun's 15th birthday, he finds out the truth about his parents. Unable to cope with the tragedy, he lashes out, only to meet the child his father once saved when he was a kid, all grown up, who gives him a letter...
E 46
46. E 46
February 24, 2012
One day, Bossun discovers a box of video tapes in his mother's room. The videos show his young mother, a pretty woman named Haru, and a man who looks just like him...
E 45
45. E 45
February 16, 2012
J-son-sensei has another meeting with a prospective marriage partner, but this time the Sket-dan has a plan! Meanwhile, Onee-san is also asked out on a date! Everything goes completely smoothly with no mistakes or mishaps at all this week on Sket Dance!
E 44
44. E 44
February 9, 2012
Captain comes to the Sket-dan with another request: Search for a can of candy drops that was thrown into the bushes. The Sket-dan does everything they can to help her find it, but what's so important about some can of candy, anyway?
E 43
43. E 43
February 2, 2012
Himeko saves a first-year student, Jin, from some punks, and he falls head over heels for her. In order to get him to stop hounding her, Himeko tells Jin that she's already got a boyfriend... Bossun! Now all she has to do is prove it to him...
E 42
42. E 42
January 26, 2012
Momoka is the lead actress of a stage play, but she's having trouble with the bland script. Can the Sket-dan teach her how to spice it up?! And then another Sket friend has a success story: Roman, who's just made her manga debut! She shows her story to the Sket members, but will Himeko be able to keep from trashing it?!
E 41
41. E 41
January 19, 2012
Enigman and Quettion are back, and their next victims are the Student Council! With the super-genius Agata stuck in a staff meeting, can the other
E 40
40. E 40
January 12, 2012
Kids are getting shaken down around school, and there's only one group to call! The Sket-dan! The Student Council! Wait, both?! Can Bossun and Tsubaki stop hating each other's guts for long enough to catch the bad guy?
E 39
39. E 39
January 5, 2012
Yamanobe-sensei is back, and this time he's brought a vintage game console for Switch to repair. The Sket-dan ends up getting hooked on the one game he owns for it, but something smells fishy about it...
E 38
38. E 38
December 22, 2011
The Sket-dan is roped into helping with Onee-san's ex-kid's show's stage performance, but they never would have thought it'd turn into a race against time to bring smiles to children's faces and prevent severe bodily harm to themselves!
E 37
37. E 37
December 15, 2011
Hime goes to a high school far away to escape her violent past, but the rumors of "Onihime" have spread like wildfire. When a newfound friend gets into trouble with small-time Yakuza hoods, will Hime step in at the risk of exposing her old identity? Also: the secret origin of Sket Dance!
E 36
36. E 36
December 8, 2011
Himeko breaks her Cyclone while helping a client who was being shaken down for cash from a bully... But when buying a new field hockey stick, she's reminded of what happened in her past...
E 35
35. E 35
December 1, 2011
The Sket-dan is challenged to a battle of wits by Enigman, the masked President of the Quiz Club (and his lovely assistant Quettion). Later, a drop-dead gorgeous second year comes to the Sket-dan to ask for advice... about love? Can the Sket-dan unravel the enigma of love?
E 34
34. E 34
November 24, 2011
Roman's got a new club member, and she's gotta show her the basics of shoujo manga! So she decides to draw her own "how to draw manga" guide, with hilarious results! Next, Onee-san is back and clumsier than ever! Is there anything she's actually good at?
E 33
33. E 33
November 17, 2011
The Sket-dan is getting filmed for an in-depth story by the AV Club, and their task is to unravel the mystery of the Glass Man, a case of serial window breakings around school. As the Sket-dan narrows down the suspects, the culprit becomes clear, but could this case be a little bit too easy?
E 32
32. E 32
November 10, 2011
he ninja squad Thief-dan is sent on a mission to go rescue Chuu-san's captured daughter! Then Rocket Dance blasts off into outerspace! Is there anywhere the Sket-dan can't go?!
E 31
31. E 31
November 3, 2011
Shinzou asks the Sket-dan for help with a makeover to make a good impression when he meets Megumi-dono, a friend he made online, in person. But is Shinzou in modern clothes even Shinzou anymore? Can Shinzou somehow rectify his samurai beliefs with modern garb? Later, Himeko tries a new workout video, but it doesn't "work out"...
E 30
30. E 30
October 27, 2011
The Sket-dan gets obsessed with collection a full set of "Super Slim-Figured Slenders" gatcha figures... Next, Momoka's seems to have fame and moe get to her head. Can her friends get back the real Momoka?
E 29
29. E 29
October 20, 2011
Dante is back, and this time he's missing something from his pencil... But could he have a crush on someone? Plus, Bossun and the gang discover another of Captain's amazing talents, and try and put it to good use, but...
E 28
28. E 28
October 13, 2011
The Student Council steals the spotlight in this episode! When the Broadcasting Club begins a weekly televised talk show, their first guest is charismatic Student Council member Shinba Michiru. The idea is for him to lead a cooking segment, but the show becomes chaotic due to Shinba's less-than-helpful assistants, the manipulative Agata and moody Daisey.
E 27
27. E 27
October 6, 2011
The Sket-dan get a new assistant homeroom teacher (who wants everyone to call her, Onee-san), but she's a klutz and is upset she can't be a good role model for the students, so the Sket-dan ask Chuu-san to help with some of his strange drugs. Later, Switch goes through some old inventions of his that didn't work out as intended...
E 26
26. E 26
September 29, 2011
The Sket-dan encounter some unexpected guests as the main cast of Gintama shows up in their clubroom unexpectedly. This can only mean one thing: It's crossover time! Can there really be room in the world for 2 different shows based on Shounen Jump manga airing at 6 PM about a trio of misfits who do odd jobs?!
E 25
25. E 25
September 22, 2011
Switch's "origin story" continues as Sawa-chan goes to young Switch and his older brother for help from a stalker. In a moment of spite stemming from jealousy, though, Kazuyoshi sends Switch and Sawa off on their own to buy personal protection items. While they're gone, Sawa's friend Yukino warns Kazuyoshi that the stalker is also a slasher. Kazuyoshi means to go out after his little brother and the girl he loves, but fate intervenes...
E 24
24. E 24
September 15, 2011
After helping Yosshi arrange a date, the Sket-dan run into Shinzou arguing with his younger brother. Unlike the proper samurai, his younger brother is rebellious and they don't seem to get along... The two's relationship reminds Switch of his own brother and the events of the past...
E 23
23. E 23
September 8, 2011
Momoka comes to the Sket-dan to ask for help in her voice acting job. In an upcoming episode, she needs to play Liberty Maji back when she was little, and Momoka is having a hard time grasping the mindset of a child for her acting. The Sket-dan try to help by playing children's games with her, but it isn't until she and Himeko accidentally drink one of Chuu-san's drugs that they can really experience their childhood all over again!
E 22
22. E 22
September 1, 2011
The principal adores his grandson very much and asks the Sket-dan to prepare a picture play to entertain him. They decide to base the story off of Momotaro, but change things up from the usual... Afterwards, he asks them to play with his grandson for an afternoon, but the kid doesn't seem interested in having fun at all.
E 21
21. E 21
August 25, 2011
Himeko and Bossun run into each other over the weekend, and notice Switch meeting up with occult-obessed Yuuki... Thinking the two might be secretly dating they follow them, but Switch is actually just helping Yuuki to buy a computer so she can set up her own occult-focused webpage. But when Yuuki runs into an old crush from middle school, will her true colors finally show?
E 20
20. E 20
August 18, 2011
Bossun and Himeko get into a little fight, and things are made worse when Bossun and Switch are invited to a mixer with Seiji and three other girls. Bossun is rarin' to impress with his comedic flair, but he's in for a tough crowd. Without Himeko's firey comebacks, Bossun's humor falls flat...
E 19
19. E 19
August 11, 2011
A writer for a local newspaper is coming to interview and take a photo of the Sket-dan, and Himeko demands that Bossun get his hair cut. But when Bossun refuses, Himeko takes things into her own hands... What could possibly go wrong? Afterwards, it's the principal's birthday, and the Student Council is planning a surprise party for him. But when the President makes a mess of his prized bronze bust, the principal will be in for a whole different kind of surprise...
E 18
18. E 18
August 4, 2011
Yamanobe-sensei is back, and now he's trying to get everyone in the Sket-dan to play a nutty board game called Hyperion. Everyone except for Himeko, as only men can appreciate this game, supposedly. But the epicness gets Bossun and Switch very enthused about the game, and soon they find themselves heading to the world tournament...
E 17
17. E 17
July 28, 2011
Bossun makes friends with a violinist while practicing for the upcoming Rock Festival, Sugisaki Ayano. He learns from her how fun music is, and in no time the curtain rises on the Kaimei Rock Festival!
E 16
16. E 16
July 21, 2011
Kaimei Academy's music festival is coming up! Bossun is bummed that Himeko and Switch each have joined up with bands to participate. But before long Bossun is invited to join a band and the three are set to compete against each other!
E 15
15. E 15
July 14, 2011
Bossun may have a way with words, but these clients were born with their feet in their mouths! First is J-son-sensei, the shop teacher with the glass heart and looks straight out of some horror movie! Can the Sket-dan help him find love? A man of few words and many offstandish poses, "Dante" perhaps poses the greatest riddle of all... Can the Sket-dan help this Fallen Angel find his Wings?
E 14
14. E 14
July 7, 2011
Uchida Takaaki comes to the Sket Dance with a simple request: make him popular! Bossun and company immediately set their sights on getting Uchida to win a Mr. Popularity contest in their class, but Uchida's shy personality makes it difficult for him to stand out. Can Sket-dan Productions mold him into a star in just one week?!
E 13
13. E 13
June 30, 2011
It's the second to last round, and it's a battle of love between the pitch perfect rich girl and the klutzy, head-in-the-clouds Roman-tic! Which one of the will break their team's hearts?
E 12
12. E 12
June 23, 2011
The second game of the Bibage Battle is a real show between Shinzou and Tsubaki, coming to a truly cinematic finish! Then the curtain rises on a sharp-shooting (or is it, sharp-tongued) battle between Switch and Daisey!
E 11
11. E 11
June 16, 2011
Yabasawa-san really wants a certain part for her avatar, and asks the Sket-dan to join a game tournament put on by a cellphone game site. The Sket-dan isn't particularly enthused about the prospect, but when they find out that the Student Council will also be participating...
E 10
10. E 10
June 9, 2011
The Sket-dan is having fun trying to take their minds off the upcoming midterms, when they hear rumors of a mysterious DVD that will curse you with bad luck if you watch it. Just then, Kuramoto Ayumi comes in with a simple request, to help cheer up her friend who has been acting strange lately. But there's more to this than meets the eye, as the stoic Yagi is acting like someone who has seen something they shouldn't have...
E 9
9. E 9
June 2, 2011
Manga artist Hinohara Enta has come to interview students at Kaimei Academy. Bossun thinks he can get popular if he becomes the model for the main character of a manga, but everything he says ends up being way too "boring" and "plain". Then, something completely out-of-the-blue happens!
E 8
8. E 8
May 26, 2011
Momoka has come to the Sket-dan for help. It turns out that she's been asked to audition for a voice role in an anime after being discovered during her performance at the preschool puppet show. Switch leaps at the opportunity to start her harsh training in the way of anime!
E 7
7. E 7
May 19, 2011
Tetsu comes and asks the Sket-dan to meet with someone in his place. It seems like a sickly girl who he was exchanging messages with under a false persona wants to come see him...
E 6
6. E 6
May 12, 2011
Tsubaki from the Student Council tells the Sket-dan they're going to be disbanded. In order to prove the Sket-dan's effectiveness, Bossun takes on a request to put on a play for a local preschool. But the Student Council also takes on the same request, and the battle is on!
E 5
5. E 5
May 5, 2011
Yuuki Reiko, member of the Occult Club, barges into the Sket-dan's room holding a picture of one of Kaimei Academy's seven mysteries, the "Ghost of the Incinerator". The Sket-dan are on the case (mainly Switch), trying to find out the truth behind the picture, and getting Shimada Takako from the Newspaper Club mixed up in it, too...
E 4
4. E 4
April 28, 2011
Saotome Roman, member of the Manga Club, runs into her "prince" on a hill road on her way back from school in the rain. In order to meet her prince once again, Roman comes to the Sket-dan to ask their help, but...
E 3
3. E 3
April 21, 2011
Himeko was once a delinquent feared far and wide, the legendary yankee Onihime. She's totally reformed now, but starts to hear odd rumors that "the Onihime has started going on a rampage again."
E 2
2. E 2
April 14, 2011
Takemitsu Shinzou is obsessed with being a samurai and also captain of the kendo team. But despite his skills, he keeps losing in tournaments. He requests the Sket-dan to figure out why he can't show his true strength during a match. Can they get results by Shinzou's next tournament?!
E 1
1. E 1
April 7, 2011
Teppei just transferred into Kaimei Academy, and he's pressured to join the Sket-dan by his classmate, Bossun. Then, one day, Teppei is attacked by a mysterious masked paint chucker, "Paint Mask"!
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SKET Dance is available for streaming on the TV Tokyo website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch SKET Dance on demand at Amazon Prime and Netflix.
  • Premiere Date
    April 7, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (398)