The World Is Still Beautiful

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This anime series focuses on a pair of youngsters, one of them a princess who can control the rain and the other a boy-king who is devoted to the sun. At first at odds with one another as they try to adjust to their arranged marriage, the couple gradually develops a strong bond with one another. The 12-episode series originally aired on Japanese TV in 2014.

Sunday 2:20 PM et/pt on Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 12 Episodes
April 6, 2014
Cast: Rena Maeda, Tomokazu Sugita, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Chisa Yokoyama
The World Is Still Beautiful

The World Is Still Beautiful Full Episode Guide

  • Intent on keeping her granddaughter with her, will Nike's grandmother allow Livius and his wife to reunite and return home?

  • Upon returning to her homeland, Nike discovers that the situation is quite different than what she expected...

  • Nike receives word from the Principality of Rain that her grandmother has collapsed, leading to an internal struggle between her familial bonds and her marital obligations.

  • Hoping to bring uncle and nephew back together, Nike hatches a plan for reconciliation between Livius and Bard.

  • Luna, a childhood friend of Livius, comes to visit, and a competitive fervor flares up over Livius' affections.

  • Nike heads for the underground temple that serves as the site of the Rite of Illumination. Overcoming peril after peril, she finally reaches it, when she is attacked suddenly by a band of men in black. She flees from them with all her strength, but they gradually catch up, when suddenly...

  • In order to present Nike as Livius' bride, a grand party is held in honor of the marriage.

  • Having just discovered that Livius is only a child, Nike's shock is only exacerbated when he orders her to bring forth rain for his entertainment.