DRAMAtical Murder

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When Aoba Seragaki is drawn into the shady underworld that surrounds the popular virtual game Rhyme, the universe that he thought he knew falls apart. If deja vu describes the sensation of experiencing something that you think you may have done before, what is it called when other people seem to recognize you for doing things that you don't remember doing?

Monday 1:35 PM et/pt on Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 7, 2014
Animation & Cartoon Anime
Cast: Atsushi Kisaichi, Gabriel Regojo, Ryôta Takeuchi, David Wald

DRAMAtical Murder Full Episode Guide

  • Aoba performs Scrap on himself to speak with Ren, realizing what he's done for him all this time. The two then take on Toue in a Rhyme battle to free Midorijima from his grip!

  • The sender of the Silent Oath demos is revealed. After, Aoba encounters Virus and Trip, who explain the mind boggling truth of his existence and power.

  • Aoba accompanies Mink to Oval Tower alone. Though disliking Mink's methods, he plays along to ensure success, finding out through Scrap where Mink's ruthlessness comes from.

  • As Koujaku and Noiz rest, Clear finally reveals his face to Aoba and the two go to scout the Oval Tower. Then, they are attacked by masked figures that seem to know Clear.

  • After a misunderstanding and a food spree, Noiz and Aoba are ambushed by Morphine. As Noiz turns to attack him, Aoba has to employ Scrap to save Noiz from himself.

  • Aoba and Koujaku enter Platinum Jail, only for Koujaku to follow a man into a club. As the man, Ryuho, brings up Koujaku's past, Aoba must use Scrap to save his best friend.

  • Tae finally explains that she was a neuroplasticity researcher in Toue's labs two decades ago, informing the group about her duties, why she left, and Toue's ominous goals.

  • Aoba wakes up in Scratch's hideout, and Mink offers to help find Tae if Aoba will obey him. The group tracks Tae to a warehouse, where they fight a familiar face.

  • As Clear asks Aoba about mortality, Tae's tie to a larger plot is exposed. When Mizuki and Dry Juice vanish, there's no time to react before Aoba realizes Tae is gone too!

  • After work, Aoba enters his room to find a stranger going through his computer. Later, that same guy, Noiz, visits the junk shop, but Aoba gets a call that Tae is in trouble!

  • In the wake of the Rhyme battle, Aoba is left with a headache and missing memory. Koujaku comes to visit, and a strange man named Clear drops in front of the junk shop.

  • For a young man who dislikes hassles, Aoba has to handle quite a few; the most pressing of which is that things are changing in his town - and he's in the middle of it.