Chivalry of a Failed Knight

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  • TV-MA
  • 2015
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (4,440)

Chivalry of a Failed Knight is an anime series created by Silver Link and based on a light novel series written by Riku Misora and illustrated by Won. The show first aired on October 3, 2015, and ran for 12 episodes. It is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

The show takes place in an alternate universe, where certain individuals possess supernatural abilities known as "Blazers." These Blazers can manifest magical weapons and use them to battle other Blazers. They attend Hagun Academy, a specialized school designed to train Blazers to become knights and serve as protectors of society.

The story follows Ikki Kurogane, a failed knight who is constantly ridiculed for his lack of magical ability despite his strong physical skills. Due to his poor reputation, Ikki is given a single-room apartment on campus, but to his surprise, he discovers that he has a roommate, Stella Vermillion, a powerful princess from a foreign country who is considered a genius among Blazers.

At first, Ikki and Stella are at odds and engage in a heated rivalry, but they soon realize that they can achieve great things by working together. The two form a partnership and decide to compete in the upcoming Seven Star Sword Art Festival, a competition where Blazers compete to become the strongest knight in the academy.

Throughout the series, Ikki and Stella face various challenges and obstacles as they work towards achieving their goal. They encounter other Blazers and engage in battles, including a team battle where they must work with other knights to defeat a common enemy.

One aspect of the show that sets it apart from other anime is the focus on character development. Ikki's struggles with his perceived failure and his desire to prove himself as a knight are explored in-depth, as are Stella's insecurities and her desire to gain the acceptance of her father. The supporting characters are also given their own backstories and motivations, making them more than just one-dimensional caricatures.

Another aspect of the show that is noteworthy is its portrayal of romance. While Ikki and Stella's relationship starts off with a rocky start, their partnership soon turns into a genuine friendship and then a romantic relationship. The show does not rely on tired anime tropes such as harems or love triangles, but instead focuses on the development of Ikki and Stella's relationship in a realistic and satisfying manner.

The animation of Chivalry of a Failed Knight is impressive, with detailed character designs and fluid action sequences that make the battles between Blazers exciting to watch. The soundtrack is also noteworthy, with a mix of orchestral and rock music that adds to the overall atmosphere of the show.

Overall, Chivalry of a Failed Knight is a well-crafted anime series that blends action, romance, and character development in a satisfying manner. It is a must-watch for fans of the genre, and is sure to entertain both casual viewers and hardcore anime fans alike.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 2015.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight
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the Uncrowned Sword King II
12. the Uncrowned Sword King II
December 19, 2015
The stage is set and stakes run high as Ikki prepares to face the unbeatable Raikiri. In the end, who will be the victor?
The Uncrowned Sword King I
11. The Uncrowned Sword King I
December 12, 2015
An innocent kiss shared in secret becomes the catalyst for a scandal, and Ikki is taken by the ethics committee on counts of "indecent" behavior with the Crimson Princess.
Witch of the Deep Ocean V.S. Raikiri
10. Witch of the Deep Ocean V.S. Raikiri
December 5, 2015
Shizuku's next opponent is none other than the student council president, Toka Todo. In the clash between lightning and water, which blazer will emerge as the victor?
Princess' Vacation
9. Princess' Vacation
November 28, 2015
Stella and Ikki head to what they think is a vacation, only to find multiple surprises lying in wait. Meanwhile, Shizuku makes a visit home.
Sword Eater III
8. Sword Eater III
November 21, 2015
In an effort to help Ayase and her father, Ikki challenges Kuraudo Kurashiki, a swordsman from Donro Academy with the nickname "Sword Eater".
Sword Eater II
7. Sword Eater II
November 14, 2015
Ikki's impending opponent might be the most difficult one yet. He'll have to rely on his skill and determination to help a friend rediscover their honor.
Sword Eater I
6. Sword Eater I
November 7, 2015
Another student wishes to be Ikki's pupil, but doesn't quite know how to ask. Despite her initial awkwardness, Ayatsuji proves to be a hard worker and talented with a sword.
The Experience of the Princess
5. The Experience of the Princess
October 31, 2015
As a result of his selection match performances, Ikki gains an unexpected following. Kagami gives Stella some advice that may save the princess and Ikki from parting ways.
The Worst One IV
4. The Worst One IV
October 24, 2015
Ikki's first official match approaches! Unfortunately, he and his opponent, Shizuya Kirihara, have a history. Worse, Kirihara has the immediate upper hand due to his device.
The Worst One III
3. The Worst One III
October 17, 2015
Shizuku invites Ikki to go shopping, but is annoyed when Stella joins them. Ikki meets Shizuku's roommate, whose device helps the group as they encounter some serious trouble!
The Worst One II
2. The Worst One II
October 10, 2015
Ikki's sister, Shizuku, enrolls in the school and causes quite the commotion upon seeing him. With Shizuku's arrival, Stella learns more about Ikki's history.
The Worst One I
1. The Worst One I
October 3, 2015
When Ikki Kurogane walks in on Princess Stella Vermillion changing her clothes a duel ensues, but Stella raises the stakes, obligating the loser to lifelong servitude.
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Chivalry of a Failed Knight is available for streaming on the Sentai Filmworks website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Chivalry of a Failed Knight on demand at Amazon, Hulu and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    October 3, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (4,440)