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Asterisk war is an anime television series adapted from a Japanese light novel. It contains elements of Action, Romance and Harem. The show documents the event of invertia, an unprecedented disaster that destroyed numerous cities in the 20th century. However, there was a material later labelled as mana that allowed humanity to make rapid strides in technology.

The show follows the events surrounding the Academy City on the water, which is the world's largest stage for battles and tournaments, which are viewed for entertainment. The show depicts many of these battles as well as reveal the personal lives of the combatants and the romantic attractions that they develop towards one another. The show contains elements of magic as well as science fiction, and a school with a ranking system drives much of the action as well as serves as a platform for much of the characters' motivations and their progression in combat ability.

The Asterisk War is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 2015.

Where do I stream The Asterisk War online? The Asterisk War is available for streaming on Aniplex, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Asterisk War on demand at Hulu online.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Aniplex
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
October 3, 2015
Animation & Cartoon, Anime
Cast: Atsushi Tamaru, Ai Kakuma, Kira Buckland, Erik Scott Kimerer
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The Asterisk War Full Episode Guide

  • The exciting season finale of The Asterisk War!

  • Julis's brother, Jolbert, wants to discuss two important topics with Julis and Ayato. While spending time in Lieseltania, Julis runs into a face from her past.

  • Ayato and his friends visit Lieseltania, where they are greeted with great enthusiasm! Surprisingly, Claudia has an interesting proposal for Ayato, Julis, Saya and Kirin.

  • The final match continues...Which team will win the Phoenix Festa?

  • Ayato and Julis are facing AR-D and RM-C in the Phoenix Festa finals. In the meantime, Saya and Kirin are trying to rescue Flora!

  • Rotlicht... Ayato is sniffing around in this part of the city, hoping to get a clue about where Flora might be... Unfortunately, his efforts disturb some people.

  • Saya and Kirin search for the whereabouts of Flora while Ayato and Julis face Galahadworth' True Knights in the semifinals.

  • Flora is abducted by a mysterious man. Now, Ayato and his friends have to come up with a plan to rescue her!

  • Ayato and Julis are battling against Shenyun and Shenhua Li. Also, Saya and Kirin are facing AR-D and RM-C. Will the Seidoukan Academy live up to the expectations?

  • Ayato and Julis are fighting against Shenyun and Shenhua Li in the quarterfinals. Since the twins are known to only attack their opponents' weak points, what kind of a strategy will Ayato and Julis come up with?

  • A young girl named Flora visits Julis. Meanwhile, Ayato tries to get in touch with Dirk Eberwein in the hope of getting some information regarding his sister, Haruka.

  • The Phoenix Festa continues...Ayato and Julis are facing Luo and Song from Jie Long Academy!

  • Flora is abducted by a mysterious man. Now, Ayato and his friends have to come up with a plan to rescue her!

  • The final battle, Ayato and Julis versus The Urzaiz Sisters. Who will win?

  • Ayato searches for Saya per Kirin's request but runs into Priscilla, the Sister of The Tyrant Vampire Princess. Also, Claudia has a secret.

  • Here comes a new challenger in the Phoenix Festa! The Tyrant Vampire Princess Irene Urzaiz seems to be unstoppableā€¦ and her sole target is Ayato!

  • The Phoenix Festa has finally begun. However, there are some important changes to the regulations this time. Ayato and Julis are determined to give it all they have got!

  • Saya and Kirin have teamed up for the upcoming Phoenix Festa. By the look of things, they need to spend some more time together. The girls skip practice to socialize more. Surprisingly, there is something Kirin would like Saya to do for her...

  • After fighting the monsters, what other dangers await Ayato and Kirin?

  • Julis is still angry at Ayato after he went against her word, and Ayato learns more about the current rank #1 holder, Kirin Toudou.

  • Julis runs off after reading a letter. Ayato goes after her, worried that she might be in danger.

  • Julis keeps her promise and shows Ayato around the city on their day off. Finally, he gets to know the princess better.

  • Ayato Amagiri is a scholarship transfer student. What awaits him at the Seidoukan Academy?

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