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Magi follows the events of a young boy named Aladdin who wants to travel around the world for new adventures. During his journey, he encounters a young man named Alibaba, who is striving to be able to explore the dungeon of Amon so he can be rewarded with its treasures. They both become friends immediately and go to Amon to claim the treasure for themselves.

Magi is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on October 7, 2012.

Where do I stream Magi online? Magi is available for streaming on Aniplex, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Magi on demand at Netflix, Hulu online.

2 Seasons, 50 Episodes
October 7, 2012
Cast: Kaori Ishihara, Yûki Kaji, Haruka Tomatsu, Erik Scott Kimerer
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Magi Full Episode Guide

  • Can the allies be able to stop their common enemy in this final episode?

  • As Aladdin, Alibaba, and their allies attempt to stop the Medium, a creature appears. Taking away Rukh from anything, the creature seems to be invincible. However... there are some surprise guests who arrive at this battle...

  • In an attempt to stop the battle, Aladdin asks Kouen to pull back his troops. In the meantime, to prevent the world from being destroyed, the Djinns want the Dark Spot sealed off. Will Aladdin and his allies be able to destroy the Medium?

  • The Black Djinn prolong in wreaking havoc, forcing Alibaba to seek an unlikely ally. Scheherazade, defending the Leam ships, can't help but worry for Titus as he makes a hard decision in the remaining time they have left.

  • Lord Mogamett doesn't appear to be concerned about the Leam and the Kou forces invading Magnoshutatt. He wants the goi to sacrifice their lives for their country, even though they expect the magicians to protect them. Will Alibaba be mixed up in this battle?

  • Aladdin steps forward to protect Magnoshutatt, which draws the interest of the remaining Leam forces. Will he be able to stand alone against the power of their metal vessel users?

  • Magicians of Magnoshutatt are set to prevent the Fanalis and the Leam soldiers from moving forward further on their soil. Will Aladdin be able to recover his powers in the middle of all this chaos?

  • Titus explains his origins to Mogamett and admits that he is jealous of humans. Scheherazade talks to Mogamett and expresses her wish to have Magnoshutatt as a province of the Leam Empire. Will Magnoshutatt go into battle with the Leam Empire?

  • Titus blames Mogamett for the misery of the goi living in the 5th Level Authorization District. Mogamett advises Titus to take Marga above ground. Meanwhile, Aladdin suspects that Mogamett isn't quite the person he portrays himself to be.

  • Following being caught in the 5th Level Authorization District; Aladdin, Titus and Sphintus are brought before Mogamett. Amazingly, he forgives the infiltrators and gives a lecture to the students, explaining the difference between magicians and the goi.

  • Titus apologizes to Aladdin. They choose to become friends and help each other out. Aladdin, Titus and Sphintus set out to discover Magnoshutatt with their 2nd Level of Citizenship badges, and they try to find the place called the 5th District.

  • Everyone thinks that Aladdin will be chosen as the top student. However, a very odd student named Titus Alexius graduates at the top of the class. A magical battle between them is decided to take place in front of everyone.

  • Princess Kogyoku believes that her brother Kouen will be the next emperor. Kouen tells his siblings about his opinions on the future of the world and asks Hakuryu to lend him his power.

  • Morgiana reaches her homeland destination, Katarg is hoping to find other Fanalis. She runs into some familiar faces from the past. They tell her that the Elder of the Tran Village could help her find Fanalis. But will it be a journey with no return for Morgiana?

  • Alibaba is facing his first opponent as a gladiator in the Colosseum. However he can't use magic during the battle so he must use his sword skills to survive the fangs of the great ape Garda!

  • The three friends enjoy their last night together and part ways in the morning with a promise to reunite. Aladdin learns the demands of traveling long distance by magic turban and gets a ride on a private carriage with a startling occupant!

  • Madaura and the pirates are imprisoned by the Actian Navy. Hakuryu reminisces about his childhood and his mother. He sets off to leave town without saying goodbye to his friends, however he wants to have a private conversation with Morgiana first.

  • Orba along with the Pirates attack the ship using a Magic Tool, and capture Aladdin. After being taken to an island full of children, Aladdin meets a mysterious woman named Aum Madaura. Alibaba, Morgiana and Hakuryu set out to free their friend.

  • Sinbad and the Eight Generals say their goodbyes to Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryu before they set off on a journey on a ship. Hakuryu appears to have feelings for Morgiana. Do they know that Alibaba is on the same ship as them?

  • Aladdin goes on a journey by himself to study magic at the Magnostadt Academy. Sinbad takes on Kogyoku as his sparring partner. Hakuryu wants Sinbad to help him in tearing down the Kou Empire. Hakuryu and Morgiana tell each other their stories.

  • Citizens of Sindria hold a festival to celebrate their victory. Prince Hakuryu is getting ready to leave Sindria. Sinbad tells Aladdin about the other magis. Princess Dunya absolutely refuses to speak to anyone except Aladdin. Dunya is affected by the Dark Metal Vessel.

  • The eight generals of Sindria defeat Apollonius, while Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryu try to save Alibaba from the Black Rukh. Isnan is defeated by Sinbad. Aladdin is saved by Alibaba with Cassim's help.

  • The battle between Al-Thamen, and the Kingdom of Sindria is underway. The Eight Generals are countering Al-Thamen's assault. Dunya is in Full-body Dark Djinn Equip mode. As Isnan goads him into despising his own fate, Alibaba's soul begins to vacillate.

  • Isnan, an emissary from Al-Thamen, appears with Princess Dunya of the now-defunct nation, Musta'sim. She insults Alibaba by calling him a "prince whose country was overrun and destroyed." In her hand is the same Dark Metal Vessel that Cassim had held�

  • Hakuryu sees who Alibaba really is, and decides to fight by his side. No longer blocked by emotional walls, the four unite to take on the challenge of capturing Zagan. As Sinbad and the others watch over them, an unexpected enemy pays them a visit.

  • Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, and Hakuryu head for the dungeon, Zagan, which is on the island of Tran. As it's his first dungeon-capturing expedition, Hakuryu seems overeager. A voice calling out, "Hate him... kill him..." echoes inside Alibaba's head.

  • Hakuryu asks for Sindria and Sinbad's assistance. Sinbad suggests that Hakuryu work with Alibaba.

  • In Sindria, Aladdin and Alibaba begin training under two of Sinbad's "Eight Generals," - Alibaba under Sharrkan, and Aladdin under Yamraiha. Two visitors arrive from the Kou Empire - the fourth prince, Hakuryu Ren, and the eighth princess, Kogyoku Ren

  • Alibaba works feverishly to rebuild Balbadd. A giant fleet of ships from the Kou Empire is pressing forward towards them. Sinbad forces Alibaba to escape.

  • Aladdin returns to guide both Alibaba and Cassim, who's turned into a Dark Djinn. After joining forces with Aladdin to resurrect Amon's broken sword, Alibaba takes on the Dark Djinn, diving deep into his arms. Can Alibaba rescue Cassim from the darkness?

  • Cassim has transformed into a Dark Djinn. He launches an attack against everyone inside the palace, in order to settle a longstanding grudge. Alibaba, despite being injured, gets back up again and again. Just then... a friend reaches out a helping hand!

  • Cassim convinces the citizens that the royal family is the enemy.

  • Alibaba tells Abhmad to step down, as Kogyoku tries to stop the commotion. Sinbad arrives with representatives of the Alliance of Seven Seas. As Alibaba declares to the people that Balbadd shall be a republic, Cassim and his men approach the palace.

  • Abhmad sends the royal guards from the Kou Empire to kill Alibaba. Morgiana helps Alibaba defeat them. Sinbad learns about it and goes to the palace too. Alibaba reaches the throne room where Abhmad orders his guards to kill him, but Sabhmad intervenes.

  • Sabhmad warns Alibaba that Abhmad will marry one of the Kou Empire's princesses. Sinbad tells Alibaba he must assume the throne of Balbadd. Cassim reveals to Alibaba he will start a rebellion. Alibaba asks Sinbad to teach him to use his djinn.

  • An unimaginable battle between Aladdin and Judar has begun. Aladdin counters Judar's magic spells with Ugo who starts to move independently of Aladdin's will and drives Judar into submission. Kogyoku Ren, a princess of the Kou Empire, joins the fray.

  • Sinbad has joined the Fog Troop and takes Alibaba to the palace. Here Alibaba appeals for the welfare of the people, but King Ahbmad dismisses his words. With the arrival of the priest of the Kou Empire, Judar, events move towards disaster for Aladdin.

  • Alibaba begins to tell Aladdin and Morgiana about his past and Cassim's treachery. He had forgiven Cassim, and decided to try and save the people with the Fog Troop. Aladdin is reminded of the Kouga village and reaches out to Alibaba when Cassim appears.

  • After they captured the dungeon, Aladdin and Alibaba had promised they would "see the world together. But Alibaba is now the leader of the Fog Troop, and callously brushes Aladdin away. Unable to bear Alibaba's behavior, Morgiana is about to take action.

  • The kingdom of Balbadd has prospered since ancient times as a center of trade, but since the death of the former king, the country has been in turmoil. Said to be at the heart of this unrest is a group of chivalrous thieves called the "Fog Troop," but�

  • In order to reach Balbadd, Morgiana has been traveling with Leila and Saasa, whosecaravan she has joined. But a band of thieves - allied with a slave merchant - has settled itself on the direct road to Balbadd...

  • Aladdin's faith in Hakuei is well-founded - she is trying to make the Kouga Empire a protectorate through peaceful means but falls victim to Ryosai's scheme. Unaware of this, the Kouga Clan is enraged over the attack on Grandma, and prepares for battle.

  • By capturing the dungeon Amon, Alibaba realizes his dream of becoming wealthy, but there's no sign of Aladdin, who finds himself among the once-great Kouga clan. Held together by their leader, Baba, Aladdin perceives there is something special about them.

  • Aladdin and Alibaba are reunited at last. But the tyrannical Jamil, who doesn't see slaves as human beings, uses Goltas to navigate around the fiery traps of the dungeon, and soon catches up to them.

  • Aladdin and Alibaba enter a dungeon and find themselves overwhelmed by numerous traps and ferocious dungeon creatures. Ugo, the sacred spirit summoned by Aladdin, repulses them all, but Aladdin's strength is soon exhausted...

  • It has been said that magical items containing mysterious powers and treasures are buried inside the Dungeons of ancient dynasties. Alibaba hopes to capture a dungeon. One day, he meets a young boy named Aladdin, and their journey begins together.

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