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For a purely Japanese romantic animated anime show, Junjo Romantica has it all. Also being watched online as a best-selling yaoi (boys' love) manga series with online vendors. It has three storylines that feature the main couple and two more male couples. The main couple is Junjo Romantica and the other two are Junjo Egoist and Junjo Terrorist. The Junjo Romantica has the youngest part of a couple and features college entrance exams and drama relating to one of the couple's parents' deaths. The young man's partner is an older man.

Junjo Romantica is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on April 10, 2008.

Where do I stream Junjo Romantica online? Junjo Romantica is available for streaming on , both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Junjo Romantica on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV online.

3 Seasons, 36 Episodes
April 10, 2008
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Junjo Romantica Full Episode Guide

  • Convincing Usagi to attend his own awards ceremony is an uphill battle, since he's far more interested in celebrating Misaki's birthday. Unfortunately, so is Kyo Ijuin...

  • Usagi has been acting strangely ever since the interview with Mr. Ijuin, but Misaki can't get him to say what's really on his mind.

  • When Nowaki is so busy at work that he can't come home for his own birthday, he and Kamijou start questioning their expectations of each other.

  • Usagi and Mr. Ijuin have a private conversation, which goes smashingly. Later, Misaki is forced to face an unpleasant truth about himself.

  • Misaki has a conversation in which he drastically misunderstands both his own words and what the other party says in response. Usagi, on the other hand, understands all too well when he finds out.

  • Ryuichiro Isaka, president of Marukawa Books, has been together with Kaoru Asahina forever. But that doesn't make him a mind-reader and Asahina's unique communication style or lack thereof tends to have him fearing the worst.

  • Misaki's phone is ringing off the hook as people congratulate him on getting hired. Usagi is dealing with this in a calm and rational manner. Obviously.

  • With his applications taken care of, Misaki now has to face the dreaded interview process.

  • When Shinobu realizes that he always cooks Miyagi the same thing and they've never been on a "real date," he starts feeling insecure.

  • Misaki and Todo get autographs from their idol. Kaoruko and Mizuki get their feelings out in the open. Usagi mainly just gets a foreboding of doom.

  • Misaki is having trouble deciding on a career, and Usagi is feeling maybe just a teeny-tiny bit insecure about the future.

  • Akihiko and Misaki head to the publisher to deliver Akihiko's latest manuscript. When the two are pulled apart by business, Misaki is cornered by Haruhiko who is still determined to claim Misaki as his own.

  • A call for a family meeting seems to annoy Akihiko, but despite his numerous attempts to get out of it, he winds up going. Afterwards, Misaki and Akihiko head to a hot springs for a little relaxation, but wind up meeting up with Akihiko's father instead.

  • Right after the TV reports that Haruhiko is getting married, his fiancĂ©e turns up on Akihiko's doorstep, begging him to marry her instead! As if things weren't complicated enough, Akihiko also turns up and it seems that it's an arranged marriage and he doesn't want to get married to her either because he still has eyes for Misaki!

  • Desperate to get Akihiko's latest work completed, Aikawa begs Misaki to teach him what a "real date" is like for a college student. The date gets much more complicated when a present from Akihiko's father for Misaki arrives and it puts Akihiko in a bad mood.

  • Shinobu's sudden disappearance from Miyagi's life has left him utterly confused. Why has he stopped coming around? A single picture holds the clues to everything, but can Miyagi come to terms with his past in order to move on?

  • Needing a little space, Misaki wants to hang out with his friend Sumi from school, but Akihiko is dead set against it. Is this unreasonable jealousy on Akihiko's part or does Sumi really have more on his mind than just friendship with Masaki?

  • Feeling insecure about their relationship and looking for some way to connect, Nowaki asks Hiroki if he can call him the same friendly nickname everyone else does. When Hiroki flat out refuses, Nowaki's feelings are hurt. Can he find some other way to bridge the gap between them or is their relationship going nowhere?

  • With gifts arriving from Haruhiko daily, Masaki attempts to ask him to stop but Haruhiko doesn't seem to be listening. Instead, he whisks Masaki away to the massive family mansion - an absolute lap of luxury. When Haruhiko offers to allow Masaki to live in the family mansion, will he be persuaded to leave Akihiko?

  • When Haruhiko sends Misaki flowers, Akihiko starts getting jealous because Misaki refuses to say he loves him. Then, when Isaki pressures Misaki to stay away from Akihiko in order to protect his public image, Misaki himself starts to question their relationship. Where exactly do they stand?

  • Akihiko hates company parties and when he refuses to attend one thrown in his honor, Isaki doesn't hold back on the dirty tricks. He tricks Misaki into going in order to get Akihiko to go. On the way to the party, Misaki ends up helping a man who seems rather lost at the train station, but the biggest surprise of the night may be when Misaki discovers who this mystery man is!