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The story is built around Erika, a sixteen year old girl who gossips with her friends about her romance, while not actually having a boyfriend. She tells people that she has a boyfriend, but he is just a classmate. Unfortunately that classmate is not very nice, and he decides to treat her like a dog.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Anime Network
1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 4, 2014
Cast: Yoshimasa Hosoya
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Wolf Girl & Black Prince Full Episode Guide

  • Erika and Kyoya have gone off to Kobe to visit Kyoya's mother. He claims he has no abandonment issues, but she's beginning to suspect he might be lying. Can she get him and his mother back together again?

  • Kyoya's older sister comes to visit, and she's just like Kyoya -- only worse! When she decides to challenge Erika, can Erika hold up to her scrutiny?

  • Erika's mad because Yajima is now being clingy with Sata. He's hanging out with him a little too much, and it's cutting into Erika spending time with Sata. Of course, Erika is getting excited with her birthday right around the corner...

  • The new boy in their class, Kamiya, is determined to make Kyoya abandon monogamy. He thinks the only path to happiness is having loads of girlfriends and cheating on them all. As you might expect, Kyoya is unresponsive about this.

  • Erika and Kyoya go out on their first proper date, and she wants to do all of the typical couple things. He thinks they're stupid, and refuses. But perhaps he might be showing his first hints of compromising...?

  • Erika tries as hard as she can to fall in love with Kusakabe. But her heart belongs to Kyoya, no matter what. If only the two can have mutual feelings.

  • Erika decides to make chocolate for Kyoya for Valentine's Day. A quiet boy in their class, Kusakabe, starts to fall for Erika, but she just can't think of anyone but Kyoya. Meanwhile, Kyoya's jealousy brings out his nastiest side yet.

  • In this episode, Erika wants to spend Christmas with Kyoya to keep up her image, but she really wants it to be romantic, too. He hates Christmas, so he plays a nasty trick on her.

  • Dismayed when Kyoya refuses to respond to her confession of love, Erika goes to all kinds of strange lengths to change her image to appeal to him more.

  • Unhappy with her sadistic fake boyfriend, Erika sets out to find a real one. But when she finds the perfect man, he might be just too good to be true.

  • Unhappy with her sadistic fake boyfriend, Erika sets out to find a real one. But when she finds the perfect man, he might be just too good to be true.

  • All Marin and Tezuka talk about is their boyfriends. This is freshman Erika's last chance to fit in at school, so she brags about having a boyfriend to make them like her. The whole thing gets out of hand when a handsome boy enters the picture.

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