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Say I Love You is a Japanese anime, or animation, that tells the story of the main character, Mei Tachibana. At a young age, Mei realized that sometimes people who act like friends can actually turn out to be enemies. Because of this realization, Mei has always tried to avoid getting close to people and forming friendships.

Mei's life starts to change when she meets Yamato Kurosawa. Yamato is one of the most popular boys in Mei's school, so it is quite a surprise when Mei realizes that he is interested in her. At first, Mei wants nothing to do with Yamato. She is still afraid of forming any close relationships. However, when Yamato helps Mei out of a tough situation, she realizes that he may be a kind person after all.

Soon, Mei begins to become friendlier with Yamato, and the two start dating. Now Mei must discover how to act around Yamato, and must decide how she truly feels for him. As she begins to care more for him, Mei realizes that she wants to make the relationship work no matter what.

As Mei begins to open up, she also forms other new friendships. She meets a girl named Asami Oikawa who has also experienced some bullying. Asami is a sweet person, though, and Mei finds herself trusting her. In addition, Mei also becomes close to Yamato's little sister, Nagi. Now, on top of learning how to have a boyfriend, Mei must discover what it is like to have friends who care about her.

King Record Company Limited
1 Season, 15 Episodes
October 27, 2012
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Say I Love You Full Episode Guide

  • When Yamato is too ill to go to school, Mei goes to care for him. However Yamato's hovering sister sends the wrong message to Mei...a message that could end things between them.

  • Yamato is sick and under the care of his over protective sister, a timid Mei wants to visit but can't find the courage.

  • Megumi must come to terms with her past in order to be a better person for the future. Meanwhile, Mei's mom provides her input on Yamato.

  • An emotionally fallen Megumi must pick herself up and become true to herself. Mei is given some motherly advice on her relationship with Yamato.

  • Yamato is planning a trip for him and Mei to Land, but somebody is trying hard to sabotage it. Megumi begins to unravel when her 'friends' and popularity start to drop.

  • After listening to Mei's, Kai's, and Asami conversation about Land, she hatches a new plan to drive a wedge between Mei and Yamato.

  • A new frequent customer to Mei's shop is actually a boy from Yamato's past. He brings with him scars from the past.

  • Mei is trying to be strong, but this new feeling she is having is starting tearing her apart. So young and new to love, it will take the help of her friends to make everything right.

  • Yamato new fame as a model is widening the rift between him and Mei. An offer to continue modeling with Megu-tan might be the breaking point in their relationship.

  • A new girl has transferred into Toumei, the rising idol Megu-tan and she has set her eyes on Yamato.

  • Yamato has invited Mei to his house; the pressure is almost overwhelming. Yamato's little sister doesn't pull punches when she sizes up Mei for the first time.

  • An old friend has wants to meet Yamato's new girlfriend. Their meeting is less than pleasant has Mei continues to learn new things about Yamato.

  • While Mei is nervous when Yamato says they should act like a couple and holds her hand, she also experiences her first warm emotion. However, when they run into Yamato's friends Muto Aiko and Tachikawa Masashi, the four of them end up going bowling. Aiko, who has feelings for Yamato, becomes irritated when she realizes Yamato is serious about Mei, and reveals a shocking bit of information to Mei...!?

  • After their kiss, Mei begins developing feelings for Yamato. As Yamato's presence begins to grow little by little inside Mei, she hears Yamato is going to hang out with his first love...

  • Tachibana Mei does everything alone, and her peers torment her every day. One day, Mei's roundhouse kick accidentally hits the innocent Kurosawa Yamato, the most popular boy in school.

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