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The television series entitled Maid-sama is about the challenges of a young lady known as Misaki Ayuzawa as she studies at the Seika High School. The institution is well known for its poor reputation. It was once a single sex school for boys only, as such girls were not allowed. The boys were very stubborn and of ruthless behavior and as a result the school was likened to be of bad influence. The school later transformed to become a co-educational institution which is open for both girls and boys.

The series begins when Seika High School is now co-educational and Misaki gains admission to go and study there. Due to the poor characters of the boys in the school the enrolled girls feel terrified and study in fear among the boys. The main reason is that boys still make a majority of the population of the school and girls are just a minority. Misaki is not happy about this situation and decides to do something about it.

She makes up her mind that she must reform the school and make a change so that girls can feel safe while in the school. She is aware the task is not going to be easy but is quite determined to take the bold step singlehandedly. Shortly after, she gets voted as the first female president of the student council. This position gives her the reputation among the boys as being their main threat. She makes them realize she is ready to liberate the female population of the school and help them get the freedom they need. She develops a very strict and upright attitude towards the male population.

Misaki works very hard to be able to support her family financially. She gets a part time job at a restaurant where she works as a maiden. One day a very popular young man from her school known as Takumi sees her in her maiden uniform and threatens to tarnish her reputation in school.

Maid-sama is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2010.

Where do I stream Maid-sama online? Maid-sama is available for streaming on Anime Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Maid-sama on demand at Netflix, Hulu, Vudu online.

Anime Network
1 Season, 30 Episodes
April 1, 2010
Anime Comedy Romance
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Maid-sama Full Episode Guide

  • Misaki and Usui decide to enjoy the festival together, and end up joining a contest called 'Love Trial.' The prize is a premium ticket to the post-festival event, and the only rule is that you must never let go of your partner's hand.

  • Misaki and Usui decide to enjoy the festival together, and end up joining a contest called 'Love Trial.' The prize is a premium ticket to the post-festival event, and the only rule is that you must never let go of your partner's hand.

  • Hinata reminiscences about his past.  At Maid Latte, the café hosts a Fortune Telling Day with Erika as the fortune teller-- who gives Usui a depressing fortune regarding his future with Misaki.

  • The rivalry between Hinata and Usui gets more tense than ever. When the two flare up in the student council room, Misaki throws both of them out for fighting. The Maid Latte maids are cosplaying as characters from the anime "Maid Witches."

  • Erika asks Misaki for help when she promised a customer a date--which is against Maid Latte policy. However, Hinata joins the contest and wins, and gets to choose a maid of his choice to take a picture with him.

  • It is the Seika High Outdoor field trip, and the students have been tricked into enduring a hard life at a Buddhist temple for five days. As Misaki deals with the girls'gossiping, she also has to prevent him and Usui from fighting.

  • Misaki orders the sports clubs to clean up their club rooms. Meanwhile, a transfer student named Hinata Shintani arrives and irks Misaki due to his childish behavior and gluttony.

  • Yukimura's little sister Ruri loves playing make-believe princess but refuses to acknowledge her brother. When she meets "prince-like" Usui, Yukimura manages to get Usui to go on a date with his sister in order to gain her favor.

  • In the second round of the footman auditions, Usui and Misaki succeed in the required task of setting up a high class table for afternoon tea. But before the third round begins, Misaki falls off the stage.

  • The Miyabigaoka Student Council aims to buy Maid Latte in a hostile takeover and replace it with a butler cafe. The only way for Misaki to stop this is to don a disguise and join the male-only footman auditions.

  • It's the second day of the Maid Latte crew's vacation at the beach house. Nagisa is allowing Aoi to cross-dress if he wins the beach volleyball tournament held near the beach house, with the winning team becoming Beach Prince and Princess as well.

  • It's summer vacation, and the Maid Latte crew have been invited by Satsuki's sister Nagisa to her beach resort, with Aoi tagging along; and Usui recruited as a bodyguard by Satsuki, chagrining Misaki.

  • Soutarou is shocked to find out that Misaki was able to stay awake until the 24-hour time limit. As punishment, Misaki forces Soutarou to help Sakura, Shizuko, and the girls at the upcoming Open House's cafeteria.

  • Aratake, the strongest delinquent in school, and his gang can't believe Naoya Shirakawa, a former gang leader himself, has gone soft; so the gang abducts a cross-dressing Yukimura, who they mistake for Naoya's girlfriend.

  • It's the Seika High Sports Festival, and Misaki wins every event for the girls. At the obstacle race, where first prize is a kiss from a horrified Sakura, Misaki is leading until one of the boys pushes her into the pool to disqualify her.

  • Sakura, an avid fan of indie rock band U-memishi, falls in love with its vocalist Kuuga. She invites Misaki and Shizuko to a tea party with the entire band. To the girls' dismay, Kuuga takes an interest in Misaki and ignores Sakura.

  • Takumi narrates a strange retelling of Momotar with Misaki as the titular character herself.

  • Given three days to decide, Misaki is torn about accepting the Miyabigaoka scholarship. When she finally goes to Miyabigaoka to give her answer, Sakura and Shizuko are worried since Seika High wouldn't be what it is today without Misaki.

  • A phone call from Sakura and Shizuko prompts Misaki to stop a fight between two Seika High students and three students from the prestigious Miyabigaoka Academy.

  • Misaki aquires a group of fans at school-- the Inuyama quintuplets. They want to know everything about her, but this could reveal her secret part-time job. She is torn between telling the truth and risking the good reputation she has with them.

  • Satsuki warns Misaki about a group of stalkers targeting cosplay cafés, but Misaki isn't worried. On a night when Misaki is closing the café alone, she is caught by the stalkers. It falls to Takumi to rescue her.

  • Maid Latte is visited by Aoi, a famous net idol who is also Satsuki's niece. Aoi is excited to try the café's uniform, much to Satsuki's chagrin. Meanwhile, Takumi helps out in the café's kitchen. Aoi finds Takumi attractive but he ignores her.

  • "Misaki's secret becomes harder to keep when it's found out by the ""Three Idiots"" trio: Kurosaki, Shirokawa and Sarashina. What's more, the school festival is right around the corner, and Class 2-2 is showing signs of rebellion."

  • Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president who secretly works in a maid cafe! Misaki has managed to keep her extracurricular activities quiet until she's discovered by Takumi Usui, the most popular guy in school.