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  • TV-MA
  • 2012
  • 1 Season
  • 7.5  (18,057)

Another is a 12-episode anime series that first aired in 2012 on Anime Network. The show is a horror/mystery series that centers around a curse that plagues a small town in Japan. The show is based on a novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji and adapted into an anime by studio P.A. Works.

The show follows the story of a young boy named Kouichi Sakakibara who moves to Yomiyama to live with his grandparents while recovering from a serious illness. Kouichi begins his first day of school at Yomiyama North Middle School and quickly notices something strange about his classmates. They seem to be hiding something from him, and he can't seem to shake the feeling that something isn't quite right.

As Kouichi starts to investigate, he learns that his class has been cursed for many years and that someone in the class is already dead. The mystery deepens as Kouichi tries to uncover the truth about the curse and the identity of the dead student. His classmates become increasingly hostile towards him, and he realizes that he may be the next victim of the curse.

The show is filled with suspense and tension as the mystery unfolds. The curse seems to affect everyone in the town, and no one is safe from its wrath. Each episode leaves the viewer on the edge of their seat as new clues and hints are revealed, and the true horror of the curse becomes apparent.

The animation in Another is top-notch, with a dark and eerie atmosphere that perfectly captures the mood of the series. The character designs are also well-done, with each character having a distinct look and personality that adds to the overall atmosphere of the show.

Another is a must-watch for fans of horror and mystery anime. It's a well-written and executed series that will keep you guessing until the very end. The show has a slow burn to it, building up the tension and suspense over the course of the series until the final reveal.

Overall, Another is a fantastic anime that deserves a place on any horror fan's watchlist. It's a chilling and haunting series that will leave you with a sense of unease that lingers long after the final episode.

Another is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on February 9, 2012.

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Stand by Oneself
12. Stand by Oneself
March 26, 2012
Panic ensues at the lodge as desperate students seek the key to stopping the class 3 calamity once and for all. Can Kouichi and his friends find the solution before the death count rises again?
11. Makeup
March 19, 2012
Matsunaga's tape has at last revealed the measures necessary to stop the calamity once it has begun. Kouichi, Mei, Teshigawara, and Mochizuki try to think of a way to bring class 3's continuing tragedies to an end, but when the tape falls into the wrong hands...
Glass Eye
10. Glass Eye
March 12, 2012
Kouichi and his friends found the tape Matsunaga left in the old school building, but the casualty count continued to rise. So class 3, led by Ms. Mikami and Chibiki, begin their class trip, where Kouichi, Mei, and Teshigawara meet in Mochizuki's room to listen to the rest of Matsunaga's tape. Through it Matsunaga tells them what he did to stop the calamity...
Body Paint
9. Body Paint
April 5, 2012
An unexpected accident outside Yomimaya once again puts class 3 on edge. After Matsunaga's vague whispers point to the classroom, Kouichi decides to investigate the old class three 3 homeroom in the former school building.
Hair Stand
8. Hair Stand
March 29, 2012
A resort hotel is the rendezvous for Kouichi, Reiko and Matsunaga, who may hold clues to stopping the calamity. As they spend a day sunning at the beach waiting for him, they run into Mei, who's staying nearby.
Sphere Joint
7. Sphere Joint
March 22, 2012
Fresh blood is spilled, and class 3 comes to realize that the calamity hasn't stopped. The Charm rituals are called off, and everyone is on edge, wondering who among them is actually dead. Meanwhile, Kouichi learns of an incident 15 years in the past.
Face to Face
6. Face to Face
March 15, 2012
A charm has been envoked by class 3 for the past 26 years to ward off any further incidents. Kouichi, now just realizing this, decides to accept what's going on around him. However, he deems it unreasonable and begins spending more time with Mei.
Build Limbs
5. Build Limbs
March 8, 2012
Following Mizuno's bizarre accident, the tension rises in class 3, and a new class officer is chosen without Kouichi knowing: Akazawa. Rumors are spreading and there's talk going on behind his back, but no one is willing to say what.
Put Flesh
4. Put Flesh
March 1, 2012
The "Class 3 Curse" rumor gains notoriety with the sudden accidental death of a student. Kouichi, desperate to know more, turns to Mei, who refuses to tell him anything else. Akazawa, the head of countermeasures, begins the investigation on Class 3.
Bone Work
3. Bone Work
February 23, 2012
A studio crowded with old dolls is the perfect place for Mei to tell Kouichi the tale of a class 3 student's mysterious death 26 years ago. Finding out more information from his classmates proves difficult, but his aunt Reiko is willing to tell him more.
2. Blueprint
February 16, 2012
Kouichi's friendship with Mei seems to be one sided: he takes every chance he can get to speak to her, but she never seems to understand what he says. Her replies seem more cryptic as the days go by, and their classmates becomes increasingly suspicious.
Rough Sketch
1. Rough Sketch
February 9, 2012
Kouichi Sakakibara has just arrived in Yomiyana, and he's already hospitalized with a collapsed lung. After joining the local middle school almost a month late, he becomes friends with someone he met while in the hospital, a quiet girl with an eye patch.
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Another is available for streaming on the Anime Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Another on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    February 9, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (18,057)