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The Future Diary is a violent and exciting anime, or Japanese animation, show. The series, which is based off of a manga, or Japanese comic, follows the main character, Yuki Amano. Yuki is a bit of a loner. He has never really fit it with his classmates, and, because of his shyness, he classmates begin to think that he is a bit odd. Instead of joining in with normal after school activities, Yuki writes in a cell phone diary. In addition, Yuki spends time with friends that he believes are imaginary. These friends, Deus Ex Machina and Deus's servant, however, soon become all too real.

One afternoon, Deus gives Yuki a special new phone diary. He also tells Yuki about a game that will soon be starting. Yuki does not pay too much attention, until he realizes that his diary has changed. The diary is full of ninety days worth of entries, but each entry is in the future, instead of the past. It is even more frightening for Yuki when he realizes that each entry soon comes true, unless he can do something to change it.

Yuki soon learns that he is only one player in a scary game, and that his new diary is his only tool. The game involves twelve players. Using their diaries, the players must find and kill all of the other players. At the end of the ninety days, the player left standing will be the new god of time and space, as Deus Ex Machina once was.

Yuki does not want to play the game, but he soon finds that he must if he wants to stay alive. Throughout the series, Yuki battles for his life. He also meets another player, Yuno Gasai, a girl in his class who has been using her diary to stalk him. Yuki teams up with Yuno and together they battle their way through the game, using their diaries to lead the way.

The Future Diary is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 9, 2011.

Where do I stream The Future Diary online? The Future Diary is available for streaming on TVK, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Future Diary on demand at Hulu, Apple TV, Crunchyroll online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
October 9, 2011
Anime Action & Adventure
Cast: Josh Grelle, Brina Palencia, Leah Clark, Emily Neves
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The Future Diary Full Episode Guide

  • Once, long ago, Yukiteru changed the future by opening a door. Can such a small action change the course of an entire world again? Will it be a HAPPY END for anyone?

  • Yuki decides who he has to save. Yuno decides who she has to kill. Minene keeps her promises. And Murmur... There is even more to Murmur than anyone knew. And the fate of more than one world lays in the balance.

  • Yuki and Yuno go after the Eighth and victory, while Akise gambles against Deus himself! Can Yuki really win and remake the world? Does he trust Yuno or does he trust Akise - when he doesn't know who either of them really are?

  • The body count rises in the assualt on the Quad Towers. But the Eleventh always seems to be one step ahead of the others! Can Yuki find a way to take him out, or will Minene make good on her threat to kill him? One miscalculation can change the future.

  • The Eleventh is revealed, and all the players unmasked. Yukiteru's new-found resolve is seemingly unshakable. He will kill anyone and everyone between him and godhood, with Yuno at his side. Unless there is more to this story than he knows.

  • Families are special. Once upon a time, Yuno Gasai had a family... It didn't go so well. As Yukiteru deals with the fallout of his father's crime, Murmur offers a solution to all his problems: "Kill everyone, to save everyone."

  • The battle with the Sevenths reaches its explosive climax! Will Ai and Marco's "real" love defeat Yuno and Yukiteru's "fake" love? The two couples square off, but only one will make it out alive.

  • Minene trains Yukiteru for... something? And his dad suddenly appears for a visit! Maybe, just maybe life can go back to normal. Except that the Sevenths have Yuki and Yuno's cell phones, and Dad has a secret.

  • So what if the Eighth can make "Apprentice" Diaries, and their holders are coming after Yuki. He's got friends and even the police on his side. Unless of course, a clever plan to neutralize those diaries doesn't quite go off without a hitch...

  • Yuki's friends are caught in a death trap and Yuno? She's forgotten who any of them are. However, she hasn't forgotten how to get and keep the upper hand. A ray of hope arrives in the form of a Diary, but remember, every Diary has its limits.

  • Negotiations have failed and the Fourth goes in for the kill. Yuno shows the lengths she'll go to keep Yukiteru alive, but how far will he go for her? Meanwhile, the Ninth really wishes she and a certain cop would stop meeting like this.

  • Kurusu sets his plan to take out Yukiteru and Yuno into motion, and the bullets start flying. So much for that alliance! But what sort of deal did the Fourth make with Minene? Three Dead Ends are triggered; no one knows who will make it out alive.

  • Minene and Murmur take a stroll down memory lane, though they don't quite agree on how things played out. Meanwhile, Yukiteru and Yuno spend the day at a wedding fair. Because who doesn't want to play dress up with a psycho killer girlfriend?

  • Attack dogs outside, betrayal inside. Akise plays a dangerous game, gambling Yukiteru's diary and his life. Hinata gambles both her future and the Tenth's. And Yuno would rather just be rid of them all, forcing Yukiteru to make a dangerous choice.

  • It's all out war at Yukiteru's house now that the Fifth has been revealed. As Yuki searches for Rei's diary, Yuno advocates the direct approach. But Rei isn't an opponent to be underestimated - even if he is only four years old. Babysitting is hell.

  • When Yukiteru's mother comes home for a bit, Yuno knows this is her chance to make a great impression! So she breaks in to cook and clean. Yuki is less than pleased, but it seems his mom likes Yuno? Meanwhile, the fallout from the cult incident continues.

  • The Twelfth's assault on Tsubaki continues, with Yukiteru caught in the crossfire. As the truth behind the cult is revealed, who's side is the Sixth really on? Who is Yukiteru supposed to trust? And what does Kurusu really want with Minene?

  • Kurusu asks Yukiteru and Yuno to act as bait to lure out Minene, which means going on an amusement park date. And maybe some bonding. Meanwhile, Minene is taken in by a "helpful" stranger, who believes in justice. His justice.

  • Having bested the Third Diary User with the help of Yuno, Yukiteru now has a giant target painted on him. A bomb wielding Diary User takes the school hostage, and Yukiteru must decide if he can trust Yuno, even though she's been stalking him!

  • Yukiteru spends his days writing into his cell phone "diary," a listing of the things that happen around him. When it suddenly starts telling him everything that is going to happen before it does, he's thrilled. Until it tells him he's going to die!