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Shugo Chara! is an animated creation by the famous manga duo Peach-Pit. It has made its place as a popular Japanese anime since its first episode in March of 2007. The series has received decent reviews in America and even won an award, the Kodansha Manga Award in 2008 for best children's manga. It has been praised for its artwork and storyline which is said to be easy to follow.

The story is about Amu Hinamori, an elementary school student. Although she is truly very shy her classmates think she is quite cool. Amu wishes to become her true self and awakens the next day to find four colored eggs that hatch into her guardians. The guardians care for her and help her develop into her dream self. Eventually she is recruited to find X eggs, which are people's tainted dreams, so that they can be fixed. The guardian characters are named Su, Miki, Dia and Ran. They each help Amu in a different way. Su helps her become more empathetic and helps her with household skills. Miki helps her become more artistically inclined. Dia makes her more radiant, and Ran increases her athletic abilities.

Shugo Chara! began as manga in the magazine Nakayoshi in 2006. It did not become an anime series until 2007. It was directed by Kenji Yasuda and first broadcast on TV Tokyo. There were fifty-one episodes total produced, and the first episode was titled, "A Guardian Character is Born!" It also made popular several songs by the pop group, Buono!

Saturdays at 09:30 pm on TV Tokyo
3 Seasons, 203 Episodes
January 2, 2009
Anime, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Cast: Kanae Ito, Aki Toyosaki, Hiromi Konno, Kana Asumi, Kaya Miyake
Shugo Chara!

Shugo Chara! Full Episode Guide

  • Why is Ikuto in Amu's room? Amu ends up getting caught up in Ikuto's flow as usual and taken to the amusement park, but this time Tadase-kun shows up and Amu's shocked and nervous! But... Then, a few days later, there's the final Guardian's meeting a few days before the graduation ceremony.

  • Amu and Tadase head to Rikka's room and find Rikka crying over the remains of a shattered X egg. Rikka confesses that she was keeping all those X eggs in her room to Amu, and after Su helps explain that the X eggs didn't do anything bad on purpose, Rikka realizes it was all her fault. Meanwhile, Nagihiko and Rima chase after the X eggs, but every time they try and get near them they burst, sending out a wave of sadness! Can Rikka save what remains of her X egg friends before its too late?

  • After Hotaru is born, Rikka runs around introducing her to everyone bright and early in the morning! It would seem like the perfect time for a celebration in the Royal Garden, but instead she's picked to do a presentation at the next general Guardian Assembly! Can Rikka get over her unease and nerves and step into her new, important role?

  • Rikka is worried that her Guardian Egg will never hatch until she figures out who she wants to be, so she decides to become the coolest person in the school, Amu! But the Guardians and her friends just think she's acting weird and are worried about her. Rikka gets depressed that she can never be cool like Amu, and suddenly her Guardian Egg turns into an X Egg! How can she ever show her face to Amu again?!

  • Utau storms out of a recording session for her new song, and goes to eat ramen with Kukai to cool her head. But when even her favorite ramen shop changes their recipe in response to customer feedback, Utau goes to ask for advice the only place she can... Amu's house!

  • Amu and Hikaru all head out with Rikka's family together for a picnic, but Hikaru doesn't seem to understand what's so fun about it. But as he spends time with Rikka's mom and dad, Hikaru starts to understand a little about what it's like having a family.

  • Hikaru has a test in gym class tomorrow where he has to do a spin on the horizontal bar, and after school Nagihiko and Amu help him practice. However Hikaru, always focused on efficiency, doesn't understand the purpose of working to be able to do a spin. Amu practices with him to find the answer, but will they be able to complete a spin?

  • Rikka finally had her Guardian Egg be born!!! She's so excited that she does her Guardian Apprentice job even more enthusiastically than before, but thanks to some teasing by other students she begins to question the role of the Guardians. Amu and the others get worried about Rikka suddenly losing her sparkle...

  • Rikka gets angry and slaps Hikaru-kun after she offers to let her friend, Kimi, read his palm and he dismisses it as unscientific which makes Kimi upset. Neither of them have many regrets until they slowly start to understand what they did wrong after listening to what Amu and Tadase have to say.

  • Rikka continues to think about what kind of person she wants to become, but she can't come up with anything. Amu and the gang try to give her suggestions, but she just gets frustrated. Just then, an X Egg appears. As it's the first X Character she's ever seen, Rikka tries to calm it down, but it begins to attack!

  • Amu and the others follow after their Guardian Characters when they sense something strange, and come across a young girl who has lost her heart's egg. The girl is holding a broken stuffed animal in her hand, but they don't know what happened. As they search for the X Egg, Rikka begins to think about who she wants to be.

  • It's finally Sunday, but Amu doesn't just have a ton of homework to do, her parents leave her to handle everything at home, too! She ends up getting caught up playing around with her Guardian Characters and Ami, just as high spirited as ever, but there's plenty of cooking and cleaning she also has to handle! Can Amu be Ami's "Mom for a day?"

  • Rikka loses her special treasure, a necklace that her dad gave her when she entered elementary school, and is desperately retracing her steps in order to find it. Amu and her Guardian Characters all help Rikka out, but Hikaru doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. Hikaru can't comprehend how something as trivial as a gift from someone can be so precious...

  • Walking down the street, Amu spots Tadase and Kukai talking to each other. "Could it be love they're discussing," Amu thinks, when she listens in and hears Tadase talking about a "cute little thing!" The Guardian Characters head to Tadase's place to ascertain the truth. Amu stays behind in her room, depressed, when she gets a call from you-know-who...

  • Rikka is so overjoyed that the seeds they'd just planted had sprouted. She drags Amu and Rima to take a look. When Rima starts to thin out the buds that don't look so healthy, Rikka is upset because she thought that every sprout has the possibility to turn into a flower. The two have a misunderstanding, and Rikka runs off while Rima continues her work...

  • Rikka forgets about her job and spaces out in the Royal Garden, so to get her mind back in the game she's asked to get Yaya and Hikaru from the flower garden. Amu is a little worried so she has her Guardian Characters go with her, but just as expected Rikka gets distracted on the way. She runs into an X Egg, and chases after it by herself.

  • Yaya takes along Rikka and Hikaru to help with her job of taking care of the flower beds, but with more enthusiasm than usual because it's her first time mentoring younger students! Rikka is totally impressed, but the next day an X Egg appears and does something terrible!

  • Hikaru-kun is given the responsibility to take care of a rabbit as part of the Guardian's work, but although he's knowledgeable he doesn't understand why anyone would want to. Amu, Rikka and the Guardian Characters help out with the various jobs, but during a walk the rabbit doesn't look so well...

  • Amu is invited to the big concert Utau is having today, and she brings along Rikka and Hikaru. Rikka is a giant fan and really revved up unlike Hikaru who has his usual cool composure. He doesn't understand what Rikka means when she says that listening to music can energize you. But just then, an X Egg appears in the concert hall... What will become of the performance?

  • Finally, Nagihiko and Rima were successful in purifying the "X" eggs through the Queens Waltz. However, the music from the violin steadily increased the number of "X" eggs. Before Amu and her gang proceed, the "X" eggs have gathered enough energy to create a huge dog that's standing in their way.

  • To save the old Ikuto, they guardians planned to go to Easter's research center to use their radio broadcast system in the search of the batsu eggs. Where could that be? Receiving some information from Nobuko Saeki, they head to Easter's theme park; Dream Egg.

  • When Tadase was little, there was a time when Ikuto and Utau lived together due to certain circumstances. The three of them used to play all the time but when Ikuto took the Dumpty key, he disappeared. The old Ikuto talked to Tadase. Thinking of this Ikuto, Amu and the Guardians go to find him!

  • When Amu and Ami when out shopping, they again met the suspicious boys that she once gave taiyaki to before. There, they saw posters posted all over the town for a classical music concert presented by the Easter company. There was a photo of Ikuto on the poster with the name "DL". They planned to sneak into the assembly hall to save Ikuto but the guards there were quite strict. So, they began to try a bunch of different tactics.

  • It's cleaning day for the entire school! Rima and Yaya are cleaning around the waterfall, when Yaya gets sick of it and with all her might, throws her broom. At that moment, there was an entrance to the basement of the waterfall!! Yaya was very curious so they went down. When they were inside, the entrance of the door closed! What will happen to the two of them?

  • Yaya came across a lost cat. The Guardians tried to look for the owner but while in class, the cat managed to slip away. So, each class representative began to help as well. For the sake of the cat, everyone began to come up with their own dream. However, at that moment, Ikuto's violin was heard.

  • Utau is opening for a big concert! Amu got a ticket from El and is cheering for Utau which puts her in high spirits. At about the same time, Amu and her friends hear the sounds of Ikuto's violin. Amu is concentrating on Utau's concert when they are secretly faced with exterminating the X eggs.

  • Nagihiko's newly born guardian angel character, Rhythm, was born and is a hit with the Guardians! However, Rhythm begins fiddling with Nagihiko by character changing into someone with quick reflexes. He recalls his confusion with that personality trait. At that time, Amu runs into a mysterious boy in town.

  • Shout out to who you love contest! Yaya signs Amu and Tadase up for the Shout out to who you love contest, so they could "Investigate Easter's Death rebel Plan"

  • The battle begins with Lulu's huge ? egg and Amu's gang. Lulu's wish is for her mom to be an actress again. However, in the middle of the battle with Amu, she started thinking about her dream. What is her real dream? What does she want to be? Nana returns to her egg...

  • Lulu extracted the ? eggs and Amu knows the shocking truth. That's when Nana appears in the Royal Garden. She tells them that there's a reason why Lulu is looking for the embryo. The movie from France that Lulu's mom was supposed to be in had some cuts. She wants her mom to become an actress so extracts a large quantity of ? eggs.

  • A Shugo Character is sick! Nana has an extremely high fever that she collapses. This unprecedented situation has Lulu worried and she asks Amu for her help even though she couldn't do anything about it. Ran, Miki, Su, and Amu were all worried so they went to Lulu's house to see Nana. They frantically try to nurse her back to health...

  • It's Yua's dream to sing but the memory of her freezing up on stage stops her from pursuing her dream. Yua gives up on this dream when they run into Lulu...Amu gets into a battle with Yua - there's a reason why she can't sing in public.

  • The Guardians will be appearing in the popular fashion magazine that the teen glamor model Sakurai Yua appears in, thanks to Yaya. For the photo shoot, Yua goes to their school where she is very popular amongst the students. Amu is actually Yua's senpai. Yua has a guardian character, Cecil but she doesn't like her. Amu and her friends go to check out Yua's studio.

  • Nikaidou sensei asked the students to write an essay about "Your dream". Amu hasn't decided on her dream yet while Wakana has a dream of becoming like Nikaidou sensei. However, there are many problems due to a lack of self-confidence. At that time, there were a lot of others like Amu who couldn't decide and that's when Lulu appears.

  • Lulu sensed that Ikuto was becoming impatient with his tactics and his violin. Nana, who was aware of this, wanted to get more information so she sneaked into Easter by herself. The Guardians attended a World Music Fair where Amu made a lunchbox for Tadase. On that day, during the bustling exhibition, there was a sign of Ikuto.

  • Amu is enjoying herself relaxing under the sun on the grass when a baseball comes flying her way. It was a close call when her classmate Nishino appears. Amu was a bit curious as to why Nishino played baseball so when she was invited to play, she went along with her. Nishino's dream is to become an ace player.

  • Ikuto, who has become a Death Level Character, is confronted by Amu and Tadase. The managing director of Easter company, Kazuomi Hoshina, appears before Amu. Ikuto, having a blank stare, fell into the spell cast by the Easter company. Amu and Tadase fight back with Platinum Heart!

  • Ikuto was caught by the Easter Company. Yoru asked Amu to help him. However, Amu's mind was full of thoughts of what she should do about Tadase. Tadase was also concerned about their relationship when he was alone in the park. Coincidentally, Kukai was passing by and invited Tadase to his house.

  • Amu, who felt really bad about hurting Tadase's feelings, went to school only to discover that Tadase was at home sick. The guardians tried to cheer Amu up. So, they proposed for Amu to have a 'meeting' with Tadase. What's the best way to get in contact with Tadase? What's the best thing to say? What will Amu do…

  • All the guardians know of Amu and Tadase. They are finally going on a date! Amu goes home to change but finds Ikuto there completely relaxed. The wounded Ikuto is in the bathtub when mom comes! At that time, Tadase is on his way to Amu's...

  • Amu and Tadase are in the Royal Garden expressing their affection for each other. The sounds of the violin attracted those with empty hearts and the group began that gathered became aware of them. Tadase doubted the relation between the violin and Ikuto. Tadase was worried since he couldn't talk to Amu about this.

  • Amu has gotten used to Ikuto always stopping by her house and crashing there. But the last person she wants to find out about this is Utau, and just like that Utau stops by Amu's house! It seems like the jig is up and Amu will have to come clean...

  • Amu has a small problem. First, Amu brought Ikuto back to her place to recover, but he is taking a while to leave. And at the same time, Tadase has come with a White Day present for Amu and to possibly express his feelings for her. So, now both guys are at Amu's place! What is Amu to do?

  • Lulu's grandma appears and Lulu's mom and dad must show her that they are high class enough to stay in Japan. As the story progresses, Lulu's grandmother takes out Amu to tell her an important story about Lulu...

  • Valentines being only one day away, Amu wants to make chocolates for Tadase, but is too embarrassed to admit it. She joins a chocolate-making class and meets fellow classmate, Yukina, who wants to make the best chocolates to win the school's contest and impress a boy she likes. However, thanks to Lulu, she ends up wreaking havoc as Chocolate Dream, and it's up to Amu to stop her.

  • Today is Rima's birthday. The rest of the Guardians are throwing a surprise party for her. While in the school, Rima finds a love letter from Fuyuki Kirishima. Amu, along with some unexpected help from El, agrees to help Fuyuki talk to Rima. As usual, the plan goes awry...

  • Saya is Changing Schools! She's the boy student's number 1 girl, but is Amu's number 1 rival. So at Saya's goodbye party, Amu challenges her to 3 competitions. Why does Amu want to win so bad, and why is Lulu's necklace turning heart eggs into mystery eggs this time? How will the fight between Amu and Saya go?

  • Being troubled by Ikuto leaving suddenly, Amu dreams about Ikuto still being there. But Amu has bigger things to worry about as strange UFO incidents are going on, and it seems that the source of all this activity is coming from the Mystery Eggs. Investigating the situation, its up to the Guardians to help fix out the UFO mystery.

  • As the Guardians are leaving their meeting, Amu hears about a cat-eared person showing up, only to find out that it's a girl named Chiyoko Nakayama, After failing to be a super heroine, Choco runs off, and Lulu turned her egg into a Mystery Egg. Its up to Amu to stop Choco wit her Spiral Heart Special.

  • Yoru eventually tells Amu the reason why Ikuto is sleeping in her room. But why is he there and how will this affect Amu? Can she keep this secret and successfully hide him?

  • This is the Guardians' first visit to this year's New Year Festival. But for the Guardians, this won't be just any old New Years Festival. After things die down, Amu returns home and gets ready to go to bed. But when she goes to bed, she ends up screaming in shock...

  • Amu and her family are invited over to a friend's house for Christmas, but little did Amu know that it was going to be at Lulu's place. Will Lulu and Amu have a happy holiday and a silent night?

  • The Guardians and the Guardian Characters clean up the library in the Royal Garden. Rima gets jealous of Nagihiko because of all the time being spent with Amu, so Amu and Nagihiko take Rima to the mall. After many attempts by Amu to get Rima to laugh, Rima declares her rivalry to Nagihiko. In their clumsiness, the Easter employees drop some of their X Eggs while on the pursuit for more. However, Rima gets attacked by the X Eggs and its up to Amu and Nagihiko to help her...

  • Amu and family sitting around the television eating breakfast. A prediction is made that Amu will find love, to which each family member reacts differently. In class, a girl is using Zodiac signs, Tarot cards, etc., to predict what may happen to classmates. Amu wants to know, but in order to keep her exterior, she asks Rima to go. However, Rima says she'll only go if Amu goes first. Later on, Lulu asks the girl, Koyomi, to predict her fortune. Disappointed, Lulu makes her unhappy. The next day, Koyomi is shown with distress, but she predicts a classmate's fortune. The classmate goes to confess her love for Tadase while Amu and Koyomi watch. The classmate is rejected, and this sends Koyomi into rage, running off. While running, Koyomi runs into Lulu, who changes her Heart's Egg into a Mystery Egg, making Koyomi Character Transform to Fortune Dream. While running after her, Amu's Guardian Characters sense this, and Amu Character Transforms to Amulet Clover. Seeing Koyomi making misfortune happen toward townsfolk, Amu uses with Honey Bubbles to clear their delusion and stop Fortune Dream's attack. Finally, it ends with Open Heart.

  • Amu and her Guardian Characters are watching Utau sing on television when El shows up. She tells them that Utau needs more people to go to her concert so she can get popular again. Amu shows up, but Utau won't listen to her. Amu decides to try and bring Ikuto there. Utau begs Amu, and Amu finds Ikuto. She begs Ikuto to play his violin there, but he refuses. Amu doesn't know that he lost it until he tells her. Ikuto then tricks her, saying that he'll listen if she asks more sweetly. Amu stomps away embarrassed and angry, then tells Utau he couldn't come. Yukari then entrusts Amu to send out fliers. Meanwhile, Ikuto tries to get his violin back, but ends up getting caught and hurt. Amu has no luck sending out fliers, until Tadase, Rima, and Yaya appear. El appears out of nowhere and transforms into Amulet Angel, using Angel Wink to attract some boys to give fliers to. Tadase, Rima, and Yaya also Character Transform to help pass out fliers. Eventually, they get many people to come. Utau sings "Heartful Song", and is still sad that Ikuto couldn't come until she sees Ikuto. She smiles and continues to sing. Amu spots Ikuto and tries to catch up with him, but he leaves before she could thank him. Ikuto smiles because he had heard Utau sing.

  • Amu is walking along when the Guardians meet up with her. Yaya praises Amu for her powered-up Humpty Lock. With her classmates, Amu goes to visit Manami's flower shop. Manami tells Amu that she dreams of being a florist some day. While Amu is leaving, Lulu de Morcerf shows up to see Manami. The next day, Amu brings Manami cookies for thanks when Miki and Su sense a Guardian Egg (Ran doesn't sense it, but plays along). Amu meets Lulu, and she learns that Lulu can see Guardian Characters. Ikuto sees Lulu walking up the Easter building steps and, after she passes him, stares at her with disdain. Later, Lulu meets Manami again and turns her Heart's Egg into a Mystery Egg using a special ruby necklace. The Guardian Characters sense this, and the Guardians go to Manami, who Character Transforms into Flower Dream. Amu transforms into Amulet Heart. She almost gets squashed by Manami, but gets powered up pom-poms to deflect her attack. After reasoning with Manami, her Mystery Egg turns into an X Egg, allowing a stronger Open Heart to purify her. At the end, Amu is with the Guardians, wondering if Lulu was connected to Easter and the events.

  • In the middle of the heated battle between Ikuto and Tadase, the Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key come up. Amu and her friends were wrapped in an overwhelming amount of light when a memory of Ikuto appeared. Based on one conclusion; the secret of the violin, the birth of Yoru - the past of Ikuto becomes clear. Amu realizes that the power of her two guys differ.

  • Amu may have Character Transformed into Amulet Fortune, and Ikuto may have broken free from being controlled by the tuning fork and Character Transformed into Seven Seas Treasure, but they're suddenly up against a giant X Character! Can Amu, Ikuto, and the other Guardians win in their fight against the endless number of X Eggs that were drawn together? And will the Embryo appear? Finally, the secrets behind Gozen will be revealed.