• 2022
  • 2 Seasons

SPY x FAMILY is a Japanese anime television series that aired on TV Tokyo in 2022. The show is based on the manga series of the same name which was written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. The anime adaptation was produced by CloverWorks and directed by Kazuki Akane.

The show is set in a fictional world where espers, people with special psychic abilities, exist, and the Cold War never ended. The story follows a spy known as Twilight who is on a mission to infiltrate a prestigious school to get close to its headmaster, a world-renowned scientist who is developing a powerful weapon. In order to gain access to the school, Twilight must first create a cover story and a family. He decides to adopt a telepathic girl named Anya and marry an assassin named Yor, who is also on a mission to eliminate the scientist.

Despite their individual goals, the three form an unlikely bond as they navigate through the challenges of living together and pretending to be a family. There are comical moments as well as intense action scenes throughout the show. The characters' individual abilities are utilized in creative ways during their missions, adding to the excitement and complexity of the plot.

The series also touches on themes of family, loyalty, and the importance of interpersonal connections. The characters grow and develop over the course of the series, facing their own personal demons and learning to rely on each other.

The animation style of SPY x FAMILY is visually stunning, with vibrant colors and dynamic action sequences. The show features a talented voice cast including Takahiro Sakurai as Twilight, Ai Kayano as Yor, and Haruka Tomatsu as Anya.

Overall, SPY x FAMILY is a captivating and thrilling series that combines comedy, action, and heartwarming moments to create a unique and engaging story. It has received critical acclaim from viewers and critics alike, making it a must-watch for anime lovers.

SPY X FAMILY is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on April 9, 2022.

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Part of the Family
37. Part of the Family
December 23, 2023
As Bond is on a walk with Loid, he has a premonition of an accident, so he tries to stop it, but is scolded by Loid. He then sees a vision of a building going up in flames and a sobbing girl standing in front of it.
Berlint in Love / Nightfall's Daily Life
36. Berlint in Love / Nightfall's Daily Life
December 16, 2023
Becky is very excited about a romantic drama on TV, so she heads over to the Forgers' place to see Loid, who she fell in love with instantly after seeing his picture. Becky aggressively pursues Loid.
Enjoy the Resort to the Fullest / Bragging About Vacation
35. Enjoy the Resort to the Fullest / Bragging About Vacation
December 9, 2023
The morning after the attack from the assassins and the bomb scare, the cruise ship arrives at the resort island. Loid and Anya meet up with Yor and the three enjoy a family vacation!
The Hand That Connects to the Future
34. The Hand That Connects to the Future
December 2, 2023
Due to the movements the State Security Service members were making, Loid finds out that there was a bomb on the ship. Loid leaves Anya at the daycare in a hurry then disguises himself as a State Security Service member to take care of the bomb.
The Symphony Upon the Ship / Sis's Herb Tea
33. The Symphony Upon the Ship / Sis's Herb Tea
November 25, 2023
The deck is filled with passengers enjoying the fireworks show. Anya and Loid were also enjoying the fireworks. Meanwhile, Yor's mission finally reaches its climax. She tries to help Olka and the others escape, but they are surrounded by assassins!
Who Is This Mission For?
32. Who Is This Mission For?
November 18, 2023
Loid tries to pick out souvenirs that will make him look like a fun and happy dad so he can cheer Anya up. Meanwhile, Yor was facing off with Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby.
The Fearsome Luxury Cruise Ship
31. The Fearsome Luxury Cruise Ship
November 11, 2023
After boarding the cruise ship, Yor began her duty as bodyguard to Olka and her son. Meanwhile, Yor's superior, Matthew, finds an assassin who is after Olka and her son.
Plan to Cross the Border
30. Plan to Cross the Border
November 4, 2023
On a mission as Thorn Princess and using her job as city hall as a cover, Yor is tasked with protecting the only survivors of the Gretcher family, Olka and her son, and helping them escape to a different country by traveling on a cruise ship.
The Pastry of Knowledge / The Informant's Great Romance Plan II
29. The Pastry of Knowledge / The Informant's Great Romance Plan II
October 28, 2023
Eden's legendary dessert finally appears! In order to obtain the macrons that supposedly can make you into an Imperial Scholar if eaten, Anya and her friends race to get to them first.
Mission and Family / The Elegant Bondman / The Heart of a Child / Waking Up
28. Mission and Family / The Elegant Bondman / The Heart of a Child / Waking Up
October 21, 2023
Yuri is doing great at his job with the Secret Police. His assignment today is to investigate a former newspaper reporter suspected of selling articles slandering Ostania to Westalis. Anya's favorite cartoon hero Bondman shows off his elegant spy moves!!
October 14, 2023
Bond sees an ominous future and believes that it's Yor's food that's going to cause it. In order to change this fate, Bond leaves the house to search for Loid! Henderson orders Damian, Emil, and Ewen to go on a field research trip with Mr. Green.
October 7, 2023
Yor gets injured while on a mission for the Garden and comes home trying to mask with the pain. Loid sees this and gets the wrong idea, thinking that he upset her somehow! The next day, Loid tries to cheer her up by inviting her out on a date.
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SPY X FAMILY is available for streaming on the TV Tokyo website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch SPY X FAMILY on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV and Apple TV.
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    April 9, 2022