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This anime series follows the trials and tribulations of Beyblade competitors as they move through tournaments in their quest to be the best Beyblader in the world. The series debuted in 2016, and like other Beyblade projects, it serves as a marketing vehicle for a line of Hasbro toys. It is the third iteration of the Beyblade series.

Monday at 09:00 AM et/pt on TV Tokyo
3 Seasons, 128 Episodes
April 4, 2016
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Anime
Cast: Matt Hill, Sabrina Pitre, Adrian Petriw, Zach LeBlanc
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Beyblade Burst Full Episode Guide

  • Naru has an encounter with her dad's former mentor; Aiger challenges Free De La Hoya to a battle.

  • Aiger, Xavier and Laban wind up stranded on a deserted island; with the competition spiraling out of control, more Bladers are sent home.

  • Fubuki and Suoh battle each other for survival after months of training.

  • Ranjiro, Suoh, and Hae-jin risk it all to stay in the competition; Kyle loses more than a battle.

  • The Bladers get a chance at redemption with a tag-team battle.

  • Aiger winds up in the Raging Bulls gym; the ninjas get a taste of Phi's power as a new Blader arrives.

  • The masked Blader joins the crew; Xavier takes his rivalry with Aiger to the next level; Phi continues to reveal Phoenix's powers.

  • The Bladers investigate an abandoned ship, while a mysterious figure watches their every move.

  • An apprentice of Xander Shakadera joins the fray who's willing to take on anyone standing in his way.

  • Aiger must battle Valt Aoi on board a battleship with just two Turbo 4 members.

  • Aiger suffers a major setback during his battle with Lui.

  • Aiger must deal with a strange fortune teller.


  • While Aiger is excited to face off against his friend, Hae-jin is torn between Blading and archery; Fubuki extends an olive branch to Suoh.

  • The semifinal matchups are announced, with Fubuki taking on an old friend and Aiger facing a new one.

  • Before their quarterfinal battle, Hae-jin takes Aiger and Can'n to a secret training spot.

  • Aiger battles against Ranjiro Kiyama.

  • Valt Aoi meets promising newcomer Aiger Akabane.

  • At the Luinor Cup, Toko faces off against Suoh.

  • Aiger receives an unexpected challenge from Suoh.

  • Aiger takes on the Bey Club's Koji Konda.

  • Aiger and team finally get their chance to battle Lui!

  • Aiger demands a battle with the Winter Knight.

  • Valt defends his world title against Kurt Baratier.

  • Aiger Akabane transfers to Beigoma Academy.

  • The time has come for Valt to battle for the title!

  • Valt summons the strength to face his oldest friend.

  • Valt battles his most extreme opponent yet!

  • Valt and Cuza battle against the Emperor!

  • Valt is shown a new and dangerous training method.

  • Valt's rivalry with Boa comes to an epic conclusion.

  • A state-of-the-art upgrade takes Valt's game to the next level!

  • The winners are separated from the losers in the fourth round; Valt finally gets to battle Shu.

  • Shu shows off the power of Spryzen Requiem in a battle against Kurt and Boom Khalzar.

  • Silas and Xander meet in the stadium; Valtryek approaches a new level of evolution.

  • Shu and Boa settle the score; Cuza faces a new threat in Norman Tarver and Twin Noctemis.

  • The International Bladers' Cup officially opens and Valt prepares to take on the emperor Kurt Baratier.

  • Valt and Kit find themselves in a seriously shady underground arena.

  • An old friend returns to BC Sol, causing some deep-rooted tensions to bubble up from beneath the surface.

  • Upon learning a disturbing secret, Valt decides to put all of his energy into training.

  • Red Eye returns to stake his claim as the best Blader.

  • The World League Final rages on as all of BC Sol's hard work has been building up to this deciding moment!

  • The remaining teams in the World League tournament are inching closer and closer to landing a spot in the final match.

  • BC Sol and AS Gallus each find themselves in need of a comeback in the semi-finals.

  • The semi-finals of the World League begin.

  • BC Sol must battle for redemption.

  • Cuza's past catches up with him during a trip to France.

  • The gang reunites in Japan for a showdown.

  • Valt struggles with a new technique for a rematch.

  • Valt and team battle a group of masked Bladers!

  • Valt receives a letter from Xander in Brazil.

  • Joshua joins a new team to get closer to his idol.

  • BC Solis in need of a new Bey trainer.

  • Everyone wants a chance to battle one of the Big Five.

  • A star invites BC Sol to appear in his latest film.

  • A Blader transfers to BC Sol; Stan feels overlooked.

  • Wakiya faces his biggest fear; Red Eye makes good on his promise.

  • Daigo, Cuza, and Valt battle against their copycats.

  • The gang follows Shu to Mexico.

  • The threat of Ghasem and Garuda; Valt finds Valtryek's hidden power.

  • BC Sol's next opponent has a secret weapon with a serious grudge against Silas.

  • Old friends become rivals when BC Sol must beat AS Gallus to escape elimination.

  • Valt and Rantaro's loyalties are called into question.

  • BC Sol struggles to right itself in the aftermath of an unthinkable transfer.

  • A shocking development threatens to tear BC Sol apart.

  • Valt finds his new friend Cuza is also a fearsome rival when BC Sol faces off against Top Wand.

  • German team Top Wand comes to town.

  • Tensions flare between teammates.

  • The friendly match reaches an exciting conclusion.

  • The friendly match against Sunbat United intensifies.

  • An old friend arrives during a friendly match.

  • Valt and Rantaro battle against Free De La Hoya.

  • After a late arrival, Valt finds himself battling a familiar face to regain his spot in the club.

  • Valt heads to Spain to be with his new team and faces distractions upon arriving there.

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