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  • TV-Y7
  • 2015
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.7  (2,930)

Digimon Frontier is an anime television series that revolves around five kids who are chosen to become Digimon warriors and save the digital world from a powerful evil. The series is a creation of Akiyoshi Hongo, produced by Toei Animation and aired from 2002 to 2003.

The main characters are Takuya Kanbara, Zoe Orimoto, J.P. Shibayama, Tommy Himi, and Koji Minamoto, who are brought to the digital world by mysterious spirits called "Legendary Warriors". The spirits choose them to become warriors and help them fight against the evil forces that threaten to destroy the digital world.

The first season of the show takes place in a new digital world that is divided into ten zones, each governed by a different beast spirit. The kids must find the spirits and gain their powers to defeat their enemies. They also meet various digimon creatures along the way, many of whom become their allies.

The second season of the show focuses on a group of three villains, Cherubimon, Dynasmon, and Crusadermon, who are trying to take control of the digital world. Takuya and his friends find themselves struggling to stop the villains and save the world once again.

The series has a unique approach to digimon fights. Unlike in previous seasons, they take place in the real world, as the kids transform into digimon themselves. This is because they are unable to use their digivices in the new digital world. Instead, they become human-digimon hybrids, with their own unique abilities and weapons.

Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, and they must learn to work together as a team to defeat their enemies. Takuya is the leader of the group and has a fiery personality. Zoe is a strong fighter who can be stubborn at times. J.P. is the comic relief of the group, but also has a serious side. Tommy is the youngest member of the group and is initially afraid of becoming a warrior. Koji is the mysterious loner of the group who has a troubled past.

The show also features a diverse cast of digimon, each with their own unique personality and abilities. Some of the notable digimon include Bokomon and Neemon, who serve as guides for the kids, and Patamon, who becomes Koji's partner.

Digimon Frontier has a lot of action and adventure, with each episode featuring new challenges and obstacles for the kids to overcome. The series also has a strong theme of friendship and teamwork, as the kids must learn to trust each other and work together to achieve their goals.

Overall, Digimon Frontier is a thrilling and exciting anime series that explores new concepts for the franchise while staying true to its roots. With a great cast of characters and lots of exciting action, it's a must-watch for any digimon fan.

Digimon Frontier is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (150 episodes). The series first aired on June 17, 2015.

Digimon Frontier
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End of the Line
50. End of the Line
June 14, 2003
All the kids are down in the train station after getting pummeled by Lucemon. Takuya gets ready to fight again, however, the others stop him because Lucemon was able to regenerate and they think it is hopeless. Takuya's spirit goes into the dumps and he gets very angry. Then, Agunimon appears out of the Digivice and helps Takuya gain the strength needed to accomplish his task. The other Legendary Spirits all fly out of the Digivices and help their respective Digidestined. Then Patamon, Salamon, and Lopmon go into a trance and the Three Guardian Angels appear in spirit form above them. They speak to the kids about how they are the last chance the Digital World has and that the future now lies in their hands again. The five kids use their Digivices and activate the Ancient Spirit Evolution. All five kids join together in Susanomon, the Warrior of Peace. They fly up and drag Lucemon away from the Human World just as he pierces the surface. Lucemon begins to breathe fire everywhere and the kids remember Cherubimon told them that Lucemon can't think coherently. Takuya thinks that it has something to do with the black orb so they fly towards it and see the Lucemon Larva.
Lucemon On the Loose
49. Lucemon On the Loose
June 13, 2003
Koji is clutching his stomach from the new spirits and Takuya is raging after Lucemon. The two are enveloped in a fiery cocoon where they merge together with all twenty spirits. Susanomon emerges and the final battle between good and evil soon begins. Lucemon launches at the new Digimon but is ineffective. He then uses his powers of Light and Dark to envelop Susanomon. Koji and Takuya fight the effects and De-Digivolve to break free.
The Brothers Yin and Yang
48. The Brothers Yin and Yang
June 11, 2003
The gang turned into their human-fusion spirits to go after Lucemon but he defeats them all, thus returning the friends into their human form again. With Lucemon about to destroy Takuya, Zoe, J.P. Tommy and Koji once and for all, Lowemon steps in to stop the attack. Lowemon let the darkness and the light flow into one and surround him. When it was all over, Koichi gave his human and beast spirit to Koji and afterwards, Koji and Takuya transformed as one into the ancient Digimon, Susanomon.
When Knights Fall
47. When Knights Fall
June 10, 2003
The kids are on one of the 3 Digital Moons and Koichi is still shocked about what Crusadermon said to him. They notice some bubbles in the sky coming from far away, only to realize a bunch of Digi-Eggs and Hatched-Baby Digimon. Meanwhile, the Royal Knights still question Lucemon if they still had an agreement to take them to earth and then Lucemon sends them to the moon. Before the Royal Knights arrive, Takuya remembers the challenges he and the rest had in their adventures. Takuya and Koji then unified Spirit-Evolve into KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon.
To Make the World Go Away
46. To Make the World Go Away
June 9, 2003
KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, along with the rest, arrive at Ophanimon's Castle. When they enter the Castle, they encounter the Castle librarian and caretaker Nefertimon on the balcony. She has no clue on where the Digi-Code key is so the gang splits up. Meanwhile, Crusadermon asks Lucemon if the Royal Knights still had an agreement to take them to the Human World but Lucemon sends them on their way. Later that night, the search continues and Takuya accidentally makes some books fall during the search and then he falls asleep. The group reunites but no one had located the key. The next morning, the Royal Knights appear and start to attack.
All Aboard the Tag Team Express
45. All Aboard the Tag Team Express
June 8, 2003
With only two sections of the Digital World remaining, the Royal Knights are on the hunt for the next fractal code. Since no one knows where the fractal code in Ophanimon's castle is, the Digidestined have set up a post at the Autumn Leaf Fair. JP is operating a large machine to rearrange the order of the town, therefore breaking up the fractal code to make it harder for the Royal Knights to locate. The Royal Knights delete the Digimon, so Takuya and Koji unified-spirit-evolve to KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon to face them together. Dynasmon pounds the ground and is furious to only find one piece of the fractal code and starts to hunt for more. KaiserGreymon goes in to attack Dynasmon while MagnaGarurumon continues his assault on Crusadermon.
Now You See It, Now You Don't
44. Now You See It, Now You Don't
June 7, 2003
The Royal Knights destroy another area and send the Digi-Code to Lucemon. Gotsumon is defending the sacred jewels at the Gotsumon Village from a group of Knightmon. Suddenly, the Royal Knights appear and destroy the 3 statues and absorbs it's Digi-Code. The only 3 areas left are the Forest, Ice, and Light. Koji decides that Gotsumon should come with them since he wants to help fight the Royal Knights. The Royal Knights arrive at the Forest Area where Seraphimon's Castle is but a barrier protects it. Koji and Gotsumon appear and Spirit-Evolve to MagnaGarurumon to fight the Knightmon while Takuya and the rest find a way into the Castle.
Bad to the Bones
43. Bad to the Bones
June 6, 2003
After the Village of Beginnings is destroyed, a group of Poyomon warns Takuya that the Flame Town Terminal is going to be attacked. A SkullSatamon grabs a Palmon, questioning where the Digi-Code near Flame Terminal is. However, the Palmon doesn't know and all four are destroyed. Then he questions a Gazimon hiding in a bush and he says it's in the temple. SkullSatamon sends an attack into the temple and absorbs the Digi-Code. Takuya and the gang arrive at Flame Terminal where a group of Poyomon, Pagumon, Biyomon, and Elecmon are starting to worry and a Pagumon starts losing faith on the Legendary Warriors.
Glean Eggs and Scram
42. Glean Eggs and Scram
May 16, 2003
The gang ends up at the Village of Beginnings where Digimon are born. They are introduced to Swanmon who takes care of all the babies. There are lots of them because the Trailmon are too scared to take them to their families so the gang helps Swanmon feed the babies. When the group gets back they find that the Royal Knights are at the village. Takuya and Koji Unify Spirit evolve to hold them back while the rest of gang try to save the digieggs and Zoe tries to get the Trailmon to help out. This time they agree and the babies are loaded on. Takuya and Koji get badly beaten and end up reverting to their human forms but the babies protect them by using bubble blow.
Jerks and the Beanstock
41. Jerks and the Beanstock
May 15, 2003
The Royal Knights arrive at Beanstalk Village where the captured children encountered an unconscious Mamemon. Dynasmon locks Tommy and the children in a cell until they reveal where the "key" is. Meanwhile, Takuya and the gang make a ramp to cross the gap. Worm the Trailmon reveals that the route to Beanstalk Village is a very tough trek. And back at Mamemon Village, as the kids try and escape by throwing a bomb at the cell bars, Dynasmon grabs the Elder and forces them to tell the Royal Knights where the "key" is.
The Bully Pulpit
40. The Bully Pulpit
May 14, 2003
The Royal Knights destroyed another location and then made their way to steel town where Takuya and the gang arrive after escaping from the moon. Steel town is mostly buildings made of metal and the sun reflects off them. When the gang walks along the tracks, they run into the Archery-Centaur Digimon Saggitarimon who wants their possessions. When Takuya and the gang refuse, Saggitarimon begins to attack but four new kids appear with an Angemon to drive the Centaur Digimon away. Patamon says that he wants to be like Angemon. Katsuharu, one of the new kids, tells the gang how they arrived in the Digital World. They're also told that Ophanimon sent most of the children back home since she feared that some of the children might not have what it takes to save the Digital World.
The Man in the Moon Is You
39. The Man in the Moon Is You
May 13, 2003
After being blasted away by Dynasmon's attack, the kids awake to find themselves on the blue moon, one of the three moons above the Digital World. They hitch a ride with a Starmon to a space station where SuperStarmon leads the Starmon in a large operation. After KendoGarurumon tries and can't escape, they learn there is a force field surrounding the moon preventing their exit. The kids, along with the help of SuperStarmon, the Hamburgermon, and the Meteormon, construct a rocket that worthy of flight. As they launch, they can't quite make it so Takuya evolves to BurningGreymon and gives them the extra boost needed. As they arrive back on the Digital World, they prepare to face the Royal Knights once more.
It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears
38. It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears
May 12, 2003
With Cherubimon defeated, the Digidestined are happier than ever. However, they soon become confused as the Digital World has not been repaired. As they try to sort things out, they arrive at a large tunnel entrance where they meet Baromon. The kids immediately evolve to fight him but Baromon wishes them no harm. Baromon leads everyone into the Tunnel of Time, where the Digital World's history is kept. Baromon tells them of Lucemon's treachery and how he was sealed away into a realm of nothingness. Bitter, Lucemon wanted the Digital World destroyed so he tainted Cherubimon to do the work for him. Baromon foresees that if the destruction is carried out, Lucemon will be revived and it will mean the apocalypse. He tells the kids that they must go back to the real world before it is too late.
37. Cherubimania
May 11, 2003
Now that Cherubimon has absorbed all the information of the Digital World, he transforms into a very strong and hard to defeat opponent but EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon try their best to stop him. Although, they are no match for him since he has all of the data. Takuya fires his attack at Cherubimon making the whole bottom half of Cherubimon disappear but it regenerates. Koji then realizes that to kill Cherubimon they must strike the head where the data is kept. Takuya, as EmperorGreymon, manages to reach Cherubimon and stabs the head, releasing the data and mortally wounding him. It's then revealed that the true enemy is Lucemon and he releases his Royal Knights to finish the job that Cherubimon failed.
Ice Ice Baby
36. Ice Ice Baby
March 28, 2003
Takuya and Koji spirit evolved together and fly the others to safety. The two of them are powerful and are actually winning the battle against Cherubimon. On the sidelines the others are cheering them on, except Koichi. He's feeling guilty that he can't help his brother. Cherubimon is fading and after one final blow, he's down but then the castle starts to crumble. They all climb onto Takuya because he can fly and as Koichi starts falling, Koji catches him. Now Zoe 'forces' Koichi to talk to Koji but there is one little problem, another baddy, IceDevimon.
Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution
35. Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution
March 27, 2003
The Digidestined meet up with Ophanimon, who is currently trapped in a cage of light and facing off against Cherubimon. After Agunimon, Lobomon, Kumamon, Kazemon, Beetlemon, and Loweemon try their attacks in vein, they soon learn that their powers are weakened. Agunimon and Lobomon go back to Takuya and Koji, then fusion-evolve, grabbing Cherubimon and carrying him outside where they can have a final confrontation. Meanwhile, the other four legendary warriors set to work on freeing Ophanimon and decide to break the mirrors that are refracting the light from his cage. However, Aldamon and BeoWolfmon are no match for Cherubimon as he absorbs their D-tectors. As Takuya and Koji are barely hanging on, Cherubimon bursts back into the castle and attacks the warriors.
Operation Free Ophanimon
34. Operation Free Ophanimon
March 26, 2003
With a new goal in mind, the Digidestined kids arrive at the Rose Morning Star. After defeating two Phantomons to gain entry, they are greeted by Goatmon, a wise Digimon who means them no harm. He tells them of the ancient times and why Cherubimon was tainted. It turns out after Lucemon's defeat, the three angel guardians lived in peace. However, Cherubimon felt outnumbered because he was the only beast type Digimon while Seraphimon and Ophanimon were human types. Cherubimon believed that Seraphimon and Ophanimon plotted against him and so he led the beast type Digimon into a war against the humans. When Seraphimon was injured, Ophanimon used her power to heal him and after much destruction the three angel guardians were sealed away. Cherubimon, though, had five spirits under his control and used them to create the evil legendary warriors.
Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet
33. Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet
March 25, 2003
Waking up from a dreadful nightmare of destruction and pain was terrible for Koji and Koichi but more than that, Koichi realized that Cherubimon used him for his own purposes. He felt guilty for hurting his brother and friends. It took a lot of persuasion from Takuya, his friends and Patamon to convince both Koji and Koichi to forgive each other. En route to the Rose Morning Star, Patamon told Koichi that Light and Darkness are brothers and exists for each other and that Darkness does not have to be evil. Unfortunately, Cherubimon stopped the Digi-Destined dead in their tracks and began another attack.
My Brother in Spirit
32. My Brother in Spirit
March 24, 2003
Duskmon finally realized that he had a human brother, Koji, and didn't want to fight him. So Cherubimon corrupted him with more dark memories of his past to turn him against Koji. Meanwhile, Zoe, Tommy and J.P. tried to contact the others about the Rose Morning Star, where Ophanimon was being held captive. Bokomon and Neemon went and found Patamon but they also found Takuya as well. Unfortunately, Velgemon showed up and revealed to Koji his secrets and made him afraid of attacking his brother which gave Velgemon the upper hand. Luckily, Takuya rescued Koji just in time and convinced Koji that the only way to save Koichi was to defeat his Spirit of Darkness. Both Takuya and Koji Fusion Evolved to Aldamon and Beowolfmon and knocked the Legendery Warrior of Darkness out. Unfortunately, Velgemon showed up, and revealed to Koji of his secrets, and made him afraid of attacking his brother, which gave Velgemon a temporary upper hand. Luckily, Takuya rescued Koji just in time, and convinced Koji that the only way to save Koichi was to defeat his Spirit of Darkness out of him! Both Takuya and Koji Fusion Evolved to Aldamon and Beowolfmon, and knocked the Legendery Warrior of Darkness out of his misery! Man, weren't they good or what?!
Workin' On the Train Gang
31. Workin' On the Train Gang
February 20, 2003
After the gang finally got back together again, Koji decides to run off after Velgemon to find out their connection and Takuya chases after him. Meanwhile, Zoe, J.P., and Tommy decide to find some information about the Rose Morning Star and they find a Trailmon that has some information but he wants a few favors first. He finally spills the beans and tells them that Ophanimon is being held in a castle.
O Brother, Who Art Thou?
30. O Brother, Who Art Thou?
February 19, 2003
As the battle between Duskmon & Beowolfmon raged on, Patamon was doing his best to lead the gang to Koji but Cherubimon had them trapped. Then Cherubimon took advantage of Koichi's amnesia and gave Duskmon his Beast Spirit. When Duskmon's Beast Spirit Evolved to Velgemon, he forgot what little he still knew and tried to destroy Koji. Thank goodness Ophanimon intervened in time to stop him and now Koichi remembers that Koji is his brother.
Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon
29. Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon
February 18, 2003
When we last left Koji, he had Fusion Evolved into Beowolfmon and was trying to catch up with Duskmon. He wanted some answers but the baddie gave him the slip. Meanwhile, as everyone was celebrating the birth of Patamon, Sephirothmon decided to crash the party. He used the gang's own attacks against them so he could take away their spirits. It looked bad for our heroes until Aldamon figured out that by combining their attacks they might get the upper hand. Mixing up their powers confused Sephirothmon and brought on his defeat.
Darkness Before the Dawn
28. Darkness Before the Dawn
February 17, 2003
It's bad enough when Mercurymon corners you in a world of mirrors and beats you up but then he uses Seraphimon's data to turn into ShadowSeraphimon. It looked really bad for Takuya but energy from Seraphimon's Digi-Egg let Takuya Fusion Evolve to Aldamon, who kicked the fractal code out of ShadowSeraphimon and Mercurymon. Takuya returned to the others and the Digi-Egg finally hatched but inside was only a Patamon. And what good is that little guy gonna be against all the forces of darkness?
Stuck in Sakkakumon
27. Stuck in Sakkakumon
February 14, 2003
Koji & Takuya are still stuck inside the Sephirothmon. Zoe, J.P. and Tommy Spirit Evolved to help them but they couldn't get back inside. Unfortunately, Duskmon is desperate to determine his connection to Koji and he squeezes Koji's memories about his dad & step-mom out of him. Duskmon was about to destroy Koji, when Bokomon's "baby" unleashed a new power source. Lobomon & KendoGarurumon Fusion Evolved into BeoWolfmon. Meanwhile, Takuya battled and beat IceLeomon but couldn't get to Koji in time to help.
Zoe's Unbelievable Adventure
26. Zoe's Unbelievable Adventure
February 13, 2003
Zoe is stuck in the Water Sphere, where she has a flashback about being teased. She soon finds a group of Honeybeemon who are attempting to capture her for Ranamon. Ranamon later forces them to feed Zoe an apple that causes nightmare visions. When she breaks the spell, she and Ranamon wind up digivolving into their Beast forms. Zoe destroys Ranamon and collects both her spirits before she is freed. Meanwhile, Takuya wanders into the Thunder Sphere, where he encounters Parrotmon, and J.P. gets lost in the Wood Sphere, where he finds Cherrymon but both the boys manage to defeat their opponents with ease.
The Dark Heart of Friendship
25. The Dark Heart of Friendship
February 12, 2003
Sephirothmon decided the guys needed a little one-on-one attention, so he split them up to face their personal demons. Tommy had some unresolved stuff with his brother to work out and Asuramon was more than willing to help. Meanwhile, Koji was plagued by his deepest fears about friendship. Karatenmon thought he got the best of him but he didn't count on KendoGarurumon. As it turns out, Asuramon was just pretending to be Tommy's friend so he could steal his Spirit but Tommy Spirit Evolved to Korikakumon and digitized that three-faced freak!
Alone But Never Alone
24. Alone But Never Alone
February 11, 2003
The gang headed off to the Rose Morning Star but the trip was cut short because the kids were sucked into Sephirothmon. While trying to find an exit, J.P. was pushed into another dimension. There, he became Beetlemon and beat Volcanomon but not before getting a big dose of self-doubt. Then his own shadow appeared with thousands of evil clones of his friends, telling him they never really liked him in the first place. J.P. fought through his fears and blew away the Shadow Beastie.
Sockit Takuya
23. Sockit Takuya
February 10, 2003
Having survived his weird trip to the Real World, Takuya returned to the Digital World on a mission. He realized that being a Digimon may be fun but it isn't a game, it's serious. As was the trouble that J.P., Zoe and Tommy were in, they were being tickle-tortured by Mercurymon & Ranamon. Then, out of nowhere, Lobomon appeared to try and save them but he was still too weak from the battle with Duskmon. When it seemed like it was all over, a new and more powerful Agunimon arrived with the power of nature as his ally. He saved his friends and sent the bad guys packing.
Home Again, Takuya Returns
22. Home Again, Takuya Returns
December 19, 2002
Feeling guilty about what happened to his friends, Takuya took Dark Trailmon back to the real world. However, on the way home he turned into this freaky half-human, half-Digimon. Then, to make matters worse, Takuya returned to the same day he left for the Digital World. Thinking everything would go back to normal if he never left, Takuya tried to stop himself from getting on the train but Duskmon kept getting in the way. Takuya finally realized he couldn't run from his fears, so he decided to go back to the Digital World to face the music.
Darkest Before Duskmon
21. Darkest Before Duskmon
December 18, 2002
Not only did Duskmon throw BurningGreymon around like a sack of potatoes, he took the Digidestined to task without even flinching. Later, Takuya came up with a plan to defeat him but that just started an argument with Koji, who knew Duskmon was too powerful to fight. Although he didn't have much of a choice since the big man showed up and smacked KendoGarurumon hard, turning him back into Koji. Now, things were getting weird, it was like Duskmon was in pain and then darkness covered everyone. Takuya woke up alone in the Dark Terminal and when Dark Trailmon offered him a chance to go home, he took it.
From Dawn to Duskmon
20. From Dawn to Duskmon
December 17, 2002
While on the way to the Rose Morning Star, our heroes got dumped at the Dark Gate, the creepy entrance to the Continent of Darkness. Meanwhile, Cherubimon called a meeting of the Legendary Lunkheads. After a little encouragement, Arbormon decided it was time to get rid of the gang once and for all but the Warrior of Wood was no match for our heroes. They chopped him down and stole his Beast Spirit. Then, out of nowhere, Duskmon showed up and destroyed Arbormon.
You Want Fries With That?
19. You Want Fries With That?
December 16, 2002
The gang headed to Hamburgermon Village, hoping to enjoy some of their famous burgers. However Petaldramon and his cronies had ravaged the hamlet on a quest for the ultimate burger, taking the town's top burgermeister hostage in the process. Our heroes decided to help the missing man's family by creating their own burger masterpieces. Fortunately, Tommy made a burger the beasties liked but in doing so, they took Tommy, Zoe, and JP away too. Eventually the kids saved the day and reunited the Hamburgermon family.
Trailmon vs. Trailmon
18. Trailmon vs. Trailmon
November 22, 2002
On their way to the Rose Morning Star, the gang made an unscheduled stop at the Great Trailmon Race. Everyone decided to join the festivities and partnered up with a Trailmon. Bokomon was a little too busy playing 'mother hen' to participate. During the wacky ride, ShadowWereGarurumon & Dogmon used all kinds of nasty tricks to take the gang out, one by one. Finally, Takuya Beast Spirit Evolved to BurningGreymon and gave that mean old wolf & his mutt a taste of their own medicine. With the two of them out of the way, Takuya & Worm crossed the finish line first!
Bizarre Bazaar
17. Bizarre Bazaar
November 21, 2002
After crashing their raft about a million times, the gang finally made it to the Autumn Leaf Fair but they still couldn't find the Toucanmon. Tommy found out that Datamon had the D-Tectors and needed something to trade for them. When out looking, he found the Toucanmon and saved their lives but those jerks just ran off again. Then a big fight broke out between Datamon & Petaldramon. Datamon gave the guys their D-Tectors back and they sent Petaldramon packing. Now that they have their D-Tectors again, everything seems great but that probably won't last long.
The Swiss Family Digimon
16. The Swiss Family Digimon
November 20, 2002
The Digidestined hunted high and low for their D-Tectors but those birdbrained Toucanmon flew off with them. When they tried to swim after the birds, some Gomamon stopped them, which was good because they were about to swim into some nasty whirlpools. So they all set sail on a raft they built and of course, Ranamon attacked. She knocked Kazemon to the ocean floor, but there, Zoe found her Beast Spirit and evolved into Zephyrmon. The whirlpool calmed and the beast Calmaramon was defeated but the guys' D-Tectors were still gone.
Beastie Girl
15. Beastie Girl
November 19, 2002
After Whamon dropped the gang off, they decided to take a little vacation at Toucanmon Paradise. But the food and free beach gear was part of a plot to separate the boys from their D-Tectors in order to win favor with the evil Warrior of Water. When Ranamon showed up, Zoe was the only one able to Spirit Evolve. Kazemon was holding her own, until Ranamon found her Beast Spirit and Calmaramon overpowered Kazemon.
No Wahmon
14. No Wahmon
November 18, 2002
After the wild & watery ride on a Trailmon, our heroes find themselves trapped in an underground cavern with an unhappy Whamon. Unfortunately, Arbormon & Grumblemon figured out where they were and decided to wage another attack. Grumblemon unleashed an angry horde of Golemon and it looked like the Digidestined were doomed. Then Whamon blasted Grumblemon and coughed up a Spirit that he had accidentally munched before being sucked into the cave. J.P. Beast Spirit Evolved into the mighty Warrior, MetalKabuterimon, and wiped out the grouchy Grumblemon once and for all!
Better an Egg Than an Egg Shell
13. Better an Egg Than an Egg Shell
November 15, 2002
Finally, the guys made it to Forest Terminal but no one was there. Down the road at a castle they met Socerimon & Seraphimon, who told everyone how the Legendary Warriors came to be. Then Grumblemon and the other goons attacked! Mercurymon beat Seraphimon and all that was left of him was a Digi-Egg. Takuya & the others escaped on a Trailmon but Socerimon stayed behind to fight. Now they are left alone with the Digi-Egg and they don't even know what to do with it until Ophanimon is found.
Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles
12. Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles
November 14, 2002
When Takuya Beast Spirit Evolved to BurningGreymon, he couldn't control himself. So Beetlemon & KendoGarurumon tried to help him but were pretty useless. It finally took a lot of reasoning from little Tommy to get Takuya to tame the Beast within. Then the gang got stuck in the mud and Grumblemon showed up to grab Tommy. So Takuya Beast Spirit Evolved and did some grabbing of his own. He took Gigasmon's Spirit and returned Kumamon's to Tommy. Grumblemon escaped and met up with the Evil Legendary Warriors (Ranamon, Mercurymon, Arbormon, Duskmon).
A Hunka Hunka Burning Greymon
11. A Hunka Hunka Burning Greymon
November 13, 2002
Bokomon took the gang to get their futures told by Shamanmon, the fortune teller. Just as Shamanmon started the premonition tango, Grumblemon attacked and this time he brought a friend. With the strength of Golemon behind him, Grumblemon stole Tommy's Spirit. BurningGreymon joined in on the fight but he didn't know the difference between good guys and bad. Gogglehead figured out that it was Shamanmon possessed by a Beast Spirit but when he freed Shamanmon, the Beast Spirit possessed him instead! Then when he started attacking his friends, Koji had to Digivolve to KendoGarurumon to stop him.
Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down
10. Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down
November 12, 2002
After getting this weird e-mail, Koji broke away from the others to find his Beast Spirit. Not wanting to miss the show, Neemon & Bokomon decided to tag along. The 3 of them ran into Gotsumon, a rock Digimon, who was looking to awaken the Spirit. Then, their old pal Grumblemon came back for some more fun. When Takuya and the rest of the gang arrived, Gigasmon defeated them and ended up taking Zoe's Spirit. So Koji used the jewel Gotsumon found to unleash his Beast Spirit. He Digivolved to KendoGarurumon, and sent the Legendary Mole right over the edge!
Welcome to My Nightmare
9. Welcome to My Nightmare
November 11, 2002
The gang finally got back together on the edge of the Forest Kingdom. Starving and tired, they decided to make camp and chow down. Then, they discovered the forest was full of these freaky trees that showed them video from the real world! While sleeping, Tapirmon came under the influence of Kepyrmon, who planted bad dreams into a sleeping Tommy. Convinced everyone was against him, he Spirit Evolved to Kumamon and took on his friends. Koji & Takuya finally figured it out, so they Spirit Evolved and ended the digital nightmare! Koji then received a weird e-mail on his D-Tector.
The Odd One Out
8. The Odd One Out
October 28, 2002
On their way to the Forest Kingdom, J.P., Zoe, Bokomon & Neemon came upon a school for young Digimon. There, they met Tsunomon, a little guy who didn't get along with the other kids. Then storm came through and almost washed away the school. Zoe & J.P. Spirit Evolved just in time but while they were busy, Gabumon got swept away. With a little convincing from the guys, Tsunomon Digivolved to Gabumon and saved his friend! After that, Gabumon was the most popular kid in school.
Island of Misfit Boys
7. Island of Misfit Boys
October 21, 2002
After losing the fight with Grumblemon, Takuya, Koji & Tommy fell into a world of living toys, where they all fought with each other! Then an overgrown teddy bear (WaruMonzaemon), working for the ShadowToyAgumon, captured Tommy. Takuya & Koji Spirit Evolved and made quick work of the bad toys but when they got to Tommy, he was playing with his captor (Monzaemon). At least they got a free ride to the Forest Kingdom and now all they need to do is find the rest of the gang!
A Molehilll Out of a Mountain
6. A Molehilll Out of a Mountain
October 14, 2002
While trying to find food, the gang met up with the Shellnumemon and they agreed to help rescue the women from the evil Grumblemon. When they told the snails they were Legendary Warriors, they were captured and traded for the women! Turns out the creep who stole the women is also a Legendary Warrior. Grumblemon has the power to Beast Spirit Evolve to Gigasmon and he defeated our heroes. With the gang split up, it looks like the Forest Terminal will have to wait until they find each other.
Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon
5. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon
October 7, 2002
On the way to the Forest Terminal the gang winds up at Wind Factory. There, they meet the Kokuwamon, a group of machine Digimon who are being forced into slave labor by the Goblimon. So Takuya comes up with a plan to save the little guys but once the fighting starts, they meet the head honcho, Snimon. When the Spirit of Thunder is uncovered, J.P. jumps at the chance to Spirit Evolve into Beetlemon and then uses his Thunder Fist to squash Snimon.
Kazemon Kicks It
4. Kazemon Kicks It
September 30, 2002
The gang tries to hitch a ride to the Forest Terminal but while deciding which way to go, Takuya & Zoe have another zing-fest and the group splits up. Zoe, J.P., Neemon, and Bokomon end up in Breezy Village, where the Floramon use their heads to squeeze out some lunch. When the Fungus Brothers Digivolves, Zoe Spirit Evolves to Kazemon but after it doesn't go well, Lobomon shows up to lend a hand.
Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire
3. Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire
September 30, 2002
Neemon told the gang they could take the train back to reality but they all decided to stick it out in the Digital World. Things were going well until they find the marks of the Ten Legendary Warriors, which Bokomon took as his cue for another lecture. Fortunately, he was interrupted by the Candlemon but unfortunately the Candlemon weren't happy to see them. They turned up the heat on Agunimon, who seemed to be in big trouble until Tommy Spirit Evolved to Kumamon, and took on the whole Candlemon Tribe!
Lobomon: Warrior of Light
2. Lobomon: Warrior of Light
September 16, 2002
After the battle, Takuya doesn't remember what happened but he obtained a Digicode that reconnects Digimon city. J.P. and Tommy get separated from the group and they try to return to their world but find themselves in a labyrinth. The two desperately try to Digivolve but are soon captured by Pagumon Digimons. Koji acquires the Digispirit that transforms him into Lobomon and he tries to save J.P. and Tommy from Pagumons and Raremon.
All Aboard
1. All Aboard
September 9, 2002
Takuya, Koji, Zoe, Tommy and J.P. are contacted through their cell phones (that later on transform to their Digivices) to go to the Digiworld. They take a train at an underground terminal and descend to the Digiworld where they are confronted by Cerberusmon. Takuya's Digivice is activated and the Digispirit of his Digimon is called, transforming him into Agunimon who battles Cerberusmon.
Where to Watch Digimon Frontier
Digimon Frontier is available for streaming on the Akiyoshi HongoToei Animation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Digimon Frontier on demand at Hulu.
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    June 17, 2015
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