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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal is the fourth Japanese anime and manga series in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. It was produced by TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Systems of NAS for short. The series debuted in February 2011 in V Jump magazine, a shonen manga serial and the first episode aired on TV Tokyo on April 11, 2011 and was concluded on September 24, 2012, totaling 73 episodes and one special. It was brought to America by the anime production company 4 Kids Entertainment and was broadcasted on Toonzai starting on October 15, 2011 but a lawsuit filed between TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Systems against 4 Kids Entertainment nearly ended the syndication in America. However, a stay of proceedings was ordered and kept the series alive until 4 Kids declared bankruptcy and all Yu-Gi-Oh! licenses were acquired by Konami's 4K Acquisition Corp. It's currently being broadcasted on Saban's Vortexx block and will be broadcasting new episodes in the future.

The series follows the story of Yuma Tsukumo, a duelist who aspires to be the best in the world, but is lacking any skill. Taking place in Heartland City, Yuma is set out to become the best of the best and although Yuma starts off fledgling and weak, a spirit known as Astral appears before Yuma and begins to help the weakling hero. Astral has told Yuma that he is to search for his lost memories that have transformed into 100 Xyz monster cards called Numbers. Upon meeting Yuma's rival Kite Tenjo, who is also searching for the Numbers, Astral and Yuma learn that they can combine their powers using Zexal.

Yuma eventually enters the World Duel Carnival Tournament and battles against various foes and rivals who are seeking the Numbers themselves. Yuma battles against various opponents but the two noteworthy, and fan favorites, are Vetrix and the insane Dr. Faker. The final battle between Kite and Yuma ends with a surprise ending and sets the stage for the second part of the series.

Monday 7:30 PM et/pt on 4KidsTV
1 Season, 188 Episodes
October 15, 2011
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Johnny Yong Bosch, Marc Thompson, Sean Schemmel, Eileen Stevens
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Full Episode Guide

  • Feel the flow for the final time as Yuma and Astral high-five the sky in the cosmic conclusion to Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL!

  • The battle between Yuma and Astral rages on as the best of friends become the fiercest of foes!

  • Having gathered all one hundred Numbers, Astral is finally prepared to fulfill his mission "" to destroy Barian World! But in order to see his mission through, Astral will have to destroy his friendship with Yuma first!

  • Look forward to the unexpected as the game-changing conclusion of Yuma's duel against Shark flares to a frenzied finish!

  • Winning will come with the ultimate price when Yuma realizes victory will cost more than just losing his friendship with Shark, it will mean losing Shark forever!

  • Once friends, now foes - Yuma and Shark face off in a battle where winning could mean losing everything!

  • Yuma and Shark turn the tides and put Don Thousand on the brink of defeat, but DonThousand still has a thousand tricks up his sleeve!

  • Yuma and Shark's battle with Don Thousand takes a treacherous turn when the great Barian deity reveals he can rewrite their cards into entirely different cards! Can Yuma and Shark defeat a foe who can change their every move?

  • Yuma teams up with an unlikely ally to take down the great Barian deity, Don Thousand! Can this twosome draw out a victory, or will Don Thousand douse any hope these heroes have of being victorious?

  • While Nash and Vector's danger-fueled duel hits dizzying new heights of havoc, the truth behind Vector's dark past is revealed!

  • Nash races to face Vector, but with Vector's enhanced strength, he may be speeding towards his own demise!

  • The fierce face-off between Kite and Mizar soars to new heights as their battle to determine the one true Galaxy-Eyes master roars to a finish!

  • The long foreshadowed faceoff is finally here! Kite and Mizar go toe-to-toe to settle who is the one true Galaxy-Eyes master!

  • Marin's duel with Vector charges to its climactic conclusion! Can Marin outduel this venomous villain, or will Vector remain invincible?!

  • The thunderous battle between Marin, Dumon and Vector shatters expectations as it nears its startling end! Meanwhile, Alito stands tall against his former friend, the Barian behemoth - Girag!

  • Yuma and Astral duel desperately to try and turn an old enemy into their newest ally, but with Don Thousand in Alito's corner, Yuma and Astral find themselves up against the ropes!

  • Yuma and Astral's race to face Don Thousand is stopped cold by the hot-blooded Alito, now brainwashed by the Barian deity! Can they think fast enough to free Alito of Don Thousand, or will he take the two down for the count?!

  • As Quinton and Trey's devastating double duel against Mizar flares to a feverish finish, the brothers reveal the real reason they are battling the Barian! Their startling secret hits Mizar harder than any attack!

  • Looking to get revenge for their brother Quattro, Trey and Quinton team up to take down the treacherous Barian, Mizar!

  • The back and forth battle between Nash and Quattro comes to a climactic conclusion! Will this battle lure the real Shark out from inside his Barian form, or will it cost Quattro much more than he ever could have imagined?

  • Quattro faces off against the Barian leader, Nash! Hoping to find Shark swimming just beneath his new Barian identity, Quattro looks to hook his old friend and reel him back in!

  • When all seven Barian Emperors ambush Yuma, some friendly faces drop in to help take the Barians out!

  • With Kite grounded, Yuma and Astral step up to take the buzzing Barian, Mr. Heartland down! Can our heroes repel this pest, or will they end up getting squashed instead?

  • To get a lead on Yuma and his buddies, Vector bombards Earth with bogus Numbers. When one of them takes the bait, it puts Mr. Heartland and his sinister swarm of insect monsters hot on the gang's heels!

  • With Astral's fate hanging in the balance, the heart-pounding battle between Yuma and Astral World's Guardian thunders to its frenzied finish!

  • Yuma faces his toughest challenge yet when he battles against an opponent who can draw the exact card he needs every turn!

  • Yuma's mission to find Astral turns into a high-stakes race against time when Yuma learns the Guardian of Astral World plans to wipe out his best friend from existence!

  • Kite and Quinton team up to swat down the bug-eyed Barian Scritch! But when Kite starts hallucinating, Quinton have to fend off their flying foe while consecutively steering clear of his confused partner's attacks!

  • Yuma's is set to travel across the stars to save Astral, but an unforeseen pest pops by to plunder Yuma's plans!

  • Shark and Quattro struggle as they battle the Barian duelist from the deep, Chironex!

  • Vector's patience is fading fast, Mr. Heartland begs for a final chance to beat Yuma! Desperate to deliver, Heartland deploys his most dangerous duelist to date, a treacherous Barian armed with toxic tentacles!

  • Yuma and Trey team up to take down a bugged out Barian who likes to munch on memories! Can Yuma and Trey swat down this winged menace before he swoops in to drain their brains?

  • Someone's stealing memories, and the Super Secret Numbers Club are going to find out who! But when the hunters become the hunted, Yuma's friends quickly realize that they need help from an exterminator!

  • The battle between our two heroes and Number 96 comes to a shocking conclusion that leaves only one person standing!

  • Earth and Astral World are under attack! Yuma and Astral are the only ones who can stop it, but saving their planets may come at the ultimate price...

  • The battle beneath the ocean reaches new depths of danger when Shark comes face to face with the Number Guardian, Abyss!

  • It's rough waters ahead for Yuma and his friends when the search for the last two Mythyrian Numbers leads them to an ancient ruin that lies beneath the bottom of the ocean!

  • After an ancient statue is unearthed, Yuma finds himself between a rock and a furry place when he discovers that there's more to Girag than meets the eye,

  • Kite faces his toughest challenge ever when a powerful Number Guardian threatens to take possession of his Galaxy-Eyes!

  • The hunt for the Mythyrian Numbers leads our heroes to the peak of a perilous mountain where Kite's skills are put to the test by a dragon-wielding Number Guardian!

  • Nistro's under Alito's control, and it's up to Yuma and Dextra to free him! Can this tag team duo bob and weave their way past Alito's attacks, or will this Barian knock out any chances they have of winning?

  • Alito's back in the ring to take down Yuma, but a fair fight isn't in the cards when Alito has one of Yuma's friends in his corner!

  • Every time Astral attacks, he puts Yuma's life in danger, but if he doesn't attack, he's a goner himself! It's a no-win situation in the cruelest duel yet!

  • Yuma searches for the second Mythyrian Number and ends up finding an old nemesis who is out for revenge!

  • Yuma is put to the ultimate test when a Number Guardian traps his friends and forces him to battle for their freedom!

  • An ancient Barian deity awakens to add a terrifying new twist to Barian World's agenda against Astral!

  • All the cards are on the table! Can our heroes defeat the dark and dangerous Barians, or will they end up one card short?

  • Still reeling from Vector's revelation that he and Ray Shadows are one and the same, Yuma looks to make Vector pay for all his lies! But with Astral learning of Yuma's own deceptions, will Yuma have to face Vector alone?

  • The Barians are on the attack, and Yuma is ready to risk everything to rescue Ray! But when Vector reveals a terrifying truth, Yuma's dream of saving Ray turns into a nightmare!

  • Yuma embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue Ray from the evil clutches of Vector!

  • Yuma is confronted by an enemy from the past who casts a dark shadow on his future!

  • Being Anna's boyfriend is a dangerous job, but when Anna's teacher plays a Barian card, Yuma finds out just how dangerous it is!

  • The gang's dressed up as their favorite monsters for the school's fun fair, but when Anna crashes the festivities, the party ends for Yuma!

  • When Orbital 7 crashes into Lillybot, it's love at first sensor! So when he discovers his beloved bot is in trouble, he motors to free her from her tormentor... Yuma!

  • Trey and Yuma try to destroy a winged menace before their memories are erased permanently.

  • Girag has Yuma and Ray in the palm of his hand, but will a secret that Ray has been keeping help our heroes escape the clutches of this Barian behemoth?!

  • Girag' got revenge on his mind and Ray in his sights, but when Yuma steps in to save the day, the Ray Way steers Yuma off course!

  • It' Round 2 of the heavyweight battle between Yuma and Alito! Can Yuma bob and weave his way around Alito' attacks, or will this Barian' fancy footwork finish him off for good?

  • Let' get ready to duuuuuuuuel! Yuma steps into the ring with Alito, but can he dodge this Barian' Battlin' Boxers before they send him to the canvas for a ten count?!

  • In order to set Yuma straight, Shark steals Yuma' Key! Can Yuma find the courage to face Shark, or will Yuma' fears leave him cowering for cover?!

  • Mizar batters Yuma to his breaking point...until a surprise duelist steps in to take down Mizar and go claw-to-claw with his Galaxy-Eyes!

  • A dangerous new Barian enemy arrives, and he' bringing one of his world' most powerful weapons to take down Yuma and Astral!

  • When Yuma' buddies can't stop bickering, it' time for them to face-off in the Friendship Games, a sports dueling competition with surprises around every corner...including Barians!

  • A new Barian threat arrives on the scene looking to take Yuma' Numbers, but his plan gets tripped up when he falls head over heels for Tori!

  • Shark gets hooked into a battle with the Barians when the President of the Comic Book Appreciation Club challenges him to a duel! Can Shark outdraw the competition, or will his Number and life points be erased?

  • Ray nominates Yuma to run against Caswell for the position of Class Representative, but when the Ray Way takes a turn for the worse, Yuma finds himself facing off against a Student Council President who' been corrupted by the Barians!

  • When pro duelist Devon Knox teaches a special class, Yuma gets taken to the school of hard knocks and learns a valuable lesson about the Barians he won't soon forget!

  • The Barian invasion begins! Yuma faces a dangerous new enemy who will go to any extreme to gain possession of Yuma€™s Numbers in order to destroy Astral and his home!

  • The back and forth battle between Kite and Yuma comes to an exciting conclusion that leaves one of our duelists down for the count! Will Yuma's dream of pulling out a victory become a reality, or is Kite going to turn this dream into a nightmare?

  • The stage is set for the ultimate battle between Yuma and Kite, but just when Yuma's about to high five the sky, Kite brings him crashing down to earth with a startling revelation!

  • When a mysterious being from Barian World appears, Yuma, Kite and Shark must work together and battle like never before if they want to save Hart, Astral World� and themselves!

  • With the fate of Astral World hanging in the balance, Yuma, Kite and Shark set their sights on stopping Dr. Faker, but before our three heroes can make their final move, Dr. Faker reveals the shocking reason behind his diabolical plan!

  • Kite, Shark and Yuma join forces to take down Dr. Faker! Can this trio work together as a team and put an end to Faker' fury, or will Faker and his deck prove to be too much of a challenge for these three fearless friends?

  • It all comes down to this! Yuma squares off against Vetrix in a battle that will determine the first ever World Duel Carnival Champion!

  • Yuma sets his sights on reeling in Shark in the first battle of the semifinals but when his foe starts off dueling like a guppy; Yuma questions if he's being baited! Does Yuma learn this far too late to escape a sinister Shark Attack?

  • Yuma begins to understand the danger that comes with being Anna's boyfriend when her teacher plays a Barian card.

  • The gang gets the opportunity to dress up as their favorite monsters for a school fair. But things turn ugly with Anna's arrival.

  • Orbital 7 takes an immediate shine to Lillybot. So when he finds out that she's in trouble, he comes roaring to the rescue to save her.

  • Astral and Yuma face a challenge so daunting that they must turn to their biggest adversary for help!

  • It's beginning to look like Yuma and Ray are at the mercy of their Barian foe, Girag. But then Ray reveals a secret that changes everything.

  • Yuma must rely on his skills alone if he wants to defeat Dextra and Nistro in order to save his deck and spot in the World Duel Carnival!

  • Yuma must rely on his skills alone if he wants to defeat Nistro and Dextra and save his deck and spot in the World Duel Carnival!

  • Tori's future is literally up in the air when the damaged airship she is on takes a turn for the worse -- just as Yuma's opponent Cameron predicted

  • Yuma hunts down a photographer whose pictures can predict the future!

  • Shark looks to sink his teeth into a duel with Quattro, but instead gets hooked into an underwater battle with Quattro's sinister sibling!

  • It's a dream come true for Caswell and Bronk when their favorite duelist in the world challenges them to a duel!

  • Yuma's duel takes a turn for the worse when his opponent plays a Number Card that guarantees a win every time!

  • Yuma gets taken for a wild ride when Kari's friend steals an extremely lucky card from the local museum!

  • Yuma faces his toughest test to date when he challenges the tomato loving Tombo to a duel!

  • Yuma broke Anna's heart years ago and now she's back for revenge! If Yuma loses he has to be Anna's boyfriend... forever!

  • Yuma rises up to the challenge of a pint-sized duelist and his deck of monster machines!

  • The World Duel Carnival kicks off when Yuma is challenged by Striker.

  • Yuma gets set to take on the best duelists from around the world... that is, until he realizes he never entered! Can Yuma figure out a way to join the Carnival, or will Yuma's efforts fall short,...

  • The Barian invasion begins! Yuma faces a dangerous new enemy who will go to any extreme to gain possession of Yuma's Numbers in order to destroy Astral and his home!

  • As the epic duel between Kite and Yuma comes to a close, it remains to be seen which way the tide of the battle will turn.

  • Yuma and Kite square off against each other in what promises to be the showdown to end them all. Kite has a big surprise for Yuma.

  • When a mysterious being from Barian World appears, Yuma, Kite and Shark must work together and battle like never before if they want to save Hart, Astral World... and themselves!

  • Having banded together, Yuma, Kite and Shark are all set to put an end to Dr. Faker's plans. But then shocking news comes to light.

  • Kite, Shark and Yuma join forces to take down Dr. Faker! Can this trio work together as a team and put an end to Faker's fury, or will Faker and his deck prove to be too much of a challenge for these three fearless friends?

  • Yuma learns the details of Dr. Faker's diabolical plan to destroy Astral World! Can Yuma figure out a way to stop Faker, or is the future of Astral World a thing of the past?

  • This is it! The earth-shattering ending of Yuma's duel against Vetrix! Can Yuma rise above Vetrix's unrelenting onslaught, or will he meet defeat and lose everything he holds dear: his soul, his Numbers and... Astral?

  • As the duel between Vetrix and Yuma races to its cataclysmic conclusion, Yuma stares down defeat and comes face-to-face with Vetrix's shocking secret!

  • It all comes down to this! Yuma squares off against Vetrix in a battle that will determine the first ever World Duel Carnival Champion! Can Yuma figure out a way to outduel Vetrix, or will Vetrix and his devastating deck destroy Yuma's chance of being a champion?!

  • The explosive end to the battle between Kite and Vetrix roars to a finish! As the battle climaxes, Yuma sets out to free Kite's brother Hart from Vetrix's grasp, while Kite duels knowing full well that Hart's safety hangs in the balance! Can either of them rise above the risks, or are they both fated to fail?

  • The mighty masked duelist Vetrix faces off against the Number Hunter Kite! Unfortunately for Kite, Vetrix springs a shocking surprise that makes dueling all but impossible! Can Kite rise above Vetrix's heinous handicap, or has this undefeated duelist finally met his match?

  • This is it! Yuma's jaw-dropping duel against Shark in the World Duel Carnival semifinals draws to a finish! Can Yuma rise above his razor-sharp rival, or will he be dragged down to the depths of defeat?

  • Yuma sets his sights on reeling in Shark in the first battle of the semifinals, but when his foe starts off dueling like a guppy, Yuma questions if he's being baited! Does Yuma learn this far too late to escape a sinister Shark attack?

  • When Yuma's deck goes missing, he and the gang set out to look for it! But when their search leads them to Heartland City, they end up finding much more than they bargained for!

  • There's chaos in the canyon when Yuma duels Nistro to see who will get the last spot in the World Duel Carnival semifinals! Can Yuma dodge defeat in the desert, or is Nistro destined to rock Yuma's world?

  • Shark finally faces off with his archenemy, Quattro! Will Shark get his long awaited revenge, or will he end up sleeping with the fishes?!

  • Quinton and Kite's confrontation in the cosmos comes to a climactic conclusion!

  • Quinton takes a timeout during his duel against Kite to reveal the long hidden mystery about Yuma's father's disappearance!

  • Vetrix faces off against Dextra in a duel in the jungle, and whichever one wins will wind up in the World Duel Carnival semifinals.

  • The World Duel Carnival takes a dark turn as the finalists descend into the Dragon's Den, a dark and dangerous duel track that will bring defeat for many a duelist! Can Yuma make his way through the treacherous track, or will the Dragon's Den deliver a knockout blow?!

  • To assess Yuma's dueling skills, Vetrix hires the Triad of Terror, a trio of cunning card sharks, to triple team him! Yuma better figure out a way to roll through this threesome before his dueling goes off the rails!

  • It's time for the World Duel Carnival Finals! But prepare for a world of twists and turns because the finalists will be dueling on a roller coaster! Can Yuma handle the ups and downs of the competition, or will he be sent for a loop?!

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