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Di-Gata Defenders is a Canadian made television series. It is an animated series classified as action/adventure, science fiction, and fantasy. Besides Canada and North America, Di-Gata Defenders is aired in several other countries on various networks. Di-Gata Defenders is about six children who are a part of an organization, or group, who defend a place called RaDos against evil doers and factions. These children are classified as heroes to many in the series where they fight against evil.

The people who are known as RaDosians came to RaDos from another planet. These RaDosians have black skin, white hair, and glowing blue eyes. The RaDosians were hit with a virus on their planet which destroys life. The virus has spread and killed millions of people on their planet. That is why they arrived in RaDos to start a new life and hopefully get away from the life destroying virus.

When the survivors from other planet arrived in RaDos, several of them wanted to have power and reign over all of the rest of their race. That is how much of the evil factions came about. The factions all wanted power and would do anything to achieve it. The six children who came together and formed Di-Gata Defenders fight against these evil factions. They try to diminish the evil so every one of their planets survivors can live in peace and live the way they want to live without being harmed.

Di-Gata Defenders is a wonderful and exciting animated television series. It is aimed towards children and pre-teens, but the whole family will enjoy watching it.

Di-Gata Defenders is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (58 episodes). The series first aired on August 28, 2008.

Di-Gata Defenders is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Di-Gata Defenders on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

Saturdays on 4KidsTV
4 Seasons, 58 Episodes
August 28, 2008
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Noah Cappe
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Di-Gata Defenders Full Episode Guide

  • With the Dojo under siege, the Mortagarians arrive and join forces with the Defenders to beat back Lady K'Tahsh and the Sigil slayers.

  • Rion has a dream and it is revealed that Rion is half Ethos and that he is the only one that can ultimately destroy the Ethos.

  • The Defenders enter the Spell Zone looking for the fifth icon. They are captured and discover that the leader plans to use them as a sacrifice!

  • Mel discovers that the vial keeping the trapped Ethos they captured from Von Faustien is missing and the Defenders suspect Roodu and Azura.

  • When Brackus and Rion are sprayed by a creature that makes them fall in love with Mel, Seth takes over Roodu and Azura's training.

  • When Rion has a vision of the fourth icon in the Pinnacle, the Defenders go to find it, only to be attacked by the undead wizard Kor.

  • The Defenders investigate a mysterious case of vanishing children.

  • Erik goes searching for a temple to resurrect Kara only to discover that he must complete three dangerous tasks to get what he wants.

  • When Erik gets arrested, he has to survive in a Di-Gata prison, only to discover that the third icon is hidden within the prison.

  • To rescue Kara from the Mortagarian's underwater realm, the Defenders are forced to steal the Tome of Al Mortagar, and exchange it for Kara's freedom.

  • With the help of Rion, Mel escapes Lady K'tahsh but the Ethos have captured Si'I, a monstrously powerful guardian!

  • Adam and Erik rescue a seemingly innocent Maiden, only to discover that she isn't quite the victim she made herself out to be.

  • After almost causing the destruction of Arboth, Seth decides to leave the other Defenders.

  • Brackus tells the Defenders that Malco intends to use the orb of Ogama-Yan to find five parts of a super weapon called 'The Celestial Abyss'.

  • Mel has a vision of the temple of Yan-Sumos, an ancient battleground where the Wizards of Yan fought the Ethos.

  • Erik, Rion and Brackus head to the island of Rivas to meet up with Seth and Mel and help find Brim the stonecutter.

  • When a mining village is terrorized by Kid Cole, Erik and Rion respond to the call for help while Seth and Mel go in search of Malco and Flinch.

  • When the Defenders learn of the black market Guardian dealer Si'i, they pose as interested customers.

  • After the Defenders discover that Doku is planning to take control of Rados, Seth gets wounded as a result of Rion jumping in to an attack.

  • Kara is double-crossed by Brackus and must find a way home from the Dark Realm by herself.

  • After an attack by a Zad, Kara gets spirited away to the Dark Realm. There she meets Brackus who has been imprisoned by Nazmul.

  • Seth is finding life difficult trying to adjust to the loss of his arm and Erik tries to help by building him a bionic arm.

  • When Seth's arm is gravely injured during a surprise attack by K'Tahsh, the Defenders travel to Mau-data to heal him where they find Adam.

  • When the Defenders set out to find the second icon, they encounter competition from the wizard, Kor who has been resurrected by Malco.

  • Mel learns that one of the pieces of the Celestial Abyss is at the Temple of Yan-Mara. Before they can leave, they hear a distress signal from Rivas.

  • Under Malco's orders, Zads break into Gata-Shin prison and take Si'i. The Defenders go to rescue Si'i, leaving Rion behind.

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