Magical DoReMi

Magical Doremi is an anime television series that features Doremi Harukaze as a normal third grade student at Misora Elementary School except for one problem

Saturdays at 08:00 am on 4kidsTV
2 Seasons, 53 Episodes
September 10, 2005
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Derek Partridge, John Anthony West
Magical DoReMi

Magical DoReMi Full Episode Guide

  • It's finally time for the Final Witch Test. The Witchlings are so nervous they can't sleep and their lack of rest is utterly apparent in the complete chaos and clumsiness around the DoReMi Magic Shop the next day! To make matters worse, Witches Conya, Drona, and Roana drop-in and inform them that the Final Witch Test's are to be held earlier than they'd expected! - NOW! The Witchlings must get someone from the human world to say 'Thank You' in response to an act of magic, while keeping their Witchling identities a secret. How will the girls pass the Final Witch Test when they can't even get coordinated enough to clean-up shop?

  • Things are on the up and up for Nicholas Schmorff. Though, Miss Cooper plans to teach the class about e-mail, manual-in-hand, she can't figure it all out! - it's super Nick to the rescue! Nicholas thus attains momentary attentions of his love; the famous child actress Ellie Craft. Moreover, Nicholas sends regular e-mails to the Ellie Fan Website, and it seems Ellie finally responds! Her e-mail that asks him to meet her for a date at the park! However, when Nicholas arrives at the park he finds a whole crowd of similarly duped boys - and no Ellie in sight! The e-mail was a total fluke! It's up to the Dorie, Reanne and Mirabelle to get to the bottom of this e-mail mystery, sooth the seething crowd, and mend Nicholas' broken heart.

  • Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle find Patina and Patunia's Samba routine quite laughable... until they realize they must develop an act of their own! Witches' Carnivale is an annual amateur talent show where Witches compete for a very special prize! It seems the Witchlings are required to participate in this year's Witches' Carnivale as part of their next test - The Witchling Test. Luckily, a boy at school named Makenzie knows a thing or two about a good talent act. If the Witchlings help Makenzie with his act, they might just get a couple useful ideas for their own.

  • Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle invite a mysterious weak old man in from the cold of winter to the warmth of The DoReMi Magic Shop. The girls must keep their Witchling identities a secret, but when the old man catches sight of Patina, all believe their cover's blown! Strangely enough, the old man seems to know about Greenlings and Patina in return, knows the man by name - it seems the old man is Santa Claus! And Santa's in a world of trouble! He's come down with a cold on the most important night of the year - Christmas Eve! Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle team up with fellow Witchling, Ellie, and use their combined Witchling powers to save Santa!

  • Class snob, Josie brags how her father never scolds her. Many of the girls in class say they're ok with the fact that their fathers scold them because it's the way their Dads show their love. When Ellie suggests that Josie's Dad just doesn't like her, Josie's seemingly indestructible egotistical facade is totally shattered! Josie leaves school early then runs away from home! Josie finds fellow classmate Suzy and together they endeavor on a runaway misadventure. Dorie, Reanne, Mirabelle, and the whole third grade class form a search party. The Witchlings may also have to use a little magic to help reunite the fathers with their daughters!

  • Dorie learns a boy in her class named Phillip has a talent for Japanese chess-like game of Shogi. But when Dorie mentions the game, Phillip totally clams-up. It seems that years ago, Phillip's Dad hoped to be recognized as a professional Shogi champion, but he abandoned his aspirations and quit the game forever! Phillip's afraid to admit he shares his father's talent, because it might dredge-up Dad's olden day despairs. The girls team-up with Miss Cooper to investigate the situation and set Phillip's Shogi talents free!

  • Imagine a Spell Drop Tree seed which grows into a Spell Drop Tree and yields an endless supply of the Spell Drops needed to make magic! - If Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle pass 'The 3-Door Test,' that's just what they'll get! Though 'The 3-Door Test' is said to be the toughest test yet, the Witchlings know that together they can face anything the Lunaverse's slowest exam proctors, Drona and Roana, can conjure! What the Witchlings don't know, is that 'The 3-Door Test' is a test which they'll have to face separately! Each girl must encounter their own greatest weaknesses, face their own greatest fears, and test their own individual strengths in their own separate maze!

  • Dorie gets a boyfriend! An older boy who's absolutely great on a set of skates, roller-blade boy Jack! Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle quickly learn one of the many reasons why Witchlings can't use magic to change people's feelings: It seems this mysterious and sudden affection is only the outcome of Ellie's craft; All involved are totally heartbroken when Ellies' willy-nilly Wandawhirl twirl wears off. How could Jack tell a third grader he loves her, when his heart truly belongs to his roller-blading buddy, Mia!? In a turn of events, arch rivals Patina and Patunia team-up to save the day!

  • Peter absolutely loves Gazamadon, the monster. He's too obsessed with Gazamadon to do his schoolwork. He'd rather play Gazamadon games with kids than play soccer with boys his age. When everyone in class is assigned to make a model of their favorite thing, Peter gets so involved in his Gazamadon model, that he totally misses his soccer game! Soccer teammates, Todd and David are furious. They blame losers like Peter for the loss. Peter is so upset by the ordeal, he destroys his Gazamadon model and vows to hate Gazamadon forever! Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle can't use magic to change people's feelings, so they've gotta' get creative in their Witchling endeavors to save the day!

  • In the Lunaverse, they have a name for little green blobs of goo like Patina - they're called Greenlings. All the Greenlings live together in a pleasant little village called Straytown. When a wild storm uproots the Greenlings from Straytown and sends them careening into the Human World - Lumina, Queen of the Lunaverse, needs wide-scale damage control pronto; the Greenlings must be recovered before they are discovered by humans! It's up to Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle to keep it under wraps and return the Greenlings safely to the Lunaverse.

  • The Obstacle Test approaches! To pass, the Witchlings must work together with their fairies to win a grand televised race against a Turtle Hare pair. Dorie thinks it's a sinch - a Turtle is slow after all, and a Hare is easily distracted! But the Lunaverse is, if anything, predictably unpredictable. It seems this particular Turtle and this particular Hare are both famous athletes! Plus, Dorie's mad she's teamed-up with her fairy Dodo, who seems at times a bigger blunder than Dorie herself! Despite Dorie's doubts, Dodo might discover the key to success and seal the win!

  • Mirabelle's parents are divorced and when Mirabelle's mom comes to town to see Mirabelle for a short surprise visit, the two totally miss each-other! The Witchlings must make it to the train station before Mom's six o' clock train leaves for Dover City. When the girls miss the departure time, Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle must compose a Witchling concoction and embark on a magical adventure toward Dover City to investigate mom's whereabouts!

  • The class snob, Josie, has always held the position of class president and no one wants to challenge her for the title. But when Scooter raises a timid hand, the war is on! Josie pulls out all the stops to win the class' favor, handing out cookies, flyers, and t-shirts galore! She even makes a campaign video! Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle know that Scooter's the best man for the job so they try to use a little Witchling magic to sway the campaign. But magic's no cure all. For in the end, Scooter's true dedication and character must be revealed to rock the vote!

  • Dorie, Reanne, and Mirabelle go to the Lunaverse to take the The Watchawant Test and find the subject of the exam is to 'Determine What Others Desire Most.' If the girls can figure out what the Lunaverse's slowest exam proctors - Drona and Roana - want, they'll pass the test. Then, they may be able to use their new found sensitivities toward others to help a girl from school pick just the right present for her dearest friend!

  • The gang hits Reanne's summer retreat in the mountains for some weekend R and R, where Dorie meets totally cute tennis boy, Jeremy, at the local tennis club. Dorie's dismayed to find class snob, Josie Huffington, vacationing there as well and totally crushing on Dories crush! It's Dorie vs. Josie in a match that's love serving love. But somewhere in the middle of it all, the Witchlings discover Jeremy's track of dating disasters may be the work of an evil magic Grobling. If the girls can find the Grobling they might save the day, and Dorie's date with destiny!

  • It's time for the County Fair! The DoReMi Magic Shop sets up a booth, where contestants try their hand at a game of darts to win hand-crafted, DoReMi Magic Shop magic goods. Miss Shannon, the school nurse, appears to be at the Fair on a date! Curious, Dorie, Reanne, Mirabelle, and their teacher, Miss Cooper, spy on the love birds from afar. But their espionage is interrupted when they suddenly realize a pick-pocket has stolen Miss Cooper's wallet and Dorie's Dreamspinner! Love, espionage, and a high speed chase through the bustling County Fair crowd to retrieve Dorie's Dreamspinner!

  • Mirabelle's parents are divorced and when Mirabelle's mom comes to town to see Mirabell...

  • When a girl at school named Hailey twists her ankle in the playground, Dorie, Reanne an...

  • When Caitlyn learns that her little doll 'Squishy' (aka Patina) can actually talk, she ...

  • Having passed The Wandawhirl Test, the Witchlings, along with their newly acquired Wand...

  • If Dorie, Reanne and Mirabelle pass The Wandawhirl Test, their combined powers used in ...

  • In the wake of losing the DoReMi Magic Shop, Dorie, Reanne and Mirabelle decide to refu...

  • Patina accidently loses a bet which makes her lose the magic shop.

  • When Dorie and Mirabelle think Reanne's uncle Nick and his friend The Sidekick kidnapped her, they must save her.

  • The girls help get back a bunny of their friend.

  • The girls must help a trouble making boy.

  • Dorie goes fishing because of a boy.

  • Caitlyn mistakes Patina as a toy doll.

  • The girls must help the gym star find a dress.

  • The witchlings must pass a witch exam.

  • A young boy hopes a magic pendant will grant his selfless wish.

  • When David insults one of Reanne's classmate, she tries to solve the problem.

  • The school where the girls go to finds out that they work after school.

  • When Dorie makes Dodo (her fairy) run away she must find her.

  • Dorie must find a special flower in the lunaverse to get her fairy.

  • Dorie must follow Caitlyn until she arives at her grandma's house.

  • Mirabelle becomes friendly with a classmate named Belinda who, unbeknownst to Mirabelle...

  • Dorie, Reanne and Mirabelle diligently create hand-crafted gifts to sell in the newly r...

  • Talk about a catastrophe! Reanne and Mirabelle have discovered Dorie's spellbinding se...

  • Dorie and Reanne meet Mirabelle, when Parent's Day is approaching and Mirabelle's dad can't make it, Dorie makes a clone of him to show up in the school (on Parent's Day).

  • Dorie and Reanne switch bodies for the day.

  • Dorie has a crush on Robbie, and is obsessed with witches, and tries to cast a spell to face him, but fails. She wanders off on the way home and comes across a magic shop called the Rusty Broom, where she turns Patina into a little green blob and must become a witchling to restore her to her former self.

  • One of Caitlyn's kindergarten classmates, a little boy named Evan, arrives at the DoReM...

  • Lumina, the Queen of the Lunaverse, places Reanne on magic probation as punishment for ...

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