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The Backyardigans is an animated television show for young children from ages two to ten. Unlike many other programs for children, this show features computer-generated animation. The program debuted on October 11, 2004 and aired for two years on America's CBS channel. Janice Burgess, a producer at the Nickelodeon television channel, created the show.

The television show revolves around five characters named Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin. Together, these five friends use their imaginations to turn their backyards into fantastic worlds. Each episode focuses on the character's adventures in these imaginary settings. Some of the Backyardigan's adventures include traveling to space, surfing on the ocean and searching for a legendary treasure. During each episode, the characters must face and overcome challenges. At the end of each show, the imaginary world disappears when the characters are invited to a friend's house for a snack.

Music and dancing play a large role on show. Every episode features music from a specific genre, such as polka and salsa. Most episodes feature an alternative rendition of a popular or well-known song. The characters sing and dance as much as they narrate and act out the story. In addition to a voice actor or actress for the speaking roles, each character also has different voice talent to provide vocals for the musical segments. Each dance performed by the characters is filmed using a real dancer. The dancer's movements are recorded and then translated to the computer generated characters.

Each character on the The Backyardigans has their own unique personality. Pablo is blue and yellow penguin who frequently tries to take control of the group in stressful situations. However, he's not a very good leader and usually breaks down into a panic when a difficult situation arises. Tryone is an orange moose with a relaxed personality. Though he is Pablo's best friend, the two occasionally have arguments. Uniqua is not based on any particular animal species but bears a slight resemblance to a bug. This pink-colored creature is very friendly and a little mischievous. Tasha is a yellow hippopotamus with a sweet demeanor. She takes things more seriously than the other characters but still shows a silly side occasionally. Austin is a purple kangaroo who is quite shy compared to the other Backyardigans. He usually lingers in the background and rarely takes the lead. Together, the characters of The Backyardigans offer a diverse cast of fun characters for children to enjoy.

The Backyardigans is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (78 episodes). The series first aired on October 11, 2004.

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Weekdays 10:00 AM et/pt
4 Seasons, 78 Episodes
October 11, 2004
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: LaShawn Jefferies, Jonah Bobo, Sean Curley, Thomas Sharkey
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The Backyardigans Full Episode Guide

  • Uniqua is a flower seller in Garden City - a rather drab place. But once Gardner Pablo shows her a special flower in his greenhouse, everything changes for Uniqua. One prick on her finger transforms Uniqua into Flower Girl!

  • Uniqua is the engineer for Tsar Tyrone's royal train. This time, the Tsar needs to get to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. With his faithful assistant, Pablo Pablovich by his side, Tyrone has everything he needs and is ready for a lovely trip. But when Uniqua and Pablo accidentally hit the brake on the train platform, the train takes off with the Tsar. And without them!

  • The Acorns, (Tasha, Tyrone, and Austin) are kindly Scouts who value outdoor adventure and helping those in need. But they are put to the ultimate challenge when they try to help Pablor, an evil dictator from outer space.

  • The mystical Flying Polka Dotted Pony is one legend Explorer Tyrone is determined to find. With the help of a Mysterious Lady (Uniqua), Tyrone and his crew embark on a feather filled adventure in the Himalayas.

  • Fancy flying Dragon Jock Pablo is ready to start his first day on the job with Dragon Express, a package delivery service. Will he, and the very timid dragon rider, Austin, be able to make all their deliveries?

  • Tasha, Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone love their jobs making socks at the sock factory. But when the giant sock-making machine goes haywire, only the factory workers can save sockilization.

  • Scientist Pablo, along with his assistant Uniqua, is working on his biggest formula ever: a growth formula. But when a little worman accidentally gets in the way - the situation truly grows out of control.

  • Pablo, Tyrone, and Tasha are Los Galacticos, a Mariachi band. When they mistakenly board an intergalactic space ship, it rockets them into outer space. There they come across the evil alien Googors, Austin and Uniqua!

  • Waitress Uniqua and Cook Pablo meet their hungriest customer yet when Hugs, a sweet little space alien, drops into their space diner. But an almost identical space alien, the Blarg, is also in the neighborhood shrinking things!

  • Tasha and Uniqua are sister princesses locked in a tower. But today, that will all change - they are breaking out! Austin, the princesses' magic mirror, helps to guide them past the tower guards, Tyrone and Pablo.

  • The Amazing Splashinis, (Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo) will astound you with their incredible synchronized dives. But practicing their latest dive becomes close to impossible when they discover a Sea Monster in their pool!

  • Austin is a robot repairman in Mega City, a futuristic metropolis where robots do everything. But one day, all of the robots start breaking down. Austin must track down the Evil Professor Bug and stop those rampaging robots.

  • Park Ranger Tasha has a very important job for delivery agents Tyrone and Pablo: to get an endangered Indian elephant safely to the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary - and to avoid the bad guys who want to steal it.

  • It's Christmas Eve and Santa's Magic Sack is missing. This sounds like a job for Santa's Action Elves! Tasha, Uniqua, and Pablo are the stealthiest elves around. Are they crafty enough to get past the Abominable Brothers?

  • Austin might look like the scariest boogeyman around but he's actually the funniest. All he needs now is an audience. When two spooky hunters (Uniqua and Pablo) stop by, will he get the ovation he's been waiting for?

  • Noggin Classics: It's Christmas Eve and Santa's magical sack is missing! This sounds like a job for --- Santa's Action Elves! Tasha, Uniqua, and Pablo are the craftiest and stealthiest elves around.

  • Knights Uniqua and Tyrone are ready to do mighty deeds in service to their King, Pablo. But he wants them to baby sit? an egg? It all seems pretty simple until the egg grows legs and runs away.

  • Uniqua is a librarian by day, who with her horse Toronado avenges un-returned library books. When Tasha wants to take a book out and can't because Don Austin hasn't returned it Uniqua makes it her mission to get it back.

  • Uniqua really wants to be a pirate. She convinces a fearful Pablo to go to pirate camp with her where under the tutelage of the great pirate captain, Austin, they will learn to swashbuckle, heave ho, and scalawag.

  • Tyrone is a paperboy who has a brand new route through an unknown neighborhood, Fairytale Village.

  • Meteorologist Tyrone and sportscaster Pablo operate out of a classic TV station in ancient Greece. Tyrone forecasts a sunny day, which Pablo points out is a great day to play basketball when suddenly it starts to rain.

  • Tasha is a photographer and a superhero named Snap. She really wants a front-page photo for The Bigopolis Big News, Pablo's newspaper located in the city of Bigopolis, where there?s always a big story.

  • Tyrone has lost his lucky penny in the sandbox. When he can't find it inventors Uniqua and Pablo are convinced it must be in The Center of The Earth. Will Tyrone retrieve his lucky penny? Is it in the Center of the Earth?

  • Mayan pizza delivery girls agree to deliver a pizza pie to King Tyrone far across the treacherous, steaming jungle. Can they get themselves past the mysterious pyramids of earth, water, and wind and deliver a fresh hot pizza?

  • Tyrone and Uniqua are pest controllers hired to rid Tasha?s house of a mysterious critter before Mr. Spiffy, arrives to inspect her house. But Tyrone and Uniqua are unfamiliar with Wormans and inadvertently attract more.

  • Uniqua is a 1920?s style pilot who delivers singing telegrams. She travels to places no one else will dare go, for one important reason, to cheer up really grumpy people.

  • Uniqua is the sheriff who keeps her small western town safe for ping-pong. When Ping Pong Bandit Pablo comes to town, his deadly ping-pong moves allow him to beat everybody in town and even drive Sherriff Uniqua out.

  • Austin, Pablo, and Uniqua are museum art pieces that come alive at night. When Curator Tasha leaves rookie security guard Tyrone alone in the museum to guard the ?art? one fateful night.

  • It's the annual Festival of Dirt in the village of Filthingham where Mayor Austin Stinkypants reigns supreme.

  • Tasha is a rancher who wishes she had ranch hands to help with the mountain of work she has to do on her ranch.

  • It's a pretty exciting day in the stone-age town of Rockville. Austin is getting a new pet dinosaur from pet shop owner, Uniqua. While playing, Austin lets his dinosaur off his leash and he runs away.

  • Tasha, Austin, and Uniqua are intergalactic garbage collectors who are repeatedly tricked by fearsome Moosian aliens Tyrone and Pablo, who use garbage as power for their spaceship.

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