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The television series Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is all about a young boy known as Daniel Tiger who was four years old at the time. His father was also known as Daniel Tiger. A host of other kids alongside Daniel Tiger made up the series. What was so particular about the series was that it comprised quite a good number of families taking part. These families and their characters included the following.

The Tiger family which was the main family in the series and also had the main characters comprised of Daniel Tiger who was the main character in the series and was acted by Jake Beale, others included Mom Tiger, Daniel Striped Tiger, Grandpere Tiger, Granny Tiger, Aunt Dorothy Tiger.

Another family was the Cat Family which comprised characters such as Katerina Kittycat who lived with her mother Henrietta in a beautiful tree house.

The next family was the Owl Family and comprised characters like O the Owl voiced by Zackary Bloch who lives in the oak tree with his uncle X the Owl voiced by Tony Daniels. The next family was the Royal Family who lived in a castle and the members of this family included Prince Wednesday who was the youngest in the royal family, his brother, The King as well as Queen Sara who was the King's wife.

Another family was the Museum-Go-Round family which was made up of members such as Miss Elaina, Elaine Fairchilde, Music Man Stan who were all living together in the Museum Go Round.

Apart from the above main characters in the series who belonged to those respective families, there also existed other Secondary characters. These included Baker Aker, Teacher as well as McFeely Trolley.

The series was created by Angela Santomero.

The series was produced by the joint collaboration of two companies 9 Story Entertainment and Out of the Blue Enterprises.

The series which comprised a total of 36 episodes was broadcast on different channels on PBS stations.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is a series that is currently running and has 16 seasons (149 episodes). The series first aired on September 3, 2012.

Where do I stream Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood online? Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is available for streaming on PBS Kids, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Hoopla, Apple TV online.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11:00 AM et/pt on PBS Kids
16 Seasons, 149 Episodes
September 3, 2012
Kids & Family
Cast: Addison Holley, Amariah Faulkner, Ted Dykstra, Heather Bambrick
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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Full Episode Guide

  • Daniel needs to wait before getting his hands on the new Tigey the Adventure Tiger book; Daniel is looking forward to play on the playground but he must join everyone in buying new shoes for Margaret.

  • Teacher Harriet shows Daniel and the class what to do to stay safe during a fire drill at school.

  • Daniel and Miss Elaina don't want to stop playing with their trains during Quiet Time at school.

  • Prince Wednesday spills paint on his pants and the floor at school, and learns that accidents happen.

  • Daniel returns to the Crayon Factory with O the Owl and Jodi! Then, Daniel and O are building a cardboard car contraption at school, but when it breaks, they get mad. Will they be able to fix their contraption together?

  • The Tiger Family goes to the restaurant for taco night with Jodi and Dr. Plat. Daniel and Jodi find out that there are times to be silly and times to be calm. Then, Music Man Stan comes to school for a special musical story with the class!

  • At the carnival, Miss Elaina shows off her cartwheel trick! When Daniel tries, he can't do a cartwheel like the one she did. Then, Daniel is playing school with his friends, but Miss Elaina gets upset when Jodi copies everything she does!

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