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In this animated musical series, a wombat, a frog, and a butterfly travel around the world with a performance troupe. Along they way, they're guided by the moon, who teaches them about the places they visit. Judy Greer provides the voice of Luna, the moon.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
November 21, 2018
Cast: Judy Greer, Jaiden Cannatelli, Saara Chaudry, Shayle Simons
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Let's Go Luna! Full Episode Guide

  • When Andy gets frustrated while painting a picture of his model train, they visit a Paris museum to experience the wonder of trains and Impressionist art. Then, Carmen is alarmed by Honey's kooky behavior!

  • In Paris, when Leo tries to make a grilled cheese sandwich for Carmen, he discovers that even the simplest dish can become a true work of art. Then, When Hockbar experiences job stress, Luna and the kids strive to help him relax in Paris!

  • In Istanbul, Leo thinks that his turtle has a connection to a sultan in Topkapi Palace. Then, Andy feels too small to draw the Hagia Sophia museum, so Luna takes him to Mini Turkey, a theme park where he feels like a giant!

  • In Istanbul, Carmen must reunite the feuding Prickly Brothers, a fabulous porcupine tumbling act. Then, an overconfident Leo makes Turkish Delight candy for a friend, but finds out it's harder than he thinks!

  • In Tokyo, Andy wants to make posters for Senor Fabuloso, so he embarks on a journey through the world of Japanese papermaking. Then, after Leo accidentally breaks his dad's special bowl, he learns all about repairing broken pottery!

  • In Tokyo, Salami Strong gets injured and can't do his act. Carmen enlists a Sumo wrestler to put on an exhibition match with Luna instead! Then, Leo is afraid of Lizardzilla movies, but overcomes his fear after seeing how they're made.

  • In Sydney, Carmen's participation in an Australian boomerang competition helps her confidence. Then, Andy wants to hear a performance of his new favorite song and finds that their opera house is an architectural wonder!

  • When Luna goes missing in Delhi, Andy and friends track her down using her hat and an ancient astronomy site called Jantar Mantar. Then, Andy and Carmen have an argument, so Luna and Leo put on a puppet show to help them get along!

  • In Delhi, Carmen searches for guitar strings so she can write her mother a song. In the process she learns about a different instrument called a sitar. Then, Andy's plan to photograph the colors of spring is complicated by overcast weather!

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