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This unique and engaging 2010 PBS Kids show helps young children have fun while teaching them basic skills. The content includes games, projects and stories that will keep your youngsters or students engaged throughout the entire show. Parents can use this engaging show to occupy their children in an educational manner while teachers can utilize the many different activities and videos that are used in their classrooms.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (84 episodes). The series first aired on September 6, 2010.

Where do I stream The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! online? The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! is available for streaming on PBS Kids, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel Free, The Roku Channel, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes online.

Weekdays on PBS Kids
3 Seasons, 84 Episodes
September 6, 2010
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Martin Short, Alexa Torrington, Jacob Ewaniuk, Rob Tinkler
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The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Full Episode Guide

  • Nick and Sally wonder if they can walk on a cloud, and the Cat takes them to Mount Knowmore. As they climb, they discover hard surfaces and watery surfaces and walk through fog. / Sally is convinced that a tall thin glass of juice holds more than a short wide glass so Cat takes them to Point O'View where they learn that getting evidence can cause them to change their mind.

  • Sally wants to make a perfect mobile with four identical rubber ducks, but she's only got three ducks. Cat takes them to The Bazaar at Balancia Point, where everything is in balance. / Nick and Sally are trying to build a sandcastle but the sand is either too dry or too wet. Cat takes them to see the Song Flower Sisters, who need just the right mixture of water and soil before they'll sing.

  • Nick and Sally are disappointed when their toy runs out of power. The Cat takes them to Lots-o-Lakes Land, but along the way the Thingamajigger runs out of Go-Go-Go juice and they have to find other ways to make it go. / Sally and Nick have wrapped gifts but the kids can't tell which is which. Cat takes them to Zippy Zaroo's Cookie Factory when the shrunken Thingamajigger ends up inside a cookie.

  • Sally thinks that three sticks aren't enough to make anything. Cat takes them to a place where they can get more sticks, along the way, they discover just how many things you can do with three sticks. / When Nick drops the mail bag into his train set, his fingers are too big get it out. Cat shrinkamadoodles them so they're small enough to be in the train set.

  • The kids are making bubbles and want to save one, but they always pop. In Odds-n-Endsville they find that landing bubbles on some surfaces helps the bubbles last longer. / Nick and Sally can't agree on the "right" way to sort their toys. Cat takes them to Toborrowland to help him return some things. They come up with different ways to sort Cat's things, they realize there are many ways to sort.

  • When Nick's magic trick causes his toy car to disappear under the porch, the Cat takes them to Arcade Island to win a Gasper-ma-clasper. But instead they find out the magic of bumping things around. / The kids want to make a snowman but the clothes they've chosen are frozen in the ice and snow. Cat takes them to Coldsnap Island where they discover that when they warm up snow it becomes water.

  • Sally keeps getting found when they play Hide and Seek. Cat takes them to Tagaloo to meet a great seeker. Along the way they find out that they can use of more than their sense of sight to find things. / Sally loses her special bead in the sandbox and they can't find it. Cat takes them to the Hole-Lot-of Funhouse, along the way they discover how filtering works.

  • Sally is trying to make a vase for her mother but each one she tries falls over. Cat takes them to Blueprintia and they discover what they can learn by designing before building. / The kids are creating a game that involves "fishing" for prizes, but they can't "catch" any of the prizes. The Cat takes them to an arcade where they discover what will and won't be attracted to a magnet.

  • Nick and Sally are frustrated by a puddle that always forms at an inconvenient spot on the sidewalk. They go to a water park and learn that water always seeks the lowest level. / Nick wants to create a new home for the cricket in their backyard. The Cat takes them on a journey but has to make an emergency landing on Lagoona-Maroon where they discover what they really need when making a shelter.

  • When Nick's favorite flyer gets stuck in the tree, Nick wishes he could jump really high and retrieve it. Cat takes them to Gravity Drop where they discover what happens when there's more or less gravity. / Sally wants to fly her kite but can't seem to get the wind right - after all, you can't see wind. The Cat takes them to Windnasium where they learn to "see" wind in all kinds of ways.

  • Nick gets some new train cars for his train set and wants to add them to his train, but the magnets won't connect. The Cat takes them to a magical magnets world where they learn how poles attract or repel. / Nick is trying to learn how to ride his bike and in Balencia, he discovers the things to keep in mind when you're trying to maintain your balance.

  • Nick loses Sally's bouncy ball. They go to Ballaballo and learn how different balls are made of different materials that make them bouncier. / Nick and Sally are having a sleepover, Nick is startled by a shadow. The Cat explains that shadows aren't scary if you know what they are. He takes them to Shadowland where they learn about how the position of the light can make shadows grow or shrink.

  • Sally loses her slidiness and when they go to the Frictionarium, they find out that there's a force called friction that can stop a person from sliding. / The kids want to get a trunk up into the treehouse and go to the Machine-a-Ma-Zoo where they're introduced to some simple machines, but learn about the pulley.

  • When Sally destroys Nick's model of a mountain, the Cat takes them to meet Sara of Serendip, an inventor who helps them understand that you can make new discoveries through your mistakes. / Nick discovers that Sally can't hear him when he yells from his bedroom window if their bedroom windows are closed. The Cat takes them to the Soundy Sea and they learn that sound travels in waves.

  • Nick is in pursuit of finding out how to build a drawbridge. In Spansylvania, they meet a dragon who's in pursut of them - and along the way they find out that some materials are better suited for bridges than others. / When Nick and Sally's boat sinks, a trip to Floating Island helps them discover that along with needing the right material, you also need to make the shape of your boat float.

  • The Cat in the Hat takes Nick and Sally on a wild Halloween ride!

  • Nick and Sally shrink down to learn about skin from Dr. Giggles; the kids meet Rufus, Cat's cleaner fish friend who's an expert on cleaning.

  • Sally and Nick learn about balancing from Zappa the snow leopard; Cat's friend Sharky McGee explains how sand is turned into glass.

  • Dr. Twiggles shows Sally and Nick how to make new paper out of old paper by recycling; Cat's friend Polly the polar bear loves the snow!

  • Gina the giraffe weevil gives Sally and Nick tips for wrapping presents; Cat's friend Penny the pelican teaches the kids how to catch things in water.

  • Sally, Nick and Cat blast off into space and meet Audrey the astronaut; Nick and Sally learn about bones from Dr. Giggles.

  • Nick and Sally learn that gorillas build nests to sleep in; Cat's lizard friends show Nick and Sally how to pretend to be dragons.

  • Sally and Nick meet lots of animals with different types of feet; Mimi the mimic octopus gives the kids tips on how to pretend to be someone else.

  • Nick and Sally take a super-shrunken trip into Thing One's stomach; the kids go on a journey around the universe and learn the names of the planets.

  • Sally and Nick are practicing to be in a three-legged race; the kids are astonished to learn that you can make clothes from plants!

  • Cat's friend Clarence the cricket shows Sally and Nick how crickets make noise; Sally collects peacock feathers for her hat.

  • The kids meet Lars the lemming, who uses the snow to help keep warm; Dr. Giggles teaches Nick and Sally how the heart pumps blood.

  • Sally looks after some baby hamsters; the Cat introduces Nick and Sally to Perry the peregrine falcon, the fastest creature in the world!

  • Nick and Sally are trying to guess which animal is the toughest; the Cat needs help getting his fish friend Ting Tang Tony back to his family.

  • Manatees Matilda and Marlon teach Nick and Sally how to swim slowly and gracefully; Nick and Sally learn a song about making chocolate.

  • Nick and Sally must protect their cookie jar from cookie snatchers; the kids see how Treetop Tom's tough tongue can pick food off of thorny branches.

  • Astronaut Audrey teaches Nick and Sally about night and day; Cat's friend Hilda the hippo knows all about having fun in the sun.

  • Dr. Twiggles shows the Cat, Nick and Sally how rubber is made from trees; the kids meet Timmy Tippy Toe the klipspringer, who's an expert climber.

  • The Cat shows Nick and Sally a special bean -- that suddenly moves; the Cat takes Nick and Sally to meet animals with amazing ears.

  • Nick and Sally discover gravity when they try to jump high enough to touch the moon; Nick keeps sneezing when he and Sally are playing hide-and-seek.

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