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Allegra's Window was a children's TV series that aired from 1994 to 1996. Compared to Sesame Street stylistically, the series follows a toddler puppet named Allegra as she common problems in the life of a young person. She, her friends Lindi and Riff, and her brother Rondo all learn about life with the help of those in their neighborhood. At the end of an episode, Allegra would sit at her window and think back on everything she has learned. The show aired 53 episodes over the course of three seasons.

Allegra's Window had episodes that dealt with all sorts of dilemmas that children can experience. Episodes talked about being nervous before the first day of school, helping others when they're in need, practicing to improve one's skills, and coping appropriately when things don't go their way. One of the reasons the show was able to be a success with its use of music and songs to engage children.

Allegra's Window had a theme that was heavily influenced by music. The characters were named after styles of dance, guitar riffs, and even musical tempos. There were also many songs in the show, which added to the musical theme. Occasionally, a talking bass and tuba showed up in the show. The tuba was the son of the bass and always told by his mother to play classical music, which he did not want to do. The show also continued the musical theme with different sing-alongs.

The choice to use Allegra as the name of the main character came after the executive producer, Jan Fleming-Chandler, went to a party of some friends and noticed their daughter, Allegra. Later on the producer told her parents that she would like to use their daughter's name for a project that was being worked on for Nick Jr., which eventually became the show.

Nick Jr.
1 Season, 18 Episodes
October 24, 1994
Animation & Cartoons, Family
Cast: Kathryn Mullen, Anthony Asbury, Martin P. Robinson, Bob Stillman
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Allegra's Window Full Episode Guide

  • Riff's gone catfishing, and Rondo can't find anyone to do magic tricks with. Everyone else on Hummingbird Alley is going to Allegra's tea party. Convinced that tea parties are "uncool", Rondo declines Allegra's invitation, until Allegra asks him to show her guests one of his magic tricks. Presto Chango--Rondo is the hit of the party.

  • Grandma is coming and it's time for the Holiday Happy Hoopla. Allegra and Rondo can't wait. Mom tells them that staying busy will make the time go faster. Allegra struggles at first, but eventually she gets so involved in playing dress up that she doesn't realize when Grandma finally arrives.

  • Awakening late, seeing a cloudy sky, and then knocking a drum over at Reed's workshop, Allegra is having a bad day. At Daycare, the day gets worse: she discovers she's forgotten her lunch! But the day turns into a fun one when a sudden shower brings a much needed watering to Ellington's garden. Sometimes, the worst days can turn out the best!

  • Reed is going on a trip, and Allegra worries when and if he will return? Reed tries to case the separation by teaching all the children a song to sing when they feel lonely. Even so, Riff becomes convinced Reed will never come back. He and the rest are comforted when various surprises Reed has planned in his absence are revealed.

  • Allegra is excited about singing backup in Rondo and Riff's big musical concert..until she realizes there is going to be a big audience. Reed shares his own experiences of "stage fright" with her. In the end, it is Allegra who saves the day singing lead when Rondo and Riff get a bad case of the hiccups during the performance.

  • When Allegra awakens with a case of Turkey Pox, she fears she will miss out on all the fun at Daycare. But with the help of her faithful pal Lindi and her Dad, she finds she can join the day's activity from her bedside. Lindi provides the instructions, Dad provides materials, and Allegra learns she can still have a great time...even with the Turkey Pox.

  • Allegra enjoys discovering new things at Daycare, until she's asked to sample a new food--fresh blue zootabagas! She stubbornly resists--any new food she hasn't tried has to be yucky! When she finally agrees to take a bite...she learns that you can't always tell a zootabaga by its cover.

  • Rondo goes on a class trip to the zoo, and Allegra and her friends long to go with him. At Daycare, Ms. Melody takes them on a different type of "field trip" helping them to create their own, imaginary zoo. Even reluctant Riff joins in the fun, when he gets the chance to play his favorite relative--the lion!

  • Allegra feels terribly frustrated--she's always being told she's "too little". She can't play with her brother's toys or assist Mr. Cook in his diner. But she learns that small is sometimes the best size to be when working in tandem with Reed she is "instrumental" in providing the finishing touch to his new Tinga Linga Wind Chimes in the Piano Garden.

  • When Allegra loses "Godfrey the Octopus", her favorite stuffed toy, she is devastated. Everyone in Hummingbird Alley helps to look for Godfrey, and the concern and understanding her friends demonstrate helps Allegra to deal with her loss.

  • Three year-old Allegra is very nervous about attending her first day of Daycare. Accompanied by family and friends, she enters into a new world which at first seems overwhelming. Under the careful guidance of her teacher, Ms. Melody, Allegra learns to take things at her own pace, as well as the most important tool for making friends--saying hello!

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