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Allegra's Window was a children's TV series that aired from 1994 to 1996. Compared to Sesame Street stylistically, the series follows a toddler puppet named Allegra as she common problems in the life of a young person. She, her friends Lindi and Riff, and her brother Rondo all learn about life with the help of those in their neighborhood. At the end of an episode, Allegra would sit at her window and think back on everything she has learned. The show aired 53 episodes over the course of three seasons.

Allegra's Window had episodes that dealt with all sorts of dilemmas that children can experience. Episodes talked about being nervous before the first day of school, helping others when they're in need, practicing to improve one's skills, and coping appropriately when things don't go their way. One of the reasons the show was able to be a success with its use of music and songs to engage children.

Allegra's Window had a theme that was heavily influenced by music. The characters were named after styles of dance, guitar riffs, and even musical tempos. There were also many songs in the show, which added to the musical theme. Occasionally, a talking bass and tuba showed up in the show. The tuba was the son of the bass and always told by his mother to play classical music, which he did not want to do. The show also continued the musical theme with different sing-alongs.

The choice to use Allegra as the name of the main character came after the executive producer, Jan Fleming-Chandler, went to a party of some friends and noticed their daughter, Allegra. Later on the producer told her parents that she would like to use their daughter's name for a project that was being worked on for Nick Jr., which eventually became the show.

Allegra's Window is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on October 24, 1994.

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Nick Jr.
3 Seasons, 51 Episodes
October 24, 1994
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Pam Arciero, Tessa Ludwick, Martin P. Robinson, Tim Lagasse, Kathryn Mullen
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Allegra's Window Full Episode Guide

  • It's a flurry of activity as everyone prepares for Christmas with cookie-baking and gift-planning. Mr. Cook's kitchen is the center of activity as he toils over countless Christmas fruitcakes and also helps everyone make their Christmas gifts.

  • Allegra is planning a picnic with her friends but finds herself stuck in her room -- literally! -- when Rondo bosses her through her chores.

  • Allegra finds her mother's sparkling ring and borrows it so she can show Lindi, but loses it on her way. Her mother remonstrates her for taking something without asking and teaches her a memory game to help her retrace her steps and recover the ring.

  • Allegra and Poco create their own fun house in Allegra's room after a trip to Baloney World is rained out. They soon get everyone in on the fun.

  • Allegra wants a bike of her own and Clef helps her clean up Rondo's old two-wheeler, but she learns in order to truly make something hers she has to personalize it.

  • Allegra's turning four years old! The only problem is Grandma is going to be late for the birthday party, and that means no Secret Recipe Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chunk Chewy Cherry Ice Cream Cake.

  • After Allegra and Lindi get dirty digging in the Piano Garden, Allegra has to convince Lindi that its fun to take a bath.

  • Allegra sees a pony in Hummingbird Alley, but since she has been pretending to see ponies all week, nobody but Lindi believes her! She and Lindi concoct a plan to bring the real pony out of hiding.

  • Noggin Classics: Allegra takes a baby hummingbird that falls out of a tree in the Piano Garden home to be her pet but realizes that the little bird needs its mother to care for it.

  • Allegra takes a baby hummingbird that falls out of a tree in the Piano Garden home to be her pet but realizes that the little bird needs its mother to care for it.

  • Riff and Rondo make their very own phone (two cups and some string) and this inspires Allegra and Lindi to make something too. The kids all learn that you can make lots of fun toys using all sorts of different things.

  • Allegra finds a rock that she believes has the power to grant wishes. Suddenly, her wishes start coming true. Ms. Melody explains to Allegra that her wishes coming true were coincidences.

  • Allegra imitates her favorite character in her favorite storybook. The rest of the kids play along except for Rondo who thinks that Quacky Quack is for babies.

  • Rondo refuses to participate in Family Fun Day at Little Blue and an upset Allegra decides that she doesn't want him for a brother anymore.

  • It's that time of year again! Time to celebrate the Falling Leaf Festival. Grandma has come to town to join in the festivities and help Mr. Cook prepare a feast for all of Hummingbird Alley.

  • Allegra and Rondo have big plans for a day filled with play, but, Clef won't allow it until the kids' mess in the living room has been cleaned up. They get Lindi and Riff to help them out and the foursome make a game out of doing their chores.

  • Allegra is looking forward to her check up at Dr. Metronome's office. Lindi and Riff have to go visit their doctor too and all of them get a little nervous when the idea of a shot comes up.

  • Allegra has a funny dream and tells all her friends about it. This leads everyone at Little Blue to reveal their wild, crazy and sometimes scary dreams.

  • Sometimes three's a crowd and Lindi feels that way when Allegra invites Poco to play with them. Reed helps Lindi learn how to tell her best friend how she feels. Lindi and Allegra learn that compromise can make everyone happy.

  • It's time for the annual Spring Festival and all the kids want to win the big scavenger hunt. The overly confident Rondo, Riff, and Lindi learn that finding the items on Reed's list can be more challenging than they thought.

  • Poor Rondo. He can't go to the movies with Riff. He's upstairs in bed because of the flu. Allegra decides that her brother needs cheering up.

  • It's fun to have sleep overs especially with your best friend. Rondo and Riff have pitched a tent outside and are prepared for a night of adventure. Allegra and Lindi have set up camp inside Allegra's room.

  • Expect the unexpected! It's Topsy Turvy Day in Hummingbird Alley. On this fun-filled day everything is backwards and a little mixed up.

  • There's a new addition to Little Blue Daycare; it's a frog called Steve. Steve is entrusted into Allegra's care for the weekend and the kids realize what a huge responsibility it is to care for their amphibian friend.

  • Allegra admires her big brother Rondo and innocently imitates his every word and action. Allegra quickly becomes an annoying shadow. It isn't until Poco "copy cats" Allegra that she realizes that mimicking someone else can be bothersome.

  • All the residents of Hummingbird Alley are under suspicion when Allegra, Rondo, Riff, and Lindi become super cool detectives. It seems that the kid's prized possessions are disappearing at an alarming rate.

  • There's a new friend in Hummingbird Alley. It's Mr. Cook's nephew, Poco. At Daycare, 3-year-old Allegra takes 2 1/2-year-old Poco under her wing. Allegra learns that being a "big kid" isn't always easy.

  • Allegra and Rondo are worried about who their sitter might be. But, when it ends up being Mr. Cook, the kids are elated. Lindi, Riff, and Poco are also there and the kids learn that they can play with different people instead of just their best friends.

  • Noggin Classics: Allegra and Rondo have very different ideas about how to play with a box. Encora, Hummingbird Alley's recycling expert and delivery person, encourages the kids to make the box into something fun for everyone.