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Talking Tom and Friends is a web-based series featuring animated talking animals, including Tom, Angela, and Ginger, all talking cats. They are joined by Ben and Hank (dogs) and Pierre (a musical parrot). The series launched a season of 52 short webisodes in 2015, and a second season is planned for release sometime in 2017. The original season airs on Bloomberg TV in the UK, and other related shorts are available on YouTube. The Talking Tom and Friends franchise is owned by the software development company OutFit7 Limited, and the characters can be found in many of the company's entertainment apps.

Momedia TV
1 Season, 103 Episodes
April 1, 2016
Comedy, Family
Cast: Tom Kenny, Colin Hanks, James Adomian, Lisa Schwartz
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Talking Tom and Friends Full Episode Guide

  • Faced with the end of the world, Talking Tom and Talking Ben have to act quickly! Can they save the town in time?!

  • Losing hope in her dreams of being a singing superstar, Talking Angela decides to change her outlook - and her sound. What happens next, no one could have predicted!

  • Talking Tom and Talking Ben are desperate because Talking Ginger always beats them in the popular MMO game they're playing. The only option they've got left is to use a cheat code. But is it the best thing to do?

  • Talking Angela embraces a positive philosophy of saying "yes" to absolutely everything. Unexpectedly, it gets her into big trouble...

  • Ms. Vanthrax has been put in charge of the garage! How will Talking Tom and Friends escape to attend the dance contest?

  • All Talking Hank wanted to do was make sure they'd never run out of popcorn. But he accidentally started a never-ending corn nightmare! Will someone stop the rise of the corn?!

  • Talking Angela's desperately trying to keep a secret from Talking Ben... Why? Because she's worried he'll never forgive her if he finds out!

  • It's a doppelganger disaster! Talking Tom thought swapping places with his lookalike would be fun, but it's shaping up to ruin his life. Can he take back his life before it's too late?

  • When everyone but Talking Ginger accidentally eats an anti-aging cream, they turn into kids, leaving Ginger to take care of them.

  • Can Talking Tom and Friends stay nice when the Landlord sends a new roommate to live with them at the garage? Or is it just too much to handle?

  • Talking Ben's a substitute teacher and he's got epic ideas for the kids' science fair project! But with Talking Ginger in the class, things don't quite go to plan.

  • Talking Tom and some of his friends are off to a gala! But while it's fancy, will they actually have fun at a rich people party?

  • Officer Hank's on the scene! Talking Hank's working security at Nerd Night, but will his dream job be everything he hoped?

  • It's time for Ginger to go camping with the scouts, and they're led by Tom. Ginger can't wait to win the forest ribbon.

  • Tom makes it his personal mission to find out Angela's big secret.

  • When the Landlord hires Angela to be his psychic, she tries to keep up with her new job's demanding schedule to keep her friends from getting evicted.

  • Hank cares for a wayward goldfish that mysteriously falls into his slushy drink.

  • Tom and Ben are in danger of losing their home when their landlord wants to sell the garage and live on a tropical island.

  • Angela adopts an alter ego to boost her confidence onstage for a singing competition.

  • The gang uses a device to track Santa Claus, only to discover he's been captured.

  • Ahead of a big premiere, Angela attempts to binge-watch several movies in one night to please her friends.

  • When Hank's favorite show comes to an end, the gang works to prevent their world from getting sucked into the TV dimension.

  • When his girlfriend comes to visit, Ben tries to impress her by learning a challenging skill in a short amount of time.

  • When Ben's invention gets confiscated, Tom and Angela must confront the school's scariest teacher to get it back.

  • The gang celebrates their annual tradition of clearing out the fridge but a family feud threatens Garage Feast Day.

  • When Ginger complains about his strict babysitter, Tom offers to become his new one.

  • Ben and Tom chase an email sent by mistake by delving into the Internet.

  • Tom and his friends become trapped in a diner during a double date when a storm hits.

  • When Tom turns the garage into a trendy restaurant, he upsets Ben, who needs the space to work.

  • Ben joins a group of smarties, who act like snobs to his friends.

  • Tom's plan to make the town happy and please everyone has unforeseen consequences.

  • Desperate to beat the CEO in the mayoral election, Tom will do anything to win. So Ben comes up with a plan.

  • The gang learns that the CEO has gotten ahold of Angela’s latest song and is using it for his personal campaign.

  • The gang works to save Tom’s childhood friend, Will Zee, who plays it too cool.

  • Ginger’s obnoxious rival, Darren, kisses up to Ben and eyes his new invention.

  • Talking Ben and his online girlfriend Xenon compete against Tom and Angela on the “Couple Clash” TV show, and the outcome is surprising.

  • A web series has the friends and couples competing in a popularity contest to shoot to the top of a trending board.

  • Tom and Angela organize a friend outing to the carnival to keep the romance at bay.

  • Tom and Angela try to sort out their feelings for each other by putting their chemistry to the test.

  • Tom and the gang discover their memories have been wiped clean. Meanwhile, the CEO tries to boost the power of a mind-erasing machine.

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