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Lazytown is a kid's show on television that is ironically opposite of its title. Lazytown's motto in the beginning of the show is 'no one is lazy in Lazytown.' The show actually promotes a healthy lifestyle for young children. The brightly colored background, energetic characters, and rubbery puppets, create a fast pace tone to provide positive encouragement for youngsters. The show captures young children's attention so that they can act upon the practice of a healthy lifestyle, and this is done by demonstrating exercise in a fun and exciting way.

Lazytown captures the underlying theme of healthy living through the hero character by combating his rubber puppet nemesis in a creative and silly way. The story is interesting and easily understood through its simple plot devices from the theme of healthy living.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays on Nick Jr.
3 Seasons, 81 Episodes
August 16, 2004
Talk & Interview
Cast: Magnús Scheving
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LazyTown Full Episode Guide

  • It's the holiday season, and the kids are very excited to get presents from Santa Claus. But to everyone's surprise, Santa shows up empty-handed.

  • The Lazy Cup soccer tournament is taking place in LazyTown, and the winner gets a golden trophy and a wish!

  • When Robbie finds an invisibility helmet that Pixel invented, he realizes that he can use it to prevent Sportacus from doing his SuperMoves.

  • Mayor Meanswell wants to cook a healthy meal for his friend Ms. Busybody, but he just can't seem to get it right.

  • It's the first day of summer in LazyTown, and everyone is going to the beach to celebrate.

  • When the Purple Knight shows up and decides to use his dragon to take all the SportsCandy from LazyTown, the kids have to stop him.

  • When Sportacus's crystal goes missing, he and the kids have to work together to solve the mystery.

  • It's the grand opening of the new LazyTown Museum, and the kids are excited to learn more about LazyTown's history.

  • The Mayor organizes a scavenger hunt and gives scavenger hunt cards to all the kids. Robbie Rotten finds an opportunity to switch the cards.

  • Stephanie meets many challenges that she must overcome, but with help from her friends, anything is possible.

  • It's Ziggy's birthday, and everyone in LazyTown is excited to throw him a surprise party.

  • Sportacus is challenged by a new robot superhero, Roboticus, and needs to use all of his strength and SportsCandy to defeat him.

  • When Robbie hears that Sportacus is showing the kids how to use an Energy Book, he tries his best to lure them into bad behaviors.

  • Robbie poses as a snow monster to keep the kids from playing outside in the snow but gets in trouble when he ignores the signs near a frozen lake.

  • Pixel invents a device that lets the kids jump into their favorite fairy tales, prompting Robbie to jump in, too, and try to alter the happy endings.

  • Robbie invents a machine that pulls toys away from kids. After luring Sportacus out of the country, he takes away all of the toys in LazyTown!

  • When Stephanie and Ziggy open a dance school, Robbie poses as the head of a famous dance academy and invites Stephanie to join him far, far away.

  • Robbie Rotten is visited by a magical genie who grants him three wishes. But Robbie's wishes are all designed to make LazyTown lazy again.

  • Robbie enters the LazyTown car race to prove that he's the fastest one in town. But he cheats by sabotaging the kids' cars and using a turbo engine.

  • Pixel's convinced that technology can solve any problem. But when Robbie shows up and "wires" everything, LazyTown is turned upside down.

  • When the LazyTown kids get into an argument, Robbie builds a giant wall that will make it impossible for them to play together.

  • When Robbie poses as a teacher at the LazyTown school to stop the kids from learning new things, his lessons turn the school upside down.

  • Pixel sets up LazyTown TV so all the LazyTowners can create their own programs. But Robbie isn't a fan of all the healthy and happy programming.

  • Stephanie creates a cool Play Park for her friends, but they're lured away by Robbie's candies -- and a thrill ride. Can Stephanie win them back?

  • When the LazyTown kids decide to put on their very own circus, Robbie poses as a ringmaster and tries to get rid of Sportacus.

  • With the mayor away for the weekend, Robbie sets out to change all of LazyTown's rules -- and order Sportacus to leave forever.

  • When Robbie creates a giant trash cannon to shoot trash all over town, it's up to Sportacus to save the LazyTowners from being buried in rubbish.

  • Hoping to "retrain" Sportacus the rotten way, Robbie uses a device to turn him into a 10-year-old boy. Can Stephanie bring the hero back to adulthood?

  • Robbie pretends to be a famous rock singer so he can convince the LazyTown kids to be lazy, and demand that Sportacus leave LazyTown forever.

  • The mayor warns the kids to stay away from an old, unsafe castle, but Trixie ignores the warning and convinces the kids to join her inside.

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