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Pinky Dinky Doo is a hand-drawn animated program that aired in various countries during the first few years of the 21st century. The show's main character is Pinky Dinky Doo, voiced by India Ennenga - a seven-year-old with a knack for elaborate storytelling. She lives in Great Big City along with her mother, father, four-year-old brother Tyler, and talking family pet Mr. Guinea Pig.

The show normally starts with a problem for Pinky, Tyler, or Mr. Guinea Pig and leads to a storytelling session in the large cardboard box known as the Story Box. After sketching the start of the story on the box's wall its action is displayed for the viewer. In many cases the tale involves Pinky, members of her family, and friends like Nicholas Biscuit, Bobby Boom, and Daphne Toilette. It's up to Pinky to come up with a wacky solution to the dilemma in her story. This is displayed through the inflation of Pinky's head until the proper idea appears.

Through each episode of Pinky Dinky Doo there are two interactive segments to get the show's audience involved. One is the introduction of The Great Big Fancy Word. Whenever the word is about to be used Mr. Guinea Pig will blows a trumpet to signify its introduction. This word is used several times per installment. The other interactive element comes at the end of each story when audience members are invited to recall important parts of the story through games on a video game toy resembling a cheese sandwich. These games are guided by Pinky in order to obtain the correct answer.

Pinky Dinky Doo was created by Jim Jinkins, who voices Pinky's father, and is a co-production of Sesame Workshop, Noggin (now Nick Jr.), Cbeebies, and Cartoon Pizza. It originally ran from 2005-2008 on the American kids network Noggin, Spanish Univision, the UK's CBeebies, and Canada's Treehouse TV.

Pinky Dinky Doo is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on April 5, 2005.

Where do I stream Pinky Dinky Doo online? Pinky Dinky Doo is available for streaming on Noggin, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pinky Dinky Doo on demand at HBO Max, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV online.

2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
April 5, 2005
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Booth Daniels, Joshua Lewis Berg, Eli Toron
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Pinky Dinky Doo Full Episode Guide

  • The Dinky Doos play The Random Game; With the help of Professor Boom, Pinky and Tyler travel into Tyler's imagination.

  • Pinky, Bobby and Daffinee are contestants on a game show. / Pinky and Nicholas are on Great Big Desserty Island and have eaten too much pie.

  • Daddy Dinky Rex is nervous about trying new food. / Pinky panics when she thinks she lost Daffinee's poodle.

  • Captain Doo and her crew assume a lot of things about a new planet. / Pinky and Daffinee meet a new friend and dance with an octopus in a submarine.

  • A dinosaur called Thesaurus helps Pinky use more words in her stories. / Pinky's band overcomes procrastination to play a concert for the whole world.

  • Pinky's friend Blobby isn't listening! / Pinky and her friends help Vicki Chicken learn to handle problems one step at a time.

  • After Tyler breaks the story box, Pinky tells a story about a disaster in Great Big City. / Daffinee has trouble finding shoes for a fashion show.

  • A Miggy Monster named Burpzilla has eaten the city's electrical plant! / Pinky and her friends go to Squeedorp Prime in search of a birthday present.

  • Pinky and the gang must find a giant pink gorilla and teach him to ask before taking something. / Jinkins the butler misses his family!

  • When Nicholas puts on a magic show that goes wrong, Pinky helps him learn how to ask for help. / Speed Rocket Guinea Pig enters a big race.

  • Some of Pinky's friends make fun of her for having bad breath. / Pinky and her friends learn to collaborate when they enter a cooking contest.

  • The Dinky Doos help an elephant remember his favorite song. / Sir Guinea Pig the Brave Explorer conquers his fear of the dark.

  • When Tyler gets storyteller's block, he and Pinky make up a story about making up a story. / Pinky can't find the final piece in her 3D robot puzzle.

  • The Dinky Doos play the Random Game, where they pull toys from the story box and spin tales about them. / With the help of Professor Boom, Pinky and Tyler travel into Tyler's imagination and help him wake up his "sleeping" imagination.

  • The Monkey Dinky Doos, Toilettes and Bleepy Bloopys learn to share their different traditions and celebrate New Year's Eve. / When the story pad runs out of pages, Pinky and Tyler visit old friends in Made Up Storyland.

  • When water starts disappearing from Great Big Lake, the Super Duper Doos look for the water-wasting culprit. / Pinky draws her science teacher, Mrs. Duckfeet. When the teacher thinks Nicholas is responsible, Pinky must admit that the drawing is hers.

  • Pinky and the gang find an egg in the jungle. When it hatches in their apartment, they realize their new dragon friend needs a different environment. / Pinky and Tyler shrink to Mr. Guinea Pig's size and help him find homes for his collections.

  • Tyler makes the new Big Sharks hover board soccer team! But then he realizes he might be more comfortable on the Little Guppies team. / When Trusty Tyler looks after the frisky puppies at the Giddyuppy Puppy Ranch, he learns how to be dependable.

  • When Pinky and her friends go on a field trip to Squeedorp Grand Hotel, they pack way too many things and learn what is essential for having fun. / Quirky Hat Day is coming up at school and Pinky has to "think big" for her own quirky hat idea.

  • Pinky and Nicholas meet Princess Volume in the kingdom of Tipsy Topsia and help her learn to control the volume of her voice. / At Great Big Farm, Pinky, Tyler and Lulu help a balloon animal named McStretch learn about growing up naturally.

  • All the houses in Little Tiny Town look alike, and Postman Guinea Pig doesn't know where to deliver a letter. / Pirates Pinky, Tyler and Mr. Guinea Pig set off on a treasure hunt after Pirate Tyler finds an incomplete treasure map.

  • When the Dinky Doos go to the Great Big Bean Festival, they enter Mr. Guinea Pig's sculpture in a colossal contest. / Pinky and Tyler help a little Mummy find his Mummy after they get separated in the Museum of Really Old Stuff.

  • When P. Piddy Pony gives Pinky a present she doesn't like, Pinky learns to be gracious. / Tyler Von Whoopty Doo hears squeaking sounds that are distracting him from writing his latest opera, so Sherlock Pinky takes on the case.

  • Cowgirls Pinky and Daffinee follow instructions in order to find Big Blue, a legendary bunny as big as the sky! / Pinky loses her lucky scrunchie on the day of the Big School Olympics.

  • When Daffinee's cousin comes to visit, the two have a bubble-blowing competition that gets too competitive. / On a hot day in Smackdab Park, Pinky and her friends learn to be observant when they try to cool down with some Icy Fruity Fruit Fruits.

  • Pinky and Mr. Guinea Pig help Lobert the famous Lobster clean up his home after it is polluted. / A traffic jam keeps everyone from getting to Smack Dab Park for an animal party. The Super Duper Doos save the day!

  • Tyler builds a fort, but he's afraid to play with it because he doesn't want to knock it down.

  • Tyler doesn't like it when things change. Pinky tells him a story about Grandma Dinky Doo. / Pinky encounters a tiny ladybug who's scared to fly.

  • At Tyler's bedtime, a magic Genie Pig appears to grant him three wishes. / Tyler and Mr. Guinea Pig are hoping their loose teeth will fall out.

  • When everything turns pink in Great Big City, Pinky investigates. / It's the super bike race, and Daffinee's poodle bike is yipping out of control.

  • The Dinky Doos discover Mr. Guinea Pig has a secret bone collection. / Mr. Guinea Pig writes a song to make Pinky feel better, and it becomes a hit.

  • Tyler needs to make a poster for school about his family but thinks they're too ordinary. / Pinky opens an ice cream stand on a hot summer day.

  • Pinky's class is having a talent show. / Pinky and Tyler clean their room, but Mr. Guinea Pig can't find his trumpet to mark the stupendous moment!

  • Tyler and Pinky try to decipher a treasure map they found. / Jackson is at Tyler's for a sleepover, but when the lights go out, he can't sleep.

  • Pinky brings home a guppy, Specs, who tries to escape from his aquarium. / Pinky and Tyler don't think their new robot babysitter will be any fun.

  • Superhero Boom Sonic Boom comes to the aid of Great Big City on his superpowered wheelchair. / Tyler wants to take home a frog he finds in the park.

  • Pinky uses her duplicator machine to make copies of herself. / Tyler and Daffinee are taken in by toy commercials and want to collect them all.

  • Pinky attends a giant cheese festival, but all of the cheese goes missing! / Miss Zero asks Pinky to be the judge of her planet's bake-off.

  • On a hot summer day, Pinky looks out the window and sees everything's covered in snow! / It's concert day at school and Pinky forgets her French horn.

  • Pinky tries to fix things that keep going wrong at the Great Big Costume Contest. / Sr. Pedro the penguin gets invited to a casual-dress barbeque.

  • Tyler won't take a bath and gets so dirty that he starts to look like a monster. / Pinky must save the city when it literally rains cats and dogs.

  • Pinky doesn't want to be part of the soccer team but still finds a way to fit in. / Pinky invents something to help a dragon stop spilling his drinks.

  • Pinky and Mr. Guinea Pig are tightrope walkers at the circus -- but their tightrope disappears. / A bad hair day could ruin Pinky's class picture.

  • Tyler misses all the fun when he won't stop playing his video game. / When Pinky forgets about cage cleaning day, Mr. Guinea Pig runs away from home.

  • When Pinky is captured by a giant ape, it's Tyler's turn to rescue her. / Pinky shrinks herself super small in order to avoid a new girl at school.

  • Tyler wants to be very scary when he goes trick-or-treating. / Pinky and her class are in for a surprise: Their substitute teacher is a space alien.

  • Pinky uses her Tall O'Meter to make herself grow super big. / Pinky helps two clouds settle an argument over who will carry rain to Great Big City.

  • Pinky helps Monsieur Guinea Pig paint a portrait of a pizza vendor. / Pinky wakes at night to find a stuffed animal party going on in her living room.

  • Pinky and Tyler are surprised to learn that even pirates have to clean up after themselves. / Pinky investigates some strange sounds at the museum.

  • Pinky helps a grumpy alligator find a new home. / Pinky attends a birthday party at a fussy club where no laughing is allowed!

  • Tyler fills in at the opera when a famous tenor loses his voice. / Pinky misses show-and-tell day at school when she has a case of the Polka Dot Pox.

  • Pinky wears salami on her feet when she can't find her shoes. / Pinky puts so much baking powder in her fluffy buns that her apartment rises up.

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