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A magical animated series for preschoolers. Bianca is a little girl with a big secret; she has the ability to grant wishes. With the help of her mother, who shares her magical gift, Bianca learns to harness her power and use it to help other people. Along the way she also learns to communicate better, solve problems, and think creatively.

Wishenpoof! is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on February 6, 2014.

Where do I stream Wishenpoof! online? Wishenpoof! is available for streaming on Amazon Studios, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wishenpoof! on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Amazon Studios
3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
February 6, 2014
Kids & Family
Cast: Addison Holley, Scott McCord, Hope Cassandra, Katie Griffin
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Wishenpoof! Full Episode Guide

  • Both Grandmas are coming over so Bianca and her family are making them a delicious dinner! Mom needs Bianca's help preparing for the meal, but a misunderstanding between the two of them causes an argument, leaving both Mom and Bianca very frustrated. Suddenly, they're at the beach! Mom tells Bianca that whenever she's angry, she goes to her

  • Bianca and her class are voting to either decorate their classroom to look like either Egypt or China! But Bianca doesn't know anything about Egypt or China. How is she supposed to decide? With the guidance of Miss Bridget and Bob the Bear, Bianca learns that in order to make the right choice, she has to learn about both places. Bianca and Bob go on a Wish Magic adventure through both countries, learning about each place to help Bianca make her final decision. As Bianca and Bob encounter historic landmarks, action-packed activities, and amazing animals, Bianca is able to experience the importance of learning before you make a decision. She also learns about the rich cultures and specialties of the two countries. But which will she choose?

  • Bianca is playing Wishball with her friends and Bruno the Ogre is playing too! Bruno has a hard time playing though because he doesn't have a wand or wings. He's also much stronger than the other players and keeps throwing the ball too hard and bumping into everyone. The kids get frustrated with Bruno for ruining the game, making Bruno so sad that he goes home. Bob helps Bianca understand how hard it must be for Bruno to play Wishball. Bianca decides to really see how hard it is, so she uses some Wish Magic to transform herself into an Ogre. Bianca learns that it is indeed very hard to play Wishball as an Ogre! Bianca finds Bruno to apologize and help him find a way to play in his own way. They fly back to the Wishball field, where Bruno is able to show off his new skills.

  • Bianca and Penelope are playing outside at school when Bianca conjures up a jungle for them to have an adventure in. But when Miss Bridget calls the class back inside, Bianca get distracted and forgets to clean up her Wish Magic jungle. Inside the classroom, Bianca is really excited to make her monkey costume but forgets to close the caps open on the glitter and paint she was using. She quickly goes to see what Penelope and Charlie are making when

  • Bianca and her family are going camping! Bianca is very excited, as she's never been camping before. She's especially excited to see the Wish Stars from the top of Mount Wishmore! The Wish Stars can only be seen from the top of the mountain, and Bianca and her family really don't want to miss them. The hike to the top is filled with songs, love, and the appreciation of nature. But the hike proves challenging; with roadblocks, windy conditions, and tired hikers all providing obstacles for Bianca and her family to overcome. But by working together, Bianca and her family are able to keep hiking and reach the summit. Bianca learns the important lesson of the power of working as a team in order to succeed. The reward is a night under the Wish Stars atop Mount Wishmore, a magical end to a day of teamwork.

  • Bianca is excited to spend the day at the playground with Dad and Ben! Bianca loves the playground- especially the huge twisty slide. But, as they approach the playground, they see that a tree fell on the slide and it's closed until the town can get enough money for a new one. Oh no! At home, a discouraged Bianca makes some lemonade while she thinks about what she can do to help. The delicious lemonade gives Bianca an idea: she can make a lemonade stand, and use the money towards the new slide! Bianca heads back to the playground where she sets up her business.

  • It's Christmas time and Bianca, her family and friends are gathered around the town's Christmas tree to make their wishes. When Bob's wish breaks and Penelope's wish gets thrown off course, Bianca becomes determined to do whatever it takes to make their wishes come true!

  • Merry almost-Christmas! Each year, everyone in the town makes a wish, and hangs that wish on the Christmas Wish Tree. After decorating their home, Bianca and her family head to Main Street to meet up with friends and hang their wishes on the tree- including Penelope, who has biggest Christmas Wish of all: to meet Santa Claus! After everyone has left, Bianca and Bob go to hang Bob's wish, but it breaks! Bianca learns that if you love someone, you can still try and make their wish come true. Bob's wish is for his own wish wand, and Bianca selflessly offers hers to him

  • Bianca is very excited when Grammie says she has a surprise for her at her farm. Grammie takes Bianca to the stable and presents her with her very own pony! Bianca is ecstatic! Bianca names the pony Brownie, due to her brown fur. Bianca really wants to ride Brownie around the farm. But Bianca learns that before she can ride Brownie, she needs to learn how to take care of her. But communicating with animals is hard! Bianca wants to help Brownie, but it's tricky because Brownie can't tell Bianca what she's feeling! Grammie works with Bianca to help her understand that even though animals can't talk, they can still show us what they're thinking and what they want. As Bianca spends time with her new pony, she learns what Brownie's different movements and actions mean, and helps her feel comfortable in her new home. Saddle up! Time for a pony ride with a new best friend.

  • A fun game of pretend takes a turn for the worse when a Wish Magic mistake makes Piggie fly away! Ben really loves Piggie, so Bianca wants to do everything she can to help Ben get his stuffie back. Throughout the journey, Bianca tries her hardest to be a hero and help Ben, showing emotional support and helping to solve the case. The group eventually finds Piggie in the Enchanted Forest, making Ben very happy and thankful for having such a heroic older sister. The journey closes with an extra magical surprise from Piggie herself.

  • Bianca can't wait to go to the park with her Mom to play Pirates of the Pickle Sea with Penelope, but plans begin to change a bit when Mom has to take care of something at the store instead. Bianca doesn't like this change, because she was excited to go with Mom, but she overcomes it thanks to a fun surprising blast-off to the park with Dad and Ben.At the park, Penelope and Violet are playing a new game with cups. But Penelope is supposed to play Pirates of The Pickle Sea with Bianca! Bianca isn't happy, and doesn't want to try the cup game. She wants to play pirates! Just like she and Penelope planned. Bianca learns that sometimes changing your plans can lead to fun surprises. She agrees to try Penelope and Violet's new game, and ends up having an amazing time. Who knew a game with cups could be so fun?

  • Bianca and her class are on an exciting field trip to the Museum of Natural History! When Miss Bridget introduces a fun partner research project to do in the museum, Bianca can't wait to partner up with her best friend, Penelope. However, Miss Bridget assigns Bianca to work with Oliver. Bianca is sad that she doesn't get to work with Penelope, but Bob the Bear helps remind her that this could be a great opportunity to learn about Oliver, and see what they have in common. What follows is an imaginary aquatic adventure, filled with scientific learning and a blossoming friendship. As Oliver and Bianca explore the museum and learn about their topic, they also learn a lot about each other, and discover that they have a lot of similar interests!

  • When Ben's baby wish magic keeps appearing and disappearing, Bianca wants to do all she can to help him understand why. Bianca realizes that she needs to seek out some wish magic expertise to fully help him. Bianca, Ben and Bob embark on a magical adventure to Fairy Grandma's house. Each step along the way Ben's wish magic comes and goes. Finally reaching Fairy Grandma's, she helps Bianca understand that the best way to help Ben and his wish magic problem, is to let him be himself.

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