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This animated series follows a team of super heroes from the 31st century known as The Legion of Super Heroes. The team is comprised of Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, the android known as Brainiac 5, Bouncing Boy, Triplicate Girl, Timber Wolf, and Chameleon Boy. Superboy also joins the team when he travels to the future after leaving his home of Smallville, Kansas. Together Superboy and The Legion of Super Heroes protect the Earth against those evil alien forces from across the universe determined to conquer the planet and the galaxy.

Legion of Super Heroes is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2006.

Where do I stream Legion of Super Heroes online? Legion of Super Heroes is available for streaming on Warner Bros., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Legion of Super Heroes on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Warner Bros.
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
January 1, 2006
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Shawn Harrison, Andy Milder, Yuri Lowenthal, Kari Wahlgren, Michael Cornacchia
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Legion of Super Heroes Full Episode Guide

  • The Legion engages the new Brainiac 6 in final battle before it digitalizes the entire universe.

  • The original Brainiac attempts to corrupt Brainiac 5, with the aid of Imperiex. However, when Brainiac 5 finally chooses sides, there may be no winners.

  • The Legion battle the Dark Circle with the aid of Dream Girl, who can predict the future. However, the Dark Circle discovers the Legion's secret weapon and turn her against them.

  • The Legion come to the aid of the Sorcerer's Planet of Zarok, where the magician Mordru has returned to drain the High Council of its power. Unfortunately, the Legion's only ally is their one-time enemy, the impish Zyx.

  • The Legion go on a mission to rescue R.J. Brande, who was instrumental in the founding of the team.

  • On a mission to the Bottle City of Kandor, Superman learns the truth behind the destruction of his homeworld of Krypton in the 20th century... and which ancestor of a Legionnaire was responsible.

  • An intergalactic bounty hunter from the future sets his sights on a small boy in the 31st century. The Legion move to protect the boy but find themselves with an unexpected ally.

  • Chameleon Boy's new assignment: infiltrate Imperiex's forces disguised as the Punisher. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned.

  • Disappointed in the lack of competent Legion tryouts, Superman seeks out a new member: Karate Kid, aka Val Armorr. However, the other Legionnaires are concerned that Karate Kid has no super-powered abilities, and may prove more of a liability than an asset as they battle Grimbor the Chainsman.

  • Lightning Lad's brother Mekt forms an alliance with Imperiex to create a galaxy-dominating tachyon cannon, while Lightning Lad is haunted by the spirit of his dead sister Ayla.

  • When Timber Wolf is framed for an attack on his father, Chameleon Boy and Phantom Girl try to clear his name... while the rest of the Legion hunt down their rogue comrade.

  • Loose in the 31st century, Imperiex frees the Legion's greatest foes from prison to act as his new army. Outgunned and outmanned, the Legion must once more bring Superman from the 21st century to help them.

  • Kell-El, the cloned Superman X from the 41st century, comes back to the Legion's time in the 31st century to ask for their assistance against Imperiex, who has devastated the Earth of his time.

  • With the Sun Eater on a direct course for Earth's sun, the Legion has no choice but to ask bitter enemies for help to stop it. Superman meanwhile has his toughest battle yet when he discovers the stealthy alien controlling the sinister machine. In the end, the Legion triumphs . . . but at a terrible cost. Part 2 of 2

  • The Legion is put to the ultimate test when an ancient weapon known as a Sun Eater comes to life. The Legion mounts a heroic defense, but the Sun Eater proves too powerful. Now at full strength, the unstoppable Sun Eater sets its sights on Earth . . . Part 1 of 2

  • When disaster strikes Lightning Lad's home planet of Winath, the Legion is called to help. Lightning Lad's efforts to take charge are thwarted however when long-absent Legion leader Cosmic Boy arrives with an enigmatic new hero in tow.

  • A young sorcerer arrives on Earth and causes a heap of trouble. In an effort to send him home, Superman learns of his vulnerability to magic, while Phantom Girl puts her diplomatic skills to the test as she travels to the sorcerer's secretive world to ask for help.

  • It's that time of year again -- Legion Auditions! This year's crop is hardly promising, with most hopefuls turning out to be comic duds. But when the Legion is overwhelmed fighting a mysterious foe in Earth's upper atmosphere, a group of rejects takes it upon themselves to save the world below . . . with outrageous results.

  • Much to the Legion's disappointment, Lighting Lad accepts an invitation to join an older, "cooler" team. Once there, however, Lightning Lad realizes these new heroes aren't exactly what they seem. Now, caught between the Legion and his new friends, Lighting Lad must decide once and for all where his loyalties lie.

  • A major malfunction sends Brainiac 5's genius IQ plummeting. To obtain the rare element needed to save him, Superman and Timber Wolf must travel to the most inhospitable planet in the galaxy -- and thanks to a transporter accident, they have only Brainy's head to guide them.

  • During a cosmic storm, the team takes refuge in a creepy, derelict space station. On board, one-by-one, each Legionnaire faces his or her deepest fear -- and then disappears.

  • While supporting Lighting Lad as he competes in the challenging Galactic Games, Superman and Phantom Girl uncover a sinister plot by the Fatal Five! Lightning Lad has troubles of his own when he finds his biggest competition from someone close to him.

  • Superman unknowingly saves the life of Alexis, one of the wealthiest people in the galaxy. Alexis and Superman become fast friends, but when Superman's Legion responsibilities get in the way of their friendship, Alexis decides to do something about it . . .

  • A mysterious scientist asks the Legion to help capture a dangerous creature. They succeed, only to discover the creature is nowhere near as dangerous as the scientist himself.