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  • TV-Y7
  • 1994
  • 5 Seasons
  • 8.4  (35,146)

Spider-Man (1994) is a popular animated series from FOX that premiered in 1994 and ran for five seasons until 1998. The show follows the adventures of Peter Parker, a high school student who transforms into Spider-Man after being bitten by a radioactive spider. The show features an impressive voice cast, including Jennifer Hale as Felicia Hardy (aka the Black Cat), Christopher Daniel Barnes as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Rodney Saulsberry as Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson, and Gary Imhoff as Harry Osborn.

The animation quality of the show is top-notch, with detailed and fluidly moving characters and environments. The episodes are fast-paced and exciting, following Spider-Man as he battles a multitude of villains in New York City, including Doctor Octopus, Venom, The Green Goblin, The Kingpin, and many more.

One of the main themes of Spider-Man (1994) revolves around the struggle between good and evil, and the importance of doing what is right, even when it is difficult. Throughout the show, Peter Parker learns to balance his responsibilities as a superhero with his personal life, including his relationships with his friends and family.

The show also features nods to the original comics and other Spider-Man media, including major story arcs such as the Clone Saga and the Venom Saga. Fans of the Spider-Man universe will appreciate the attention to detail and faithful adaptation of the source material.

Another highlight of the show is the excellent writing, which is both witty and heartfelt. The dialogue is natural and engaging, and the characters are well-developed and relatable. The show also tackles some serious issues, such as loss, addiction, and corruption, which adds depth and meaning to the overall story.

Overall, Spider-Man (1994) is a must-watch for any fan of the Spider-Man universe, and for anyone who enjoys exciting, action-packed animation with heart and soul. The show's impressive animation, stellar voice acting, and engaging storylines make it an enduring classic that continues to entertain audiences today.

Spider-Man (1994) is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (95 episodes). The series first aired on November 19, 1994.

Spider-Man (1994)
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Secret Wars Chapter 5: Farwell Spider-Man
65. Secret Wars Chapter 5: Farwell Spider-Man
January 31, 1998
The Beyonder uses his powers to teleport the powerless Spider-man to stop Kingpin and Spider-Carnage from destroying all of reality. Spider-Man reveals to the Kingpin that he was duped by Spider-Carnage into creating a bomb to destroy all realities. Kingpin attacks Spider-Carnage and assists in foiling the plans to destroy all of reality, but Spider-Carnage escapes via the Accelerator. Madame Web brings Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider back to her base and she searches the infinite dimensions and informs the Spider-Men where Spider-Carnage is. She says she can only send one of them there, and sends Spider-Man. Spider-Carnage uses the accelerator to construct a disintegration dimensional portal which can erase anything that is pulled into it from existence, with the intention of destroying all of reality. Spider-Man, realizing that Spider-Carnage is too insane to be reasoned with, comes up with a new plan. He realizes that here, Uncle Ben is still alive, and Spider-Man brings him to confront Spider-Carnage. Uncle Ben explains to Spider-Carnage the rule of power and responsibility, and tells him that he loves him. The Peter Parker within him is reached by this and realizes how wrong he has been. He attempts to separate from Carnage, but the symbiote's grip is too strong and he is unable to break the bond. Realizing that he is left with no choice, he uses the TDA to make the portal close. Peter shouts "Forgive me!" as he jumps into the portal, destroying himself and the Carnage symbiote. Spider-Man bids farewell to the Uncle Ben of that dimension, as though he were having the chance to say good-bye to his own Uncle Ben. Madame Web retrieves Spider-Man to her base to return him to his home world. The powerless Spidey, wants Spider-Man to see a very special man, Stan Lee. Stan Lee cancels all his appointments for the day and goes web-swinging with Spider-Man. Peter thanks Stan Lee for making him into the hero he always wanted to be in his own dimension.
Secret Wars Chapter 4: I Really, Really Hate Clones
64. Secret Wars Chapter 4: I Really, Really Hate Clones
January 31, 1998
Spider-Man finds himself in yet another dimension, thanks to Beyonder. There he finds that Hobgoblin and the Green Goblin have been working together and have destroyed the city. The Goblins, are confused by Spider-Man's attack upon them, and tell him, they were doing what he told them to do. The Hobgoblin concludes that this must be the other Spider-Man they were warned about and attack Spider-Man with full force. They kidnap Jameson to get his hand print so that they can steal and use the microwave transmitter on top of the Bugle. Hobgoblin detonates a bomb that destroys the Bugle building. Spider-Man goes after them, but gets ambushed by Spider-Carnage. Before Spider-Carnage could finish him off, Spider-Man is teleported by Beyonder to Madame Web's base. There he meets... himself, other dimensional duplicates of Peter Parker. Madame Web reveals to Spider-Man, she and the Beyonder have been training 5 different Spider-Men from parallel realities in order to save all reality from being blown up. Beyonder shows the Spider-Men the future: Spider-Carnage will destroy all reality, unless they stop him. The event actually happened and the Beyonder used all of his power to roll back time (before his home dimension was destroyed). All of the Spidey's, except for the powerless one, attack Crime Central, only to be surprised by Green Goblin and Hobgoblin. A battle begins, in which Armored Spidey and Octo-Spidey are injured (both due to Armored Spidey's reckless actions), so the Beyonder teleports them back to Madame Web's base. Later, Six-Armed Spidey is transformed into Man-Spider, and he attacks Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider. The episode ends with the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man caught in the grip of the Man-Spider.
Secret Wars Chapter 3: Doom
63. Secret Wars Chapter 3: Doom
November 21, 1997
Dr. Doom absorbs the Beyonder's power and uses it to fight off Spider-Man's team.
Secret Wars Chapter 2: The Gauntlet Of The Red Skull
62. Secret Wars Chapter 2: The Gauntlet Of The Red Skull
November 14, 1997
Spider-Man and his team plan to infiltrate the Red Skull's base, along with a group of freedom fighter from the destroyed planet.
Secret Wars Chapter 1: The Arrival
61. Secret Wars Chapter 1: The Arrival
November 7, 1997
Madame Web brings Spider-Man to meet her master, The Beyonder, who is preparing to put Spider-Man to the ultimate test. He sends Dr. Octopus, Dr. Doom, Smythe, Red Skull, and the Lizard off to destroy a peaceful planet and leaves Spider-Man to save it with his own selective team.
Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 5: The Price Of Heroism
58. Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 5: The Price Of Heroism
October 17, 1997
Red Skull uses the Dooms Day Device to transport power into his son and transforms him into Electro. As Electro begins to absorb more power, he becomes even too powerful for his father to handle.
Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again
57. Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again
October 10, 1997
As former sidekick of the late Black Marvel, Omar had hidden the Black Marvel's keys after his death. Now aware of the Insidious Six's theft of the majority of the keys, he was sure that they would search for them. Robbie then arrives, aware that the last keys would be stolen. Omar shows Robbie where the keys are hidden. However, it is the Chameleon, impersonating Robbie. He snatches the keys whilst the real Robbie, the Kingpin, the Insidious Six, Spider-Man and the Destroyer arrive. The Black Marvel also appears as Omar leaves. Spider-Man and the five members of the Six Forgotten Warriors fight the Insidious Six and Kingpin for the last ring. The Kingpin wins custody of the keys and escapes with them. Spider-Man and the five other heroes meet up on a building and the Black Marvel reveals himself to be Omar. Omar reveals that when the original Black Marvel was taken away by his father, Omar replaced him and when the Six American Warriors age was over, the Black Marvel was confirmed to have died. Spider-Man, most of the members of the Six Forgotten Warriors and the Wildpack appear at the same time to prevent the Doomsday Device from activating, although the Chameleon puts on a gas mask and releases a gas which renders them unconscious. Rhienholdt Kragov later appears, revealing that he and the Chameleon are stepbrothers who wanted their father, the Red Skull, out for the last fifty years. They then activate the vortex machine that Captain America and the Red Skull were trapped in, freeing the Red Skull and Captain America (who haven't aged at all since they were trapped.) Red Skull then forces Captain America to battle a large robot while Kragov, the Chameleon and the Red Skull set free everyone else who are trapped in the room to assist in defeating the robot.
Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 3: Secrets Of The Six
56. Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 3: Secrets Of The Six
October 3, 1997
The Six Forgotten Warriors are said to have 6 secret keys to unlock a dangerous weapon that could destroy the world.
Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 2: Unclaimed Legacy
55. Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 2: Unclaimed Legacy
September 26, 1997
The Kingpin reunites the Insidious Six to find information on a mysterious group called the Six Forgotten Warriors.
Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 1
54. Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 1
September 19, 1997
Spider-Man trespasses into S.H.I.E.L.D. and overhears Nick Fury discussing the fact that Peter Parker's parents were traitors. The Insidious Six then arrive in an attempt to break out the Chameleon. Spider-Man confronts the villains, though is rendered unconscious by Vulture and Chameleon is able to escape. The following morning, Peter appeals to Jameson he has learned that Spider-Man is planning on taking over the world in Russia, in order to receive permission to visit the country himself, however is secretly visiting to discover the truth about his parents. He states to Jonah that he will return with pictures and will be accompanied by Robbie.
Spider Wars Chapter 2: Farewell, Spider-Man: Part 2
13. Spider Wars Chapter 2: Farewell, Spider-Man: Part 2
January 31, 1998
With Spider-Man having beaten Spider-Carnage, he is taken to the power-less Spider-Man's dimension, in which he is a comic book hero, and the power-less Spidey is an actor who plays him! When he gets there, he meets Stan Lee, and takes him for a web-slinging adventure. Once he is done, Madame Web takes him to Mary Jane.
Spider Wars Chapter 1: I Really, Really Hate Clones: Part 1
12. Spider Wars Chapter 1: I Really, Really Hate Clones: Part 1
January 31, 1998
Spider-Man is chose as the leader of a bunch of fellow Spider-Man's from parallel dimensions. They have to beat Spider-Carnage, the Carnage symbiote who bonded with a parallel universe Spider-Man, otherwise, he'll destroy the entire galaxy.
Secret Wars Chapter 3: Doom: Part 3
11. Secret Wars Chapter 3: Doom: Part 3
November 21, 1997
After turning The Thing back into Ben Grimm, Ben decides to tell Doom why they are on the strange planet. When he tells him of the Beyonder, and the transporter, Doom transports himself to the Beyonder, and steals his powers! Can the heroes stop Dr. Doom with his new god-like abilities?
Secret Wars Chapter 2: The Gauntlet of the Red Skull: Part 2
10. Secret Wars Chapter 2: The Gauntlet of the Red Skull: Part 2
November 14, 1997
Spider-Man sends Black Cat to their planet against her will to help them battle Doc Ock and the Red Skull. They then have to reach Storm's location, where there is a military waiting to attack the Red Skull and Doc Ock.
Secret Wars Chapter 1: Arrival: Part 1
9. Secret Wars Chapter 1: Arrival: Part 1
November 7, 1997
Spider-Man is taken to a strange planet, where a guy named "The Beyonder" tells him of his god-like powers. He then shows Spider-Man a paradise-type planet, of which he introduces evil to (Doc Ock, The Red Skull, Dr. Doom, The Lizard, and Alyster Smithe). He then shows Spider-Man what happened after a year, and that Spider-Man must make a group of heroes (his choice) from Earth, and beat the villians. But Spider-Man doesn't seem to be doing well in leading them.
The Return of Hydro-Man: Part 2
8. The Return of Hydro-Man: Part 2
October 31, 1997
Peter uses Mary Janes many clues from her dreams, and learns that she was wandering back from downtown, and everything that scared her was her imagination acting on the people around her. Her clues lead Spider-Man back to where Mary Jane came from -- the lab where Hydro-Man was brought back to life. The same scientist also cloned Mary Jane!
The Return of Hydro-Man: Part 1
7. The Return of Hydro-Man: Part 1
October 24, 1997
Mary Jane and Peter finally have a chance to go on their long-awaited honeymoon, though once they finally go on it, Morrie Bench (a.k.a. Hydro-Man) crashes it, who's after Mary Jane's love once more. He kidnaps Mary Jane, and Peter helpless to stop him, as he doesn't want to reveal his identity. Black Cat comes to his side to help him stop her, though will they be successful?
Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 5: The Price of Heroism: Part 5
6. Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 5: The Price of Heroism: Part 5
October 17, 1997
Electro goes power-hungry, and takes over the world. Since he can sense body energy, nobody can sneak up on him. With all of his power, he is tough for Spider-Man, Captain America, and the Six Forgotten Warriors to beat. When Mary Jane sees on the news that Spider-Man is fighting Electro, she goes after him, and gets hit by a shot intended for Spider-Man. After being sent to the hospital, Spider-Man wants to go with her, but Captain America explains that that's the price of heroism. Because if he does go after her, she may not have a world to wake up to.
Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again: Part 4
5. Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again: Part 4
October 10, 1997
Spider-Man meets the Six Forgotten Warriors, who each possess a piece of the Doomsday Device. Once all of the pieces are stolen by each member of the Insidious Six, The Kingpin then owns all six pieces. Now, Spider-Man, with the help of the Six Forgotten Warriors, must stop the Kingpin from activating it.
Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 3: Secrets of the Six: Part 3
4. Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 3: Secrets of the Six: Part 3
October 3, 1997
(L) The Six Forgotten Warriors. (C1) Captain America & Red Skull (C2) Captain America & Red Skull cont. (R) Captain America & Red Skull transported to an unknown location; Six Forgotten Warriors Robbie Robertson's old teacher from grade school explains the entire history of "The Six Forgotten Warriors." He also explains why they split up, and the strange disappearance of Captain America.
Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 2: Unclaimed Legacy: Part 2
3. Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 2: Unclaimed Legacy: Part 2
September 26, 1997
Peter begins investigating Russia, and decides to go out as Spider-Man. But he is no sooner ambushed by The Insidious Six!
Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 1: Six Forgotten Warriors: Part 1
2. Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 1: Six Forgotten Warriors: Part 1
September 19, 1997
A man who was supposedly Uncle Ben's best friend, though Peter's never heard of him, visits Aunt May. Peter then learns that his parents were spies for the Russians. So Peter tricks J. Jonah Jameson into getting him a ticket to go to Russia to investigate.
The Wedding
1. The Wedding
September 12, 1997
Mary Jane thinks it would be best if she tells Harry that she is getting married to Peter in person, but Harry is so heartbroken that he becomes the Green Goblin II again, and crashes the wedding, along with The Scorpion. Meanwhile, Felicia has returned from her trip, and decides to help Spider-Man out stopping the supervillains as the Black Cat. Also, they form an unlikely alliance with the Kingpin, who is against the Scorpion.
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