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Marvel Comics' Spider-Man has been brought to the small screen several times. Four of these instances all bear the same name, simply titled "Spider-Man." Although all three of these series have featured the wall crawling, web slinging teen in the red and blue tights, they have each had their own differences in direction and storytelling.

The Spider-Man cartoon from the late 60's was the first television adaptation of Spider-Man. It saw Peter Parker flirting with Betty Brant, instead of Gwen Stacey or Mary Jane Watson. Notably, only the first season dealt with villains from Spidey's rogue's gallery, with the other two seasons focusing on fighting generic green-skinned monsters and magical creatures as a cost-cutting measure.

Japan produced a 41 episode live-action, or "tokusatsu," series of Spider-Man in the late 1970's. However, this version of the hero is only "Spider-man" in name and costume design. Everything else completely deviates from what Marvel produced, from the civilian identity of motorcycle driver, Takuya Yamashiro, to the piloting of a giant robot to defeat gigantic versions of the monster of the week.

Another series, lasting 26 episodes, was produced in 1981, as a precursor to the much higher-viewed Spider-man & His Amazing Friends. The series veered away from the cost-cutting measures of the 60's series and featured dozens of members from Spidey's rogue's gallery, from the Green Goblin and Kraven the Hunter to the Lizard and the Kingpin. It also featured Medusa and Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, despite not being strictly Spider-Man villains.

The 1994 version of Spider-Man aired the longest of all Spider-man series at 65 episodes and 5 seasons. Further, it was the regularly highest rated show on FOX at the time. This version of the series covered many of the major storylines from Spider-Man's comics, including the lengthy Maximum Carnage arc which featured antihero Eddie Brock/Venom and the psychotic Cletus Cassidy/Carnage, as well as the death of Mary Jane Watson (who had been Peter's long-time girlfriend at that point in the series).

5 Seasons, 104 Episodes
November 19, 1994
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Superhero
Cast: Christopher Daniel Barnes, Sara Ballantine, Edward Asner, Roscoe Lee Browne
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Spider-Man (1994) Full Episode Guide

  • The Beyonder uses his powers to teleport the powerless Spider-man to stop Kingpin and Spider-Carnage from destroying all of reality. Spider-Man reveals to the Kingpin that he was duped by Spider-Carnage into creating a bomb to destroy all realities. Kingpin attacks Spider-Carnage and assists in foiling the plans to destroy all of reality, but Spider-Carnage escapes via the Accelerator. Madame Web brings Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider back to her base and she searches the infinite dimensions and informs the Spider-Men where Spider-Carnage is. She says she can only send one of them there, and sends Spider-Man. Spider-Carnage uses the accelerator to construct a disintegration dimensional portal which can erase anything that is pulled into it from existence, with the intention of destroying all of reality. Spider-Man, realizing that Spider-Carnage is too insane to be reasoned with, comes up with a new plan. He realizes that here, Uncle Ben is still alive, and Spider-Man brings him to confront Spider-Carnage. Uncle Ben explains to Spider-Carnage the rule of power and responsibility, and tells him that he loves him. The Peter Parker within him is reached by this and realizes how wrong he has been. He attempts to separate from Carnage, but the symbiote's grip is too strong and he is unable to break the bond. Realizing that he is left with no choice, he uses the TDA to make the portal close. Peter shouts "Forgive me!" as he jumps into the portal, destroying himself and the Carnage symbiote. Spider-Man bids farewell to the Uncle Ben of that dimension, as though he were having the chance to say good-bye to his own Uncle Ben. Madame Web retrieves Spider-Man to her base to return him to his home world. The powerless Spidey, wants Spider-Man to see a very special man, Stan Lee. Stan Lee cancels all his appointments for the day and goes web-swinging with Spider-Man. Peter thanks Stan Lee for making him into the hero he always wanted to be in his own dimension.

  • This episode opens with Spider-Man and the Lizard going to Doctor Doom's kingdom. Suddenly, a few giant cockroach-like robots arrive out of the sand and Spider-Man and the Lizard battle and defeat them. Later they find Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman and the HumanTorch lying on their backs and the hovercraft destroyed. Mister Fantastic explains as they were flying in, Doom's robots had crashed their hovercraft. The Thing was grabbed by a metallic cord and the robots flew off with him. In a moon-like place where Beyonder is, Doom appears and uses his elemental splitter to have the Beyonder come in towards him, the Beyonder instead actually goes into him. Doom transports himself back into his throne room along with The Thing. Doom explains that he has taken over the powers of the Beyonder. Doom then frees the heroes and sends all the villains back to Earth and says all the heroes are his guests. The Lizard loses control and runs towards Doom to attack him. Spider-Man tells him to stop but is too late as Doom has a portal go towards the heroes and the portal instantly has every hero disappear. All the heroes arrive and Doom uses his powers to hold them down. Doom states that this planet isn't big enough for all of them as he prepares to kill the heroes. But the Thing sees the elemental splitter and fires at Doom and it separates him from the Beyonder, knocking Doom unconscious and the Beyonder states that it is over, having all of them disappear. The heroes then find themselves floating in space. The Beyonder appears and says that the heroes have won and will go back to Earth with no memory of any of these events, as they were prior to their summoning. The Beyonder then transports the heroes and Doom, back to Earth. Spider-Man is the only hero left with the Beyonder and asks why are they playing this game. The Beyonder answers that he needed to make sure that Spider-Man is worthy to be the leader of the real task at hand, as they both disappear.

  • Spider-Man, the Lizard and Iron Man then end up using the machine to teleport the Black Cat on to the planet. Spider-Man explains the situation to the Black Cat while Storm calls from a computer, telling Spider-Man that she is with alien rebels led by General Torg who want to go against Red Skull's base. The heroes (minus the Fantastic Four who are launching their own offensive against Doctor Doom) then prepare to go to Red Skull's fortress. Meanwhile, at the Red Skull's fortress Doctor Octopus has taken refuge because Doom has taken over his kingdom of Octavia. Red Skull promises Doctor Octopus he will have his kingdom back once the doctor enhances the Cyber Skull that Alistair Smythe has built. Doctor Octopus agrees and immediately begins, though implies to Smythe he is planning to take over from Red Skull.Soon, the heroes all arrive and Spider-Man orders the villains to surrender. A short fight breaks out in which the villains escape, except Smythe. The Black Cat watches as the Skull runs off and runs after him. Smythe says that though it is strange, he agrees with Spider-Man's idea of defeating the Cyber Skulls. Smythe just wants to get back to his father and uses the self-destruct code, but the entry is denied. Spider-Man wonders if he can crack that code. Storm then buys the wall-crawler some time by having a sandstorm cover the robots. Spider-Man gets the right password, making the Cyber Skulls blow up and the rebels cheer in victory. Meanwhile, as the Red Skull runs, the Black Cat drops in front of him and says that what she will do to him is for her father and all the others he deceived. Before she can do anything, Doctor Octopus appears behind the Cat and one of his tentacles grabs her, preventing her from killing the Red Skull. Captain America shows up and Doctor Octopus tries to shoot him. Spider-Man shows up, and a short fight ensues, where the wall-crawler and Cap successfully save the Cat but the Skull and Dr. Octopus escape.

  • Madame Web orders Spider-Man to look into her eyes as she takes off her glasses. Two yellow eyes from the sky look down at Spider-Man and a voice says he will accept him, and Spider-Man will be put to the test. The eyes then transform into the Beyonder. Spider-Man is introduced to an alien planet where there is good but no concept of evil. The Beyonder then announces that he will introduce evil to the planet. The Beyonder then chooses Dr. Octopus, Dr. Doom, Alistair Smith, the Lizard, and the Red Skull teleporting them all to the planet. The Beyonder makes a year pass on the alien world. The Beyonder shows the destruction that the villains caused and the villains have made their own countries. The Beyonder introduces Spider-Man to a machine that will let him get a fixed number of superheroes to fight alongside with him against evil. Spider-Man selects the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Captain America, and Storm. Spider-Man uses the machine to bring all the heroes at once. They all get up and wonder where they are, with the Human Torch and the Thing attacking Spider-Man due to a misunderstanding as the other heroes try to stop them. Just as they stop, The Lizard breaks in and attacks Spider-Man. All of the heroes try to stop him but initially fail. Iron Man fires out a laser to the Lizard which knocks him unconscious. The wall-crawler tells the other heroes that it isn't the Lizard's fault. With the Lizard subdued, Spider-Man attempts to explain the situation. Unfortunately, the Lizard recovers and runs outside where he is knocked out by the alien sand worms. The heroes fight the sand worms while Invisible Woman protects the base with her force field until Storm recharges the defenses enabling the heroes to fall back. Mister Fantastic states he'll try to unlock Dr. Connor's consciousness inside the Lizard. He succeeds and Dr. Curt Connors awakens in the Lizard. The Lizard then agrees to fight with Spider-Man.

  • Spider-Man and Sable finally track down Kragov, the Chameleon and the Red Skull, but are caught in a force field. Apparently, the Doomsday Device the Skull created in the past was made to have his son, Rhienholdt, turn into a "god". Kragov is injected with electricity which allows him to create and manipulate electricity into doing his bidding. He wears a green suit and a lightning bolt mask, dubbing himself Electro. He then betrays his father instead of remaining under his control. He then controls the worlds entire electricity on the top of a roof. Spider-Man and the complete Six American Warriors confront Electro, after defeating the robot. Mary Jane arrives, is struck and wounded by one of Electro's bolts. While Spider-Man and Cap battle the Chameleon and the Red Skull, Electro becomes so powerful that he is able to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. Captain America then confronts the Red Skull and they both re-enter the vortex. Electro then enters the building destroy Spider-Man, however, he tricks Electro and traps him in the vortex.

  • As former sidekick of the late Black Marvel, Omar had hidden the Black Marvel's keys after his death. Now aware of the Insidious Six's theft of the majority of the keys, he was sure that they would search for them. Robbie then arrives, aware that the last keys would be stolen. Omar shows Robbie where the keys are hidden. However, it is the Chameleon, impersonating Robbie. He snatches the keys whilst the real Robbie, the Kingpin, the Insidious Six, Spider-Man and the Destroyer arrive. The Black Marvel also appears as Omar leaves. Spider-Man and the five members of the Six Forgotten Warriors fight the Insidious Six and Kingpin for the last ring. The Kingpin wins custody of the keys and escapes with them. Spider-Man and the five other heroes meet up on a building and the Black Marvel reveals himself to be Omar. Omar reveals that when the original Black Marvel was taken away by his father, Omar replaced him and when the Six American Warriors age was over, the Black Marvel was confirmed to have died. Spider-Man, most of the members of the Six Forgotten Warriors and the Wildpack appear at the same time to prevent the Doomsday Device from activating, although the Chameleon puts on a gas mask and releases a gas which renders them unconscious. Rhienholdt Kragov later appears, revealing that he and the Chameleon are stepbrothers who wanted their father, the Red Skull, out for the last fifty years. They then activate the vortex machine that Captain America and the Red Skull were trapped in, freeing the Red Skull and Captain America (who haven't aged at all since they were trapped.) Red Skull then forces Captain America to battle a large robot while Kragov, the Chameleon and the Red Skull set free everyone else who are trapped in the room to assist in defeating the robot.

  • The second chapter opens directly following the first. Spider-Man is able to rescue Robbie and escape the explosion. The following day, Peter and Robbie come across a Russian police officer whom claims to have known Peter's parents. When they ask his wife about him, the officer, Rhienholdt Kragov, threatens that Peter and Robbie will be arrested if they don't leave. Spider-Man is subsequently suspicious of Kragov and spies on him, discovering that the Chameleon had tied-up and impersonated Kragov. Spider-Man is then defeated, rendered unconscious, and taken to Kingpin by the Insidious Six. The Kingpin reveals his plans to use the Doomsday Device. Spider-Man, the Six, Kingpin and Landon are then kidnapped by Wildpack who attacks the building.Silver Sable then reveals that a member of the Insidious Six has betrayed the Kingpin. A masked man then enters the room and is revealed to be Kragov. The building is then destroyed by a bomb, although Kragov, Spider-Man, the Wildpack, the Kingpin and the Insidious Six are able to escape.Once back in New York, Peter and Robbie are disciplined for their lack of pictures on their return. Peter later reveals evidence to Aunt May that his parents weren't traitors.

  • Spider-Man trespasses into S.H.I.E.L.D. and overhears Nick Fury discussing the fact that Peter Parker's parents were traitors. The Insidious Six then arrive in an attempt to break out the Chameleon. Spider-Man confronts the villains, though is rendered unconscious by Vulture and Chameleon is able to escape. The following morning, Peter appeals to Jameson he has learned that Spider-Man is planning on taking over the world in Russia, in order to receive permission to visit the country himself, however is secretly visiting to discover the truth about his parents. He states to Jonah that he will return with pictures and will be accompanied by Robbie.

  • Spider-Man chases Spider-Carnage through multiple dimensions.

  • With Spider-Man having beaten Spider-Carnage, he is taken to the power-less Spider-Man's dimension, in which he is a comic book hero, and the power-less Spidey is an actor who plays him! When he gets there, he meets Stan Lee, and takes him for a web-slinging adventure. Once he is done, Madame Web takes him to Mary Jane.

  • Spider-Man is chose as the leader of a bunch of fellow Spider-Man's from parallel dimensions. They have to beat Spider-Carnage, the Carnage symbiote who bonded with a parallel universe Spider-Man, otherwise, he'll destroy the entire galaxy.

  • After turning The Thing back into Ben Grimm, Ben decides to tell Doom why they are on the strange planet. When he tells him of the Beyonder, and the transporter, Doom transports himself to the Beyonder, and steals his powers! Can the heroes stop Dr. Doom with his new god-like abilities?

  • Spider-Man sends Black Cat to their planet against her will to help them battle Doc Ock and the Red Skull. They then have to reach Storm's location, where there is a military waiting to attack the Red Skull and Doc Ock.

  • Spider-Man is taken to a strange planet, where a guy named "The Beyonder" tells him of his god-like powers. He then shows Spider-Man a paradise-type planet, of which he introduces evil to (Doc Ock, The Red Skull, Dr. Doom, The Lizard, and Alyster Smithe). He then shows Spider-Man what happened after a year, and that Spider-Man must make a group of heroes (his choice) from Earth, and beat the villians. But Spider-Man doesn't seem to be doing well in leading them.

  • Peter uses Mary Janes many clues from her dreams, and learns that she was wandering back from downtown, and everything that scared her was her imagination acting on the people around her. Her clues lead Spider-Man back to where Mary Jane came from -- the lab where Hydro-Man was brought back to life. The same scientist also cloned Mary Jane!

  • Mary Jane and Peter finally have a chance to go on their long-awaited honeymoon, though once they finally go on it, Morrie Bench (a.k.a. Hydro-Man) crashes it, who's after Mary Jane's love once more. He kidnaps Mary Jane, and Peter helpless to stop him, as he doesn't want to reveal his identity. Black Cat comes to his side to help him stop her, though will they be successful?

  • Spider-Man meets the Six Forgotten Warriors, who each possess a piece of the Doomsday Device. Once all of the pieces are stolen by each member of the Insidious Six, The Kingpin then owns all six pieces. Now, Spider-Man, with the help of the Six Forgotten Warriors, must stop the Kingpin from activating it.

  • (L) The Six Forgotten Warriors. (C1) Captain America & Red Skull (C2) Captain America & Red Skull cont. (R) Captain America & Red Skull transported to an unknown location; Six Forgotten WarriorsRobbie Robertson's old teacher from grade school explains the entire history of "The Six Forgotten Warriors." He also explains why they split up, and the strange disappearance of Captain America.

  • Peter begins investigating Russia, and decides to go out as Spider-Man. But he is no sooner ambushed by The Insidious Six!

  • A man who was supposedly Uncle Ben's best friend, though Peter's never heard of him, visits Aunt May. Peter then learns that his parents were spies for the Russians. So Peter tricks J. Jonah Jameson into getting him a ticket to go to Russia to investigate.

  • Mary Jane thinks it would be best if she tells Harry that she is getting married to Peter in person, but Harry is so heartbroken that he becomes the Green Goblin II again, and crashes the wedding, along with The Scorpion. Meanwhile, Felicia has returned from her trip, and decides to help Spider-Man out stopping the supervillains as the Black Cat. Also, they form an unlikely alliance with the Kingpin, who is against the Scorpion.

  • Hobie Brown is enlisted as the Prowler by the Kingpin. Hobie's forced to wear a special suit with a belt that will detonate if he tampers with it. Spider-Man and Prowler team up against the Kingpin, so Hobie can have a chance at returning to a normal life.

  • Doc Connors and "Mary Jane" are kidnapped by lizard people from the sewers, who claim that Connors created them. Spider-Man buys "Mary Jane" time so she can escape and find Margaret Conners, who has a device that can cure all the creatures.

  • Spider-Man teams up with Mysterio, who has built a robotic Rhino, Doc Ock, Lizard, Venom and Carnage, to rescue "Mary Jane" who was kidnapped by Mysterio's girlfriend. After rescuing her, Spider-Man tells "Mary Jane" the truth about his identity.

  • Harry Osborn follows his father's footsteps and becomes the new Green Goblin in an effort to kill Spider-Man. Meanwhile, the Punisher seeks to find out if Peter Parker knows where Mary Jane Watson is. In the end, "Mary Jane" is back, but she can't remember what happened to her at the last fight with first Green Goblin.

  • Blade returns to stop his mother, the Vampire Queen. She tries convince Morbius to reveal his knowledge of the Neogenic Recombinator. When he does, she uses it to create more vampires. She is eventually stopped by Spider-Man, Black Cat, Morbius, and Blade. The Black Cat decides to then leave Spider-man to fight alongside Morbius and Blade.

  • Debra Whitman finds Michael Morbius, and announces her plan to use Doc Connors' Neogenic Recombinator to revive him. Shocker and Landon arrive, and kidnap Morbius. Black Cat, Spider-Man and Whistler rescue Morbius and return him to the living vampire state that he was before.

  • After Dr. Crawford is mutated into a monster, Spider-Man and Black Cat team up with Kraven to help her. Dr. Curt Conners finds an antidote and cures her.

  • With the serum in hand, Kingpin successfully tests it on Felicia Hardy, The Cat's daughter. Now the superpowered Black Cat, Felicia teams up with Spider-Man to rescue her father and stop Kingpin from using the serum for his own ends.

  • Doctor Octopus attempts to blackmail the Hardy family with his knowledge of their ties to the legendary burglar known as The Cat, but is coerced into helping the Kingpin, who also has plans for The Cat, namely kidnapping him from his cell in S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters and forcing him to reveal his knowledge of the Super Soldier formula that created Captain America. Spider-Man tries but fails to stop the kidnapping during his own investigation into the Hardys and The Cat.

  • Accidents, created by Doc Conners' DNA, take Doc Conners (as the Lizard) down to their lair to be their Lizard King. The lizards end up capturing Spider-Man, and its up to Debora Whitman, Mary Jane, and Ms. Conners to save them both.

  • Mary Jane is casted as the role of the leading woman in a movie that siezed recording because the special effects operator -- pre-Mysterio Quentin Beck -- blew up the bridge trying to use more than the allowed amount of bombs, injuring the original actress. The director has decided to begin re-shooting the movie. Mary Jane ends up being haunted by her father, courtesy of Mysterio, who harbors a grudge against the original actress, whom he mistakes for Mary Jane because of their striking resembalance.

  • Blade meets his vampire mother, but he discovers that she has no love for the human race, and is out to get rid of them. So he decides that he has to get rid of her, just like the other vampires.

  • Deborah leads an exploration with ESU. They find Morbius. They take Morbius back home with them so they can cure him. Kingpin has other plans. Can Spider-Man and the Black Cat stop Kingpin's plans for Morbius? How will Morbius' return effect Spider-Man and Black Cat's relationship?

  • Silvermane's daughter, Alisha Silver, hires the Vulture to capture Spider-Man, so that she can transfer his age and power into her father's body, who's still stuck as an infant. Black Cat tries to rescue Spider-Man by sacrificing herself for him, though Alisha decides to keep them both. Realizing her commitment to him, Spider-Man finally considers Black Cat a partner.

  • When a beast begins attacking New York, the clues point to Kraven the Hunter. But Debora, Flash, and Black Cat find information proving otherwise.

  • When the Kingpin kidnaps Felicia, to get John to reveal the formula, to prove its legit, he uses it on Felicia, turning her into, the Black Cat.

  • When Spider-Man sees Felicia's mother doing relunctant business with Doc Ock, with him threatening to reveal something that would ruin the Hardy name, he does some research, and discovers something interesting. Spider-Man finds that Felicia's dad was John Hardesky, alias The Cat, a criminal with amazing acrobatic skill. He sees that when John was young, he was hired by US gov't agents to steal a formula from some scientists (the formula to create Captain America!). When questioning the agents on why they named their hero "Captain America", he realized that they were the spies. He escapes with that piece of info in his mind, with him having a photographic memory. Now the Kingpin wants the formula...

  • Mr. Robertson is framed by the Kingpin into being a crimelord. He ends up being sent to prison, with Silvermane and Tombstone as his cell mates! Now Spider-Man must clear Mr. Robertson's name.

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